VIDEO: Watch Brett Harrison (fmr FTX US Pres) claim in his Superstonk AMA that: FTX GME tokenized stock was fully collateralized, backed 1:1 by GME shares *held by a German broker dealer*, but still couldn’t be lent out to short — It’s either negligent ignorance or deceit, & we deserve to know which

  1. Weird. So they could have been possibly using those FTX GME tokens as locates being backed 1:1? Huh. If only there were people that have been saying this for a long time..

  2. This is a mess. In this interview he says the tokens are backed 1:1 by real shares, specifying they could be converted to real shares if requested, which is a big lie.

  3. This makes no sense so if the token are hypothetically traded to a high value what is the exchange value with the share? Stock market share value does is not reflecting this token trades as none of these make it to the tape so no price discovery or consistency. US markets are a gigantic Ponzi scheme the more you learn about it.

  4. We need trustless tech asap I am sick of having to trust that entities are doing the right thing. I’d rather have the right thing preprogrammed in

  5. The fact Caroline Ellison seemed so confident that she was outlining how she is going to "celebrate GME suicides" is enough for me to know FTX more than likely was dirty.

  6. 100% agree and want to emphasize this is spoken as fact (backed 1 to 1) by the then President of FTX. This clip needs to be sent to DOJ, FBI, SEC, everyone.

  7. I love Wes but something to remember is that he won't take this on for free (lots of people gave him shit for taking on a popcorn case but he did it because he got PAID).

  8. How about YOU send it to Wes Christian. Do you think you have minions on here? I agree with your sentiment 💯 though.

  9. His whole demeanour shouts 'I'm lying right now'. The cat at the end was a timely distraction rom answering more questions about location of the actual shares and if they can be traded etc.

  10. Nothing's changed since the 1800's, except to have gotten worse. The DTCC has effectively turned the entire stock market into a

  11. Agreed that we should have known just based on his words- but at the time, we were blinded by the collaboration with GameStop (myself very much included), so I don’t think it’s too realistic to think most of us would have caught that. And I agree that some probably did- those very wrinkled among us :)


  13. Makes me wonder what German company is trading them as share backed securities? Would it be worth reporting them as securities fraud if they didn't purchase the shares to back the token?

  14. How did FTX buy 10M shares on January 27th 2021 to start this tokenized product offering. Melvin was “closing/buying” 100M shares and so were others they claim. It would have been impossible to get that many shares that day. Show me proof you spent $483X10M to buy these shares.

  15. see/note: at seconds 5 & 6...harrison's eyes roll-back, and he goes into a constrained hard swallow...something something...innocent enough question...tough for him. somethin' somethin'....

  16. HOL UP. This guy did an AMA with our community, brazenly lied about GME shitcoins being collateralized, now he is "actively managing" his following of apes on Twitter [I'm for real not allowed to say it? Wtf?]... This guy perjured on camera. How is this not FRAUD?

  17. Perjury is the specific crime of lying under oath. This guy was not under oath, so he could spout all the lies he wanted to. However it was recorded for posterity, and so if this were to go to court, its likely this could be used as evidence of duplicity and/or misrepresentation

  18. And that right there ladies and gentleapes is a pure, clean, uncut, unaltered, fully backed up, total, irrefutable and absolut 110% traditional lie. It is also one that is a financial advice about security.

  19. Brett is on my list. Im glad he is on superstonk’s list as well. There are way too many links for him to be innocent. At the very least, he should brought in for questioning.

  20. I love his confidence in that we should just trust his word. He has no proof right? 100% trust me bro from the president of a now bankrupt exchange that committed fraud and stole peoples money lmfao 🤣

  21. Isn’t the theory that the tokens are used as a locate by SHFs for shorting actual GME stock? Who gives a shit if anyone shorts a GME token?

  22. Might be a misunderstanding here based on my title phrasing- that’s not what I meant- I was responding to Brett clearly claiming that the actual shares of GME themselves (supposedly backing the tokens 1:1) couldn’t be lent out for shorting (I wasn’t referring to shorting the tokens).

  23. Right- there is no way he can talk himself out of this segment because none of his claims and market regulations will ever add up- they simply aren’t compatible statements, and he should have to answer for whether he was negligently ignorant or willfully deceitful.

  24. Lol, FTX had no collateral whatsoever for crypto and stuff (pure ponzi), but did hold collateral for the GME token? That is still trading right now, even though FTX doesn't exist anymore?

  25. So again why not fucking just buy the fucking stock then? And DRS so you know for sure it’s in your name? Why do I want something that looks like something else? Why do I want a fake thing when I can just fuckin buy the real thing? These middle men are like the worst sorts of parasites.

  26. Where is Griffin in there, come out Kenny we know you're in with ftx. Somehow, these 1:1 tokenized stocks sold in their millions, billions, trillions?

  27. It's backed 1 to 1 but it's only for international users not USA users? That doesn't make sense. If these tokens are legit backed 1 to 1 then USA users can certainly buy them because we can buy GME in the USA.

  28. Dude is full of shit and we all know it. he would need a trillion shares to back his BS tokens. Where are those shares now? Why haven’t they been liquidated as part of the FTX collapse. Where are they Brett?

  29. Backed 1:1 by a German broker......... hive me a fucking break! It's a US stock why not back it by a US broker? Oh yea........... it's because "shares" in a brokerage arent fucking REAL, so therefore the token was never backed by anything.

  30. If someone wanted to "transfer" their stocks from the German broker, how would the German broker destroy the associated token? Is he going to call up FTX and have them smash some tokens every time. This is just impractical. Brett is distancing himself from FTX now, but this seems like a lot of weird detail to know.

  31. I keep seeing in the comments that 1T shares were with a German broker…how many shares were available to the rest of the world? 36T? The shorts never covered…that is all!

  32. Fraud on an unprecedented scale. This scam against retail involves FTX, Citadel, Melvin Capital, Robinhood, SEC, DTCC, Apex Clearing and the CFTC.

  33. And this is why he blocks anyone instantly on twitter that sends even the softest of questions his way regarding tokenized GME.

  34. He just admitted to fraud there were way more tokens than shares ever existed. Can't wait for these tools to see some Federal prison time.

  35. He's lying. Nonverbal indicators don't lie. Not once does he look left when he's trying to retrieve information which shows he's making everything up. Finally here's a supposed financial executive affiliated to the elite and he's wearing a stretched out, nasty tshirt for a video podcast? This guy is shady and shouldn't be trusted.

  36. If a broker say they have a 1:1 real share to token, most likely it can be used as a locate for shorting a stock. The stock market operates on a trust me bro principle, when it comes to BD, MM, DTC, FINRA, SHF and SEC. That’s how naked shorting happens, MM and DTC allows it because it based on “trust.”

  37. What a big fat liar this asshole is. He's aware of his dishonesty here but arrogantly thinks he's smarter than everyone else. He's going to make someone a lovely girlfriend in prison.

  38. I like how this AMA didn’t involve the community… seems like someone wanted to use the name but not actually figure out if it was actually acceptable… kudos to Citadel for taking over the subreddit - that’s just my opinion, last time I checked, I’m allowed to have one and express it.

  39. that dude looks like smeagol/gollum from LODR, anyway i didnt understand shit in what he saying but upon checking the comments, everything he said is sht. I still like the stonk, 100%DRSed and i wont sell til price is phone numbers per share

  40. So we need to buy all the tokenized stock, get it on German broker and DRS all the shares. Lol not saying it’s the best idea, nor would I do it (now just buy through Computershare, BOOK!) but will just take all the shares out that they say is, supposedly collateralized. Eventually they will have nothing BUT somehow, they will say they are topping it up or something. Either way this who system is corrupt beyond words and how the fuck can it even be 1:1 backing hahaha. She should of asked the appropriate question right after his bullshit.

  41. Haha there’s this common body language indicator for how to tell when a person is lying or fabricating a story. When a person tends to move their eyes up and to the right before or while speaking, it’s highly probable that the person is lying. They’re trying to looking into their mind and making an image in their head of what the story should look like. The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity so essentially they’re creating the story as they speak.

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