The Most Controversial Design Change in Street Fighter V

  1. What irks me is SFV gets a lot of flack "I always get robbed - I don't want to get robbed - I want to play carefully-measured neutral but I can't because the game is all robbery all the time" - but then every mechanic the community clamors for is complete robbery and anti-neutral. SFV is the most neutral-heavy SF game since SF2T, free.

  2. 3s is actually heavy on footsies, but it's mostly whiff punishing and buffering, not a neutral slow game, as you've mentioned.

  3. My one problem with nerfing DP's wasn't whether or not it was fair or consistent or good for overall balance, it was that the whole Crush Counter system seemed to be mostly based around punishing a whiffed DP... And that wasn't nerfed alongside it. After season 1, before they made additional adjustments to make it viable as an anti-air, it really did feel like an all-risk and limited reward situation... especially when spending meter for full invincibility.

  4. A lot of character's optimal DP punish doesn't even include a crush counter. I don't agree this take, in that sense. I do agree that non-EX DPs really don't have a big place in the game with their change though - I don't think "nerf the punish for blocking one" is the best answer for it, though.

  5. He still mains Boxer, he only plays Oro on stream for fun and because he loves the character. But I don't think he'll play Oro in a very serious tournament any time soon, except maybe in some very specific circumstances.

  6. You can't have invincible DPs any more without meter in such a complex game that specializes on footsie battles. They need to change every EX DP in the game to never have OKI if it hits. EX DP moves should work as a get off me or reading a situation to lead to a benefit (like keeping someone in the corner). Right now there are some characters where the EX DP is highly rewarding with nowhere near the risk, especially against characters that don't have their own on demand invincible move.

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