Friendly reminder that we regretted not buying more on aug 24 when the price hit $150

  1. Are you guys buying directly through Computershare? I have been and wish I could submit orders more often to get in on these lower prices.

  2. You know what, I bought today ahead of this payday coming up so consider me buying today and holding for you. You come buy some when you can and hold for me. This is the way!

  3. Thing is, it's not that i didn't buy at 150. Then just sat on the money. I didn't buy at 150, because it was between cash flows. So when i got money later, i bought more at 165-170. Today i did manage to buy some more at around 152, but with Christmas coming up. Not as many as i would like.

  4. This is the exact FOMO that made me buy two more shares today when I had only bought less than 5 shares in the past 5 months. (I'm poor)

  5. If I wasn’t broke right now… I’d have $10 in my account if I bought a share, I blew all my money in the $200 and $180 ranges. I’m so sad, those fractions of shares would really be adding up

  6. Your conviction to hold those shares even being red for so long will definitely reward you, ape. Weak people panic. You're not weak. You're as diamond handed as they come.

  7. I bought 20 shares in the dip at 164 when I saw all the buy pressure at 162.5. I thought I got a steal, then the shorts plowed through all the way down to 148 lol. I did not see that coming. I could have grabbed 2 more shares if I was patient.

  8. I just bought 15 shares. I'm a small ape so this greatly increased my collection up to 40 shares. Now I need to read that thread on how to DRS them, cause I have no idea.

  9. Closed my popcorn position and am waiting on settlement for my video game. Hopefully it stays this low through the weekend.

  10. I buy more at any price after I pay my bills. Literally, GME is my savings account and I am basically collecting shares. I just have stronger buying power to collect more shares when it dips. LMAO.

  11. 😭 I wanted to but didn't know how to purchase through computershare without a US checking account. No one replied to my post asking for help

  12. Got a few at 148.50 lol. Probably won't be able to afford more unless I get some sort of windfall or they crash it back to mid XX.XX range

  13. I bought the fuck outta that dip. $149.58 baby’ Haven’t bought shares that cheap in over 6 months! What a day!

  14. No xmas presents for wifey and I. Only stonks and green candles for Christmas. Thanks, (B)Rian Cohen. Always look on the bright side = stocks only go up

  15. I put a $2k order in to CS 2 days ago.transaction date I believe is the 15th so we shall see what happens by then but love it to stay in the 150 or drop before that order goes in.

  16. I tapped out as many as I could. I originally tried buying through cs but they were too slow. Wouldn't go through till the 15th! Canceled and begrudgingly bought through broker. Glad I did!

  17. I wish I could buy more, broke as a joke between GME and now some Loopring. 80 shares DRSed and last 5 shares on Fidelity being DRSed this Monday. Sold popcorn stock to get this much. At least I'm on the rocket :) Can't wait to leave retail behind and start living my life with my family. NO CELL NO SELL.

  18. i wanted to buy 2 or 3 more if it dips........ i have bought 18......18 shares just this dip until now. this might not seem much to some but i started out in jan with 1 and i didnt really have much money . since then i safed every penny i could and even found a better job that pays about 2k euros. except for 350 euros each month everything went into gme.

  19. Have you read ANY of the DD?? Why did you sell? Not trying to attack, just when the price is this low it's a discount lol. Buy low, sell high (really really really high) if you're going to sell lol. Not financial advise, I'm just curious

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