It's Fine.

  1. Should be a huge windfall for the government then. The 2008 bailout resulted in about a 15 billion dollar profit for the government.

  2. An investment vehicle whose value is derived from another security. Options, futures, asset-backed securities, etc

  3. so.. either suppress the world with control and violence and continue crime to keep prices down... or blow up the system... got it

  4. Lol and google just pushed an article to me to read where JPM claims a recession won’t happen and everything is going to get instantly better in 2023.

  5. For everyone who likes to shit on Fidelity for no real provable reason, just remember JPM is ComputerShare's preferred broker partner of choice. DRS is good, but nobody is insulated.

  6. It’s just ok, we can lower the peak a bit. It looks like it’s time to start another fire in this warehouse on accident.

  7. Don’t worry, if JP can’t cover their positions, the DTCC will just waive the problem away. Infinite liquidity amirite?! Don’t worry though, the prices of stocks are TOTALLY legit, we promise /wink

  8. Do they baghold a shit load of GME shorts? GME was at ~130 at Dec ‘21 and at ~190 at end of March🤔

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