What made you choose your main?

  1. Saw some dude in all red light some weird goblin ape thing on fire by punching it and I needed to know why and more importantly how. I've been a Ken main for almost 3 decades now.

  2. Safe moves, giant grin, mobility (except when walking). Satisfying crush counters, invincible dash... All hail Lord Bison.

  3. The person i played with the most, was a ryu main, so i learned the special moves through him and didn’t wanna be the same so i went Ken, the luigi of street fighter

  4. Chun-Li has been my ride or die since I was in diapers on Super Nintendo and all my (and my big brother’s) different cartridges of SF2. She’s genuinely my favorite fictional character of all time. If she’s in a game, she’s my main, regardless of tier. And furthermore, if she’s in a game, I’m more obligated to give it a try.

  5. I mean, Rose kind of is (I forget who, I think Luffy, picked Rose because of her bust size), but she's less of a "blatant mommy type" and more of a "classy lady" character

  6. When the game was new there was a tourney match between two karins where the crowd would do her laugh every time she won with ca. I thought that was sick so I picked her up

  7. i was thinking "welp might as well main someone hot" im glad i chose zangief because he's very fun and I'm a huge fan of grapplers like hugo and alex

  8. Gill is just so fucking epic, he has mix and mad fun combos. And his god complex just makes me feel like he is actually beyond everyone else. And he has gendo ikari japanese voice actor, and war (Darksiders) voice actor. Again, he is just so fucking epic

  9. Sagat because a huge dude shouting “Tiger!” after every move just seemed awesome to my 8 year old brain. So technically SF2 Championship Edition nostalgia and later I ended up enjoying his story/connection to several other characters.

  10. Played Cammy since SSF2 on Genesis. First as a shoto counter cause I started with Ryu and Ken and their main moves all share the same motion. This helped me get better with motions overall. Then I saw the SF2 Animated movie and I thought her assassination scene was dope. Then I got older and into Kylie Minogue then made the connection she's Cammy in the SF movie and an absolute baddie. My Cammy fandom is a giant positive feedback loop.

  11. I wouldnt call him boring, prefer the term straightforward. In a game where you have F.A.N.G who flys like a bat, an Menat who throws a orb all over the screen. Its so much misdirection it makes a guy like Ryu look normal.

  12. Chun - because I kinda suck at links & combos, prefering ot be really annoying with normals / footsies instead. It's why I'll forever be stuck at silver/gold rank. But I don't mind, I have fun when I play and that's the main thing :D

  13. Karin because when I first got the game I was weirded out with how short the combos looked since my first fighting game was dbfz so I started looking for a character with longer cool looking combos

  14. My friend's a huge Jojo fan, and he bought a tarot card set because of how much he enjoyed Stardust Crusaders. He told me that there's a card that corresponds to everyone depending on their zodiac sign and that my card was the Moon. I didn't think much of it first, but it was a cool concept, and I admired his passion when talking about it.

  15. that's pretty wholesome, I like when games show our characters "growing up with us", makes you feel more connected to them

  16. Juri's my fav SF character but I'm not a huge fan of her playstyle in this game so I keep going on and off with her. My main has become Sakura, who I really like bc of her great confirms, frame traps, and stupid big buttons for a shoto.

  17. Akuma just looks too cool, I did all the character stories and he was the first character I unlocked, he’s also my main in Tekken 7 and in my team in MvC 3

  18. It was kind of just coincidence really. I've never gone for villain characters before, always about those heroes, let alone zoners. So what got me curious about Sagat is kind of forgotten atm. I think I just thought "Holy shit. That is one massive human." and tried him out on a whim. Then came seeing him do those big turn kicks and have these loooooong limb buttons. Really cool look and then his attitude of a sort of antagonistic mentor-y/ seasoned fighting champion kept me into him.

  19. Falke has like the best DP input, great buttons, anti meta character, yet nobody plays her, it's so weird

  20. I just started playing a few months ago. When I saw Momochi use Akira in SFL Japan, I knew I wanted to try it because her combo routes are sick and she doesn’t really have a ‘cheese’ strat unlike a lot of SFV characters (looking at you Honda). And after playing a few months, I’m realizing that her combo routes are also really hard, so when I pull off a sweet combo in ranked it feels so satisfying

  21. When I was younger and played Street Fighter II World Championship Edition, Guile (to me) had the coolest appearance, best theme, best stage, and (as far as I knew) was the only character to have an air throw.

  22. Dudley/Balrog, I'm a boxer,they are boxers,Dudley is classy and humble and a composed fighter,Balrog is a trash talking brawler,even though those are polar opposite those are my favourite type of fighters

  23. He's an actual Street Fighter; if you hit him too much he either gets out a metal pipe to beat you with, or a knife to shank you. He hits like a truck. Plus I love the world weary "Ok, come on..." when I pick him 😁

  24. Since my main in SF4 didn't make it in (Adon), I looked for someone else but was a bit lost. I ended up maining Necalli for a few reasons:

  25. Because I like a challenge, shes OG AF, and one of the most honest characters to play - so I can feel worthy of each win without gimmick.

  26. Balrog (Boxer). The first character that made me finally take the jump to learn charge characters. The biggest thing that made me want to learn the character was watching his VT1 in SFV. The mix ups were awesome, the damage was insane, and it honestly just looked brutal. His VT1 in itself actually got me to learn the character, and since then he's become my favorite character in almost every Street Fighter game. Also charging Turn Around Punch for 50% damage or more is sick.

  27. Ryu because I am a martial artist In addition he is the only Character given simple tools and instills the discipline nature that martial arts tends to teach IMO…

  28. As a black person I always check out black characters if they're available. Balrog reminds me of my uncle in a few ways so I play him lol. His lack of actual kicks is interesting too

  29. I’m still trying to find the courage to get into this game. With all the pros out there it’s a hurdle I need to jump. I’m worried about just not being good enough

  30. My guy/girl, it's only a game. Nothing bad is going to happen if you lose. Stick and stones may break someone's bones, but losing at video games can't hurt anybody.

  31. The hardest thing about getting into fighting games is learning how to not care about losing. I think that’s your real issue. You think what’s the point? All these people are so much better I’m just going to lose all the time.

  32. People play the game at every level. When you hop in spend some time in the lab and sort out what you wish to use in matches. Keep recognizing weaknesses and adding.

  33. Hey, I just got into SFV so I'm also a beginner. Don't be afraid, even if you lose it's all just a game and seeing your training pay off is really satisfying.

  34. When you start, you're not going to be anywhere near the pros, they're literally in a different bracket and you won't be matched up with them. The vast majority of players are in Bronze/Silver which isn't that far removed from Rookie.

  35. Been playing Street Fighter since 3rd strike. I always like to play ethnic characters or POC since they don't get much representation. Started off with Sean, went to Balrog in US4, now Laura/Balrog in SFV. Plus I really enjoy Laura's jiu-jitsu and I'm also a boxer, so I enjoy Balrog's playstyle as well. Most of his moves are actually applicable to a certain extent.

  36. As I kid, I had a friend that knew how to do Ryu's raging demon in Marvel vs Capcom 1, and I always thought it was an awesome move.

  37. First it was Chun li because I knew more special moves and she could jump on the wall, it was before akuma was there. Then akuma, because raging demon was harder to do than the other super moves and he could do hadoken in the air and he looked cooler.

  38. Ken he's always been my favorite since I was a kid and I really can't put my finger on it maybe it's more flashy fighting style compared to Ryu. And the fact that his shoryuken is on fire is quite rad.

  39. I use to play Ryu, Ken until I decided to choose my main character. I wanted to play Vega but didn't understand how charge moves worked. So when SF4 was released I decided to start with Vega, not necessarily to main him but to get charge moves down.

  40. I was looking at tutorials for sf5 to see if I wanted to get the game and I saw someone using Sakura with the backwards baseball cap outfit which combined with her straightforward moveset convinced me to get the game

  41. Vega because I always wanted to main him since SSF2 but hated charge characters. His design is so cool to me. It peaked on Street Fighter II the Animated Movie

  42. Ryu is just straightforward, everyone knows his moveset an what he's going to do, you just have to stop him. I know the game needs characters like Menat, Dhalsim etc. But gimmicky characters like that annoys the hell out of me. So Ryu for life!

  43. I always liked to play Ryu and Ken, they are the basics of SF, and always had easy-to-learn special moves, but when I saw Akuma... it was a different feeling.

  44. Closest to a main for me is Akuma but I am one of those players that plays as everyone. A jack of all trades, master of none. Been playing since Street Fighter 2 in the arcades. Every character is fun to play with, some a little more than others.

  45. Aesthetics + my Pop. He used Guile & Balrog back in the day. So I ended up using them. Ryu is the star plus his design is dope. Q is Q. And Fei Long is Bruce Lee.

  46. that's pretty cool, my dad also played some SF back in the day, gotta ask him what was his favorite character, maybe I'd pick it up too for the fun of it

  47. Also, I'm pretty disapointed there isn't a Bruce Lee character in SFV, I feel like every fighting game needs one

  48. Nice question. When I saw the first SFV photo I liked Ken. So, soon showed up Hashid and further Necalli. The new Dalshim also seemed pretty cool and exotic. SFV was the game that made me buy PS4 and I just intend move to new generation in eventual SF6

  49. I play Boxer cause boxing, Sagat because I find his grabs so disrespectful, I love it, and Falke I honestly don't know why, but she feels good.

  50. I was always drawn to Guile, mainly because his sf2 theme slaps and he radiated pure american energy (and he was honestly pretty fun to play considering i hate shotos lol). No one else has ever hit me the same way Guile has. Sodom in the alpha series came close but Guile will forever be my guy-le. Sonic Boom!

  51. Need a character that can either zone out, or put great pressure and be aggressive. Combos must be simples because my execution sucks.

  52. Once you've graduated from learning Ryu, the quintissential shoto, the question becomes whether you are worthy of learning Akuma. I took the challenge.

  53. Young me loved that chun lies kick was easy to do in the genesis version. I guess I always liked the girl characters even when 5.

  54. Usually its the evolution of losing constantly. When I started playing with friends we would pick randomly until one of us got good with someone, then a charecter counter would become someones main.

  55. I play Rose since Alpha. Always loved her design, her lore (fortune teller, Bison's good half with Soul Power), her moveset, she was the first character able to reflect projectiles, Soul Illusion was amazing, then she was back in SFIV with Soul Satellite, super cool move. Then SFV with her new Punish (amazing tool) along with her signature ones (Soul Illusion and Soul Satellite) and the teleports - such a game changer - her again being so important to the lore with the whole time travel thing, and she looks stunning and super fun to play with though super technical. Her SFV is by far her best incarnation. She's always been amazing and so underrated. And I never really cared whether she's strong or weak, I'll play her regardless. Really hope she is in SF6 base roster.

  56. I played SSFII and thought Cammy was really cool because she didn't really do anything weird and fancy like fireballs, flaming uppercuts etc, and she just tried to punch people .

  57. My cousin always made fun of me for having a name similar to Cammy they said I have a “girls” name, so I got really good with her out of spite and kicked their ass every time after that. The rest as they say is history.

  58. “Oh that character talks to yours and she’s a ninja?!! I’m playing her cause then our characters are friends too!” -11 year old me playing SF4 with my cousin I played Ibuki and he mained Karin

  59. Akira because not only is she fun to play, she’s also not an overly sexualized character that looks badass and still is cute.

  60. I’ve always loved the Saturday morning cartoon villainy of M.Bison so he’s always been my main. I tried necali for a while since I thought he would end up being the main story villain based off of the first SFV intro but he wasn’t and he turned out to be kinda booty.

  61. Dhalsim actually because a few years back, I was playing my roommate who doesn’t play SF, and wanted to pick a character I absolutely had no idea how to play, as a handicap. I played Honda for a while, then switched over to Dhalsim last year and I love playing him. I used to find Gllty such a great Sim player, and currently, YHCMochi is my favorite player I’ve seen. Just that you can basically trip the enemy up by moving everywhere and anywhere I love. Plus he’s a glass cannon. He can be very aggressive but is patently screwed in the corner, but once you’re out of the corner you can control the whole stage and box your opponent in. He’s a weird character, and I tend to like the weird characters.

  62. Seth: I just like the different routes to getting damage for his combos. There's just IMO a grace to his combos and there's something really satisfying for me when I complete a really cool looking combo.

  63. I’m typically a Sagat main because of my irl love of Muay Thai, but Seth in SFV has a JoJo reference so…

  64. I played ryu for like a week and then Mika for a while but ended up settling on vega purely bc he looks awesome. Also I really like his claw effects (the ripping sound and the slash after image) + he has mobility like nobody else besides rashid

  65. I chose Zangief for many reasons, because the grappler archetype was always appealing to me, slowly making your way to the opponent to hit your SPD is very cool, I also think he’s a very funny character in general, and I really like the soviet aesthetic, the red and gold and what not.

  66. I play Seth because he is the easiest to use "good" character in the game. My execution is not the best so obviously someone like Karin or Urien did not work for me.

  67. I play Sakura because SFV doesn't let you test out any of the purchasable characters so I just defaulted to a character I knew was simple to pick up and play

  68. For Bison, it was a matter of "I want to be able to do special moves whenever I want without my opponent being able to punish on block (if I do it right)." I think he's one of the only ones that can consistently do that in SFV.

  69. SF3: Hugo-Grappler fun SF4: Poison-Trans rights, same birthday, she fun SFV: Abigail-Grappler fun and he make car sounds

  70. Used to play Akuma and thought cr.lp into dp was hard to pull off. Was at a friends house who didn’t own the dlc and played chun and cr.lk qcf legs is so much easier and played her since

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