this was posted on YouTube.Its apparently meant to be a "breakfast pizza pie"

  1. This is so much effort for overcooked egg lump with bean mush on top. The second they started coreing those sausages I had already tapped out

  2. Any food that requires that much repetitive work makes me really upset. The fact that it’s all hidden under the next layers just puts it over the top.

  3. Yup, and a pretty crappy example at that. If I had that many chipolatas on hand(little sausages), I'd bake 'em & fill the gaps with beer-batter instead of egg-mix. Ye Olde English "Toad In The Hole". Fuck all that coring of sausages & pureeing of baked beans though(pointless wank). Best sliced & served hot, with just a nice dollop of chutney &/or mustard on the side, and maybe some steamed veg' for colour...

  4. ok, i am of the opinion that if you have to spend 2 hours in the kitchen individually coring/filling sausages and prepping something it can not possibly be called a breakfast anymore, let alone waiting 30 minute for the bloody thing to cook in the oven. let alone the fact its a warcrime to call this a pizza. i just want to roll out of bed, jump in the shower and grab a slice of bread, i aint waking up earlier than i absolutely need to

  5. Until they revealed the cross-section I thought the sausages were tiny pastries, and I was like, “nah, this looks great.” For some reason I can’t handle the “crust” of this pizza being meat.

  6. I thought they were going to add those cheese filled sausages to the pizza crust and make like a stuffed crust sausage cheese pizza.

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