When price expectation doesn't pan out on hype dates.

  1. At least you tried. The issue to research now is WHY the cycle/DOOMPs theory didn't work, and if it's because of crime, what kind of fuckery was committed/the hedgies' exact process

  2. Thanks for being a good sport and for all the information you share. I actually think it’s interesting to listen to.

  3. It appears that they are actively working against DD/TA and discrediting authors--you are just the latest in a long line. Maybe it's time to go dark on the DD/TA/dates, and not give them something to work against, other than their own hole that they have to dig out of (which they can't).

  4. Hey man, I appreciate all the content you make. It keeps me entertained and educated me on things I never understood or even knew existed.

  5. I get excited every time, and no longer care about the disappointment. One of these times, will be the time!

  6. The fact that there hasn't been a run up is actually bullish to me. The last runups the hedgies obviously had plans to contain and probably also use them to shake out paperhands and con option playing rubes out of their cash. But now run-ups are something they can't allow. Too dangerous and not much benefit. My bet is the stock stays pretty flat until...well boom!

  7. I'm leaning towards that too. No more sneezes just flat or boom. I think when it happens we'll wake up with crazy numbers and they'll shut off the buy button again but this time it will not fall back but rocket to the heavens. I just hope its soon. I can wait forever but I REALLY don't want to.

  8. IMO they've lost the ability to smoothly control price action. Look at a daily chart from last year with nice, smooth arcs and overlapping candles. A little bit of movement to keep up appearances but firmly within whatever channel The Algo™ demands.

  9. I’m gonna wake up to 17,000$ gme price one day and I’ll be mad. Mad that’s it’s still not high enough for me to quit my job

  10. I miss the elliot waves. When we break out of this 2nd wave of the bigger third wave price is going to explode.

  11. Great meme. Hahaha Wanna comment early to say thank you to anyone still putting time into good DD and tit jacking TA. I like seeing it. Sucks if you are wrong. But I appreciated the Hopium.

  12. I think it’s some amazing work that people are putting into finding out weird quirks that might indicate hedgie fuckery. Regardless, people should refrain from placing guarantees over their theories. Does this mean DOOMP is not a way in which hedgies fuck around? Not at all. Fraudulent systems will remain fraudulent until there is change.

  13. Lol. Quick reminder that DRSing the float is the only sure fire way to make something happen. You are the catalyst, yes you fucking specifically. Not financial advice.

  14. One day another savior prognosticator Nostradamus will come along...and a week after (s)he will be hung too.

  15. RIP Jamesroland. Your TA was wrong essentially every single time but you didn’t let it stop you

  16. You forgot the part where he was spot on with target prices, day after day, for about a week. Anyone who can do that even for a short while deserves kudos.

  17. I never believe these hype dates because the longer we go the more wrong they are. are those posts are just dumb as hell now.

  18. The thing I fundamentally don't understand about TA posts is that they're almost always based on the belief that the shorts won't do anything when the price starts going up. I 100% believe that if they left it to the natural cycle then the price would rise quickly. But there's nothing preventing them from whipping up some new shares to hammer it back down.

  19. Don’t compare those two to gherk. Those two didn’t turn into a shill who just wanted donations that he grifted from the people who enjoyed sucking him off

  20. Reading and watching DD is what keeps us going and engaged. No one expects a true date so we're all in this together.

  21. Price predictions are dumb, posts saying "x will happen, by y, and if not mods can ban me" are also just as dumb but mods apparently don't care anymore about actually banning those idiots.

  22. People still get hyped for hype dates? Alongside "DRS", "don't hype dates" is pretty much the most important nugget of info gleaned from this sub. Dates are dumb, stop setting them.

  23. No hype day for me,I slept in and checked the price at 10:30 they have proven that they can crime their way out of anything.

  24. Man I'd sure hate to be a position where I actually have to worry about what the price will be at such and such a date. Sure seems like a stupid way to play a heavily manipulated stock to me. But eh what do I know I'm not a literal college student like so many of these TA crystal gazers are.

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