do you guys have any goals before superstar bts shuts down?

  1. I like your idea! I’ve played the game for about a year, and I still haven’t gotten a full R prism set. Hopefully will get one soon before it ends!

  2. Since I'm not that good of a player (even tho I have this app for more than two years), my goal is to have all my theme cards up to R grade, I'm missing like 7-10 cards (except the new themes) to have all of them prism, but that's something I can not control, so I'll hope for the best and at least get the signed on simple card to R grade (I'm almost there actually). I also wanted to have 2 stars hard mode on cypher pt 4 (told you that I'm not a good player, I have 1 star), but I don't know if I can achieve that honestly.

  3. i think you can, when i wasn’t as good i looked at my taehyung photocard for good luck and played cypher pt 4 and after 5 tries i got 2 stars

  4. Full as much as R prism for all theme at each album. Mine still got too much to do but i have spare a lot of eme so... let see

  5. honestly i just wanna have as much fun as i can, i'm gonna try to get the Young Forever intro to 200 plays because that's the song that helped me pick my bias

  6. I’ve been playing this game since this first came out. I have two full prism signed sets that I just upgraded to R and I’m hoping to get them to level 50. I have four albums that are missing one prism signed card each so I’m hoping I can get those cards before it ends. I also plan on recording the songs that I’m the best at

  7. i honestly have no clue what to do anymore😭 i've been focusing on the achievements more and trying to find prism theme 2 jungkook for ly:her and prism theme 1 jungkook for young forever but for some reason the game wont give me those cards😔

  8. Before they announced the shutdown, I already set a goal of collecting all of the Suga cards (including badge and prisms), so that's become my ultimate goal before it's over. At this point, I'll be happy to complete all but limited themes. I've completed 2 Cool 4 Skool, ORUL82?, HYYH Pt 1, WINGS and Love Yourself: Tear. Got a long way to go. I did have HYYH Pt 2 done until they released the new theme :-/

  9. I want to find the young forever jin theme 3 prism that somehow keeps alluding me... i have all other prisms beside new themes (although i have a lot of those) and LE so im hoping to get all themes to R prism. I had also wanted to get 3 stars on every song on hard but... its just not going to happen and i have enough to be satisfied lol

  10. I have a plan to record the game's last hour before shutting down. But since this app keeps crashing on my phone, I don't know if I'll be able to do it.

  11. I want to get a 40M score in league and set a WR on normal and hard mode (I just did easy yesterday!), maybe R50 one theme per album

  12. on the jpn ver i have every le theme, so im trying to get them all the R50, and then if i can signed or prism

  13. Get that last D&W Jin prism. Max out my Hope World cards. Use my thousands of diamond to buy whatever limited theme cards catch my eye. Cry.

  14. Trying to get full R50 Prism Theme for every album, almost there. Also try to finish 1st in Master 3

  15. All of my albums have at least one prism r50 except for Tear so that's my number 1 but after that....getting #1 in a weekly league crosses fingers

  16. I started stanning BTS during Wings, so my goal is to collect the Wings album cards to 100%. It's actually kind of tedious making all the R cards.

  17. I managed to R50 the rest of my top 5, +some other themes I liked. Now my goal is upgrading all my prisms to R. Which is a lot lol

  18. I really wanted to play “Don’t Leave Me” in the Japanese version, but I never figured out how to download that app 😔

  19. i dont know what device u use but for the ios app store i just made an apple id based in japan to download it

  20. Same goal as you! I also have been working on R Prism + fully leveled cards for one of the themes ✨✨

  21. when it was announced, my goal was to get to level 90 before it shut down, and around that time, I was right around level 83 or so. and this morning, I made it to level 90. now I just want to work on getting as much of my cards to R prism that I can, maybe starting with the sotw theme if it isn't already. but that's also what I have been doing for the past few days. I've just finished upgrading theme 3 for ynwa to prism r50. I think I just wanna get some of the prettiest (imo) LE themes to R50 by the end of the game. also I want to try to get as much 3 star in hard mode as I can

  22. 3 star perfect every song on hard at the very least since it seems getting very high in the league is impossible now and at least get one album with fully upgraded cards. but like you it seems 3 starring every song is impossible for me as well sadly. especially the cyphers..

  23. I’m hoping to complete the entire card collection, R50 my top 5 albums and the themes I use, 3 star all songs and hopefully complete the special achievements we have going on right now!

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