Who’s gonna win?

  1. I believe. By tomorrow I'm going to be strutting around my family telling my pro investor brother in law 'hey, maybe next time you'll take my advice, eh?' or something like that.

  2. I’m going to be negative Nancy … but I’m going with $179.22. They are going to push off T+2 and short the shit out of it today. They just can’t have anymore positive sentiment on Social Media … they need a red day.

  3. I think they short this morning to $160, with their strategy being to drop is to $140 EOD. I think some big players put too much pressure and around 1 we start a slow trend back up to $180 pre power hour and end the day at $220.

  4. I see you fat fingered those numbers, let me fix that for you... End of day prediction: 741,420.69 You’re welcome!

  5. I'm goin with $269.69 for the guy who's legally going to change his name to GameStop (if that's even possible lol.. only one way to find out)

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