1. At least when the match is really close or you rob someone, you get the satisfaction of knowing the other player is in a hypertensive rage. It's not even like he was protecting his streak for no reason. This wasn't even close, the guy is probably just a baby who leaves every match he gets bodied in.

  2. Agreed. I understand a RQ if it was super close, there was an input error or there was a lag spike at a bad time, I don't condone it but I would understand. But if you just got bodied then RQ its a different story

  3. Out of curiosity: how rage quitters can do it so fast? I’m not judging. I know the feeling of getting angry. I myself did it a couple times (regret it). But I just pressed the power button on my PC and windows started the shutdown sequence… Do they pull the LAN cable or something?

  4. ive accidentally rage quit before. I launched my keyboard into the next dimension and that actually caused me to disconnect

  5. One, it's so simple and barebones in comparison to other stages, so you're not really focusing on what's happening in the background

  6. Idk if it was ever fixed but some stages caused major lag especially if you were on pc playing a ps4 player because the PS4 had trouble keeping up with a 2014 pc playing the same stage.

  7. it just gives the most consistent connection and gameplay. That's why I pick it personally, but for some people its just a visual clarity thing

  8. Rollback on stages with stuff going on in the background can be really miserable for people who get motion sick. Field of Fate has literally made me pass out mid match.

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