The Beast

  1. I probably fight her 1 in every 60 fights. Just enough to not learn her moveset. I just throw random DPs out an hope for the best.

  2. How many times have we thought "how can someone play so well and still lose" while watching Daigo dismantle his opponents. When Daigo is on, it's straight up anime. So fun to watch.

  3. Genuinely asking b/c I do not keep up on these things but: How the fuck do you put Fuudo and Daigo on a team and not expect them to win? Lol.

  4. Even Diago’s opponent was smiling and in awe. If you’re gonna lose, lose to Diago pulling off an incredible combo.

  5. Daigo put on a legendary performance against Sako there. Especially with how he made Sako projectile-counter when he wanted and worked around it.

  6. Sako always been my fav, I wonder who he’s gonna main in 6. Whoever it is I know he’ll be flashy and FUN to watch regardless. I can’t wait ❤️

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