What's that? Found on IBKR since one hour

  1. The other day I caught the same thing before market open. Check my post history. This happened last week aswell at a higher price like 340. Also prior to market open also rectified itself shortly afterwards. Not sure what it means BUT that it happened twice now and that it's constantly a price higher than the one the ticker is at is highly sus. Very interesting and I'm glad you caught it.. 2 glitches 4 days apart with similar events and only to 1 ticker.... glitch my ass, something is up. Oh and this is exactly why I wanted a glitch flair, so we can track this kinda shit easier. But mods won't give us one.

  2. Hey I made a comment here earlier but not to ur reply to another but yea I caught this same shit 4 days ago with a price in the 400s. Did post-it aswell.

  3. It's funny I opened yahoo today and saw the same chart but with the price at 190ish .... I backed out and reclicked the chart and the price was the "real price"

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