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  1. If you’re an author like me, GameStop is the future. I can’t wait to see Amazon crash and burn. Most authors pay Amazon and FB to advertise, but I’m unwilling to give them any of my money. Power to the creators.

  2. Don’t have twitter, but can you follow up with them to get an extensive list of what they are accepting? For now we know tv shows/music/authors/games/art but what else is available?

  3. i knew they would use nft to sell books. this will be huge for you and other authors. its basically cutting out the middleman and giving the power to you.

  4. I'm an aspiring author. Can you give me any information on how publishing to the Blockchain would work as referenced to typical self-publishing, especially through say... Amazon?

  5. For REAL. Fuck Amazon. And the traditional publishing houses who make authors put their books into neat little boxes just because that's "what's sold before." The implications of this are huge--especially for diverse authors.

  6. I need to figure out if I can create an NFT that hosts an html file, since i’ve got a choose ur own adventure that uses Twine. Had it on itch, but would be cool to move it to the market.

  7. Hey kind stranger! I recently finished writing my first book ever, and although I am not sure if I want to publish it (I wrote it for myself), I am more and more leaning towards the idea of self-publishing it, somehow, somewhen. GameStop seems like a great choice for this? Could you tell me how you go about putting your book there (I have been travelling for the past three months, do I need to get the new NFT Marketplace wallet thing when I get home, or...?)? Thank you very much in advance!

  8. As an author myself with limited success using Amazon KDP, how do you envision the NFT marketplace as a better alternative?

  9. How would you go about selling your books on their market? Just wondering cause I’m working on one right now

  10. I'm gonna be completely honest here, I've had an erection for weeks now. Haven't talked to my doctor about it cause it's shaped like a banana amd I'm bullish on banana.

  11. Music? I’ve always heard musicians could release music independently, but I have no idea where or how. Are musicians able to sell their music on this nft marketplace?

  12. I like this idea. An NFT that proves ownership of a digital book; and with the smart contracts if I ever sold my digital asset the original author gets a percentage commission from the sale? Added revenue streams for creators means more time to create the things we love!

  13. For real!!! This might mean that we can actually quit our jobs and write full-time. If we build an NFT fanbase and they're constantly letting our novels change hands, I see no reason why authors couldn't find financial freedom in months, rather than decades.

  14. I like this idea. An NFT that proves ownership of a digital book; and with the smart contracts if I ever sold my digital asset the original author gets a percentage commission from the sale. Added revenue streams for creators means more time to create the things we love!

  15. All I want is to quit my day job so I can write full time. As you said, if creators can really focus their time and effort towards creating content, they’re likely to produce higher quality work at a much faster pace.

  16. I’m an author too. (Look at my post history) my beta readers are ravenous for my series to be released and I believe this is the way of the future. LFG

  17. can you explain how one would release a novel as an NFT? do you just mint X amount of copies and...that's it? put them up for sale and they're all the same, no differences, same covers, etc? are there smart contracts involved that allow for a % of a resale to go to the author?

  18. This is all new to me, so I’m thinking there will be quite a few innovative ideas - such as special releases of the same book with added or extra content, limited covers (like skins), etc.

  19. I'd love to create a discord group where we can all get together and chat about this exact thing, if anyone's interested!! I'm dying to know what everyone's strategy will be once this marketplace goes live. Message me if anyone would like to chat!

  20. It’s all new. I’m assuming you would mint and publish on the GameStop marketplace, just like you would on any other website. The ball is in GameStop’s court to see how they curate it.

  21. It’s a jumble of genres really. Gamelit describes it best. I’ve also described it as Ready Player One meets World of Warcraft with a mix of Breaking Bad.

  22. I was dreaming about the application for cookbooks. My wife and I cook all the time and, if we're traveling, it would be incredible to have instant access to all of the recipes back home.

  23. That coverart definitely vibes with the whole GME brand aesthetic and i kinda dig it. Also I was curious so I read the synopsis and a few reviews and I gotta say I kinda want to read it now.

  24. I had been wondering if I could potentially publish my book on the Gamestop marketplace. I recall making a post to that effect a few months back. Good to know that could be possible!

  25. All these posts like this remind me of the SpongeBob episode “the bubble bowl” where Patric keeps asking if things are an instrument.

  26. Just commented the below on the screenshot about both a movie production company and a music artist asking to use the marketplace, so I'll just past this here too, slightly edited:

  27. Imagine a blockchain based book store where authors can sell their books directly to consumers and pocket more of the money. They could partner with printers for physical copies and then issue an e-book NFT or similar.

  28. Cant wait to get my book about space dinos from the future agains imperialistic scorpions! Wait till movie form🤤🤩

  29. This is exactly it - creatives will see this and how others utilize the marketplace and spark their own ideas… this is the very beginning of a MASSIVE snowball effect that will change so many creators lives. Power to the creators 🚀🚀

  30. It really is exciting! And the whole gatekeeper agent/publisher middleman is why I never wanted to pursue trad. So much shadiness. Can’t wait to see what GS does.

  31. Message me if you guys are interested; for real, I'm ready to chat with other authors who understand this stuff, because every author I currently know thinks I'm losing my marbles when I mention NFTs.

  32. Shit, definitely should have submitted a screen shot of the book instead of the meme I sent. This is amazing to see confirmed!!

  33. This is the sort of thing that I think will make the NFT market place more tangible compared to the gif and whatnot photos. Selling music, games, and books are bread and butter and makes buying an ebook that you are questioning much easier of a purchase because you can resell it

  34. I'd love to have a viable self-publishing alternative to Amazon though I don't think my target audience of YA Paranormal romance will have as many hits (for now!)

  35. Is there a reader/app like a Kindle for E books on NFT? Or is it just a normal E book file with an NFT receipt?

  36. I think--and someone correct me if I'm wrong--but it'd all be inside your wallet. So once Gamestop releases the iOS app, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to open a book you own right there; like the kindle app on steroids. ;)

  37. Just a thought: if you mint an NFT now on Loopring’s website, which you can connect to the GameStop wallet, you could do “advanced create” and then link the book cover as the “image” property to the metadata.json file, then put the book as an HTML file and link that as the “animation_url” property. Would essentially link a full book in the GSWallet and you can style it with CSS

  38. Oooh, interesting! Would the book be in HTML, then? Or something easier to read? I know HTML would utterly ruin my current formatting haha.

  39. Maybe a cheap book 1, then more scarce as the series becomes more popular? I know I'd pay out the nose if the Doors of Stone released with only a thousand copies.

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