I had sex with another man, and now I have to kill myself

  1. Oh no hun you do not deserve to die! I can’t say I know what ur going through specifically but honey I know fucking up and I know that everything can be worked through. You can be happy, u can be whole! You deserve to give yourself a chance! You seem young and have so many more “fuck ups” to feel guilty about BUT each fuckup is a lesson and when you know better u do better. U will only have to make some mistakes 2 or 3 times to learn and some u k ow right away. Ok my point is there is always hope when u have life! I don’t know what country ur in but even without conversion therapy you can work through this! U DESERVE TO GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE!

  2. You need to get out if whatever religion you are in and deprogram yourself. Go watch some atheist videos on YouTube. Who cares if you're gay or bi or straight. The world has changed and for the better. You are incredibly toxic to yourself and homosexuals.

  3. Look man, you're being too hard on yourself. There's nothing wrong about what you need. I think you clearly have some self esteem issues that you need to work on yourself, first off all. And later on, get to know yourself and accept yourself. I'm not just talking about your sexuality, but everything else.

  4. So what you did it? It’s 2021. No one will look down on you. You need get the stigma out of your mind that it’s wrong. You slept with a dude and the world keeps spinning. You didn’t lose any respect.

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