In my previous DD cycles were discussed, including the early covering of a cycle in AH (WSJ article) after just 45 days of the previous top. Today marks 45 days since the last top. Did we just see another early covering of the next cycle with a 39.5% price surge? (9:40 AM $77.77 - 10:25 AM $108.50)

  1. I don’t know who will end up being right, I just know that me buying 13 more at $78 through IEX this morning will probably be the best decision I make this week

  2. I belive mister Cohen is buying in again, last time he did the price went cray cray too and volume is also over the usual

  3. My guess is that this is covering from 3/25/2022 calls. I expected an AH surge yesterday/this morning. The hedgies must have failed to buy in then and had to buy in today. I predicted it to last 3 days.

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