Day 17 of Running 7.41 Until MOASS

  1. I don’t run everyday while high, just sometimes. It’s a short cut to the runner’s high feeling. Also a museum dose of LSD is amazing while running.

  2. this is a great way to pass the time. do you have an end fitness goal or just staying fit? i've been pretty much hooked to my weights and elliptical since i fell into this stock.

  3. Damn... I was almost able to run a 5k in May, then I twisted my knee. Pretty sure if I tried now I'd fall over and die around the 2k mark :(

  4. There’s nothing special about me. I did a c25k program a decade ago and fucking hated every minute of the first few months. Then I decided to do a marathon 6 years ago, set the goal and trained. You need to get into running shape, but once you’re there you’re set. I can take a bit of time off, but I always come back and work towards just being better than I was yesterday.

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