🚨THE PENNY FINALLY DROPS! 🚨 Mayo Force One lands Athens, Greece. What does this destination have in common with recent MF1 visits? (Malaga, Nice/Monaco, Genoa, Mykonos, Samos & Larnaca if you include Paul Tudor Jones jet). That’s right, they are all PORTS where Russian oligarch yachts might moor.

  1. A quick scan of Oligarch yachts on Twitter shows that a number are roaming the Mediterranean. Of particular interest is Roman Abramovich’s yacht Solaris.

  2. Solaris is in Turkey… if you want to know where any of them are just use MarineTraffic. Ships all have AIS which means as long as they aren’t too far from shore you can find them any time

  3. I’m not sure how many are still in the UK given the sanctions but don’t forget London is so full of Russian oligarchs and their offspring buying property that it’s got the nickname Londongrad….

  4. The fact that we are going to be liquidating Russian oligarchs will go down in history. Idk if everyone realizes this yet, but we are going to be some of the most influential people on Earth after this shit.

  5. I don’t want to sound like a sourpuss but I don’t think this is a smoking gun. It’s a well known fact that the ultra wealthy vacation in the Med every summer. There may be meetings happening behind closed doors, but a lot of these yacht owners are enjoying leisure time with their friends and families. I think stonkers get a little too hyped up on the conspiracies sometimes. This is more likely than not one of them. Downvote me if you will, but I know the yacht industry inside and out and the main reason people own & charter yachts is to enjoy them.

  6. Shooting warfare has been made impossible and obsolete not just by nukes but also through technology. The great powers simply can't go to war against one another anymore. Now what's the second best way to destroy a nation? Destroy its economy. Why do you think China is trying so hard to become the world's business leader? Why do you think so many cyber attacks come from Russia?

  7. Putin uses political extremists in the entirety of the EU to spread anti government propaganda by funding political campaigns. It's not that tinfoily to me, the current state of America is great for Russia.

  8. All the political upheaval we've seen connects directly in the fashion you describe, i believe it with all my heart. In fact, i wonder if the final bosses aren't the Vatican and/or House of Saud

  9. What if I told you that I made a comment in early February 2022 that I thought ‘they’ would start a war in Ukraine to help divert attention from what’s really going on in the US financial system? (I.e. before Russia actually invaded on the 24th)

  10. Don't forget he was also banned for 5 years in China for some things that most people would get killed or end up disappearing for.

  11. Russian oligarchs don't care about politics as long as money is flowing. I don't think the pitch towards them was: "hey let's destabilize American economy". I think it was rather: "Hey, give us few million and get x10 back once company is bankrupt within couple years".

  12. Russia has been destabilizing the west for years. Using Cambridge Analytica and other tactics to try and install far right leaders all over the fucking place. Or whatever name CA is going by now. 7ish years later, and Zuckerberg is finally facing a deposition. The only reason people found out about all this shit was because some journalists found out, and secretly recorded their interview with CA. It really isn't as tinfoil as you think. Then you got Putin claiming this week that the west is going to be under a new order soon.

  13. Don't blame Russians. Blame us, for voting who we vote in because they make the laws. Funny how Pelosi just had a 600k windfall of nividia and there's a nice law that just passed Congress to helped her.

  14. It would make Putin's most recent comments make a lot more sense. He could never hurt us militarily (outside of nukes) but they have already destabilized us politically and it seems financially now as well.

  15. Watch the Netflix special with les wexner / epstein / Victoria’s Secret story……. Nuts… money/power/politics/foreign influence is everywhere!

  16. Idk your theory has been like obvious to me since quite some time. Not too many others who have the money & motivation to destroy the US. Iran, Russia, North Korea & friends.

  17. I'm still extremely curious about that weird landing they did some time ago at the remote siberian? or some border area... There was a speculative DD that tied it to some crypto russian shit but who knows.

  18. So the Apes are smarter than the DOJ, FBI, CIA, our entire Government? Nothing to see here right? carry on Folks. No rubber necking please.

  19. Besides paying homage and trying to keep them "on board", he is probably also begging for his safety.

  20. I’m sure he got a call in his sleep from an unknown number and a guy in a shady russian voice said “Myister Kenneth, I’m hearing a lot of bad stuff about you, return my money”

  21. It makes sense: these people are under immense pressure to keep their yachts anchored offshore and free of risking seizure. Severe travel restrictions esp. to US.

  22. Yachts over 200 feet in length have difficulty docking in some ports. Nice, Monaco, Malaga, and Genoa can fit some larger yachts but Mykonos and Capri certainly cannot.

  23. They can moor at a dock...or they could if they weren't such terrible people, they were afraid that the peasants might take back some of their stolen wealth...

  24. Yep. I should have used ‘anchor’ because I suspect the Russian oligarch mega yachts are NOT entering the ports to moor. Once they moor up = increased risk of seizure.

  25. Actually, as pointed out on another comment, it should be ‘anchor’. A yacht drops anchor offshore. A boat moors on a jetty - or a fixed object like an anchored buoy.

  26. Kicking the can with Russian money …. I mean shf were bankrupting themselves but now your telling me we might get a piece of SRO 😳…. I call dibs on their yacht. And all for just liking a stock 👌

  27. Well I guess they can definitely add espionage to his list of charges and this is some proof of it. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  28. Oligarchs? Tip of the iceberg. I wait for warlords, human traffickers, and corporate propagandists to request a Kenny-consult; fuck the owner of Erie Insurance and other low level capitalist pigs too.

  29. There’s more: earlier this year, noted MF1 and other MF Jets visiting unusual destinations around Caribbean: St Thomas in USVI, Beef Island in BVI, St Maarten & Dominican Republic. Maybe others I have forgotten.

  30. These fucks are doing business in my country while I work my ass off for 700€ per month. Fuck you Ken and your oligarchs wish I could slap my Athenian dick right in your face

  31. I really hope we aren't the only people with eyes on this stuff. I'd love to believe there are good guys in the world who bust these fucks.

  32. This theory does fit nicely into his patterns of behavior, namely funding other Russian operatives in the political theatre. it also puts a new nefarious twist on the illegal cellar boxing that Ken is obviously guilty of.

  33. Theres a guy on utube that does nothing but super yacht news. Might be a really good resource. He has documented a lot of the Russian yachts that were running or trying to run and when the yachts were arrested... super yacht news

  34. Of course they're corrupt, but this is bonkers. I heard he flew over Nevada. That's right people. Aliens are real and Ken Griffin is conspiring with them to destroy the world's economy to facilitate their takeover. Citadel only moved to Miami because our future aliens overlords are huge fans of Cuban cuisine.

  35. Would it not be worth to dig a bit deeper to look for something more concrete, and if found, send everything to the fbi, doj, and congressional members that are super anti-russia, and hope for some sort of response. Maybe a parallel message going to a lot of new media organizations that aren't just wall street mouth pieces so a fire would be lit under the governments ass and try to get them to move on it under public pressure.

  36. Wow... That last line of the topic. Do you think they are laundering the money through other countries? I imagine that is a felony but FBI has had its funding cut so it is harder to go after the super criminals. Then again the FBI might be compromised and is allowing it.

  37. It’s not oligarchs, it’s just vagabond kleptocrats from every corner of the world. Each country is a cash box waiting to be opened when it’s prime. Good example of this is the $6 billion that was stolen from the Chinese population recently. They don’t give a shit about us. The NWO is a private club and all the rich elite are part of it, everyone involved is complicit.

  38. I love you motherfuckers so damn much. How can these fuckers win when there are so many ape eyes on them? Whether any truth to this or not, it’s fucking fantastic. Lol.

  39. How funny would it be for Citadel to "invest" Oligarch money, he loses it all in the squeeze, the Russian mob takes out Kenny, and apes end up buying the Oligarch's yachts.

  40. Pure tinfoil, love it. If this makes it to the movie that will be epic "apes then figured out there was a link between mayo force one and Russian oligarchs"

  41. Fuck lol you guys are scary. Remind me not to piss off the reddit crowd by doing something fucking stupid like turning off the buy button.

  42. If he is currently managing a Russian oligarchs funds, he's actively commiting treason. I'm not exaggerating, it could be considered a war crime.

  43. LOL! Don‘t effing believe it! Mayo Force One landed at the PORT City of Rotterdam at 17:05 UTC. Wheels up by 17:24 UTC and now crossing the Channel ? heading back to London Stansted.

  44. Is Kenny trying to offload all his dollars to Russia so they can pay their debts and Kenny has somewhere safe to die?

  45. Maybe he is secretly working for the CIA and shaking oligarchs hands with a drip of virus that will kill them in weeks. Thank you for your service Kenny. True patriot

  46. Kenny has to explain to his investors that their investment is locked in and he can't give them back their cash. Likely also telling them he needs more cash from them otherwise there is a very good chance they will lose it all... when Shitadel is liquidated.

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