GameStop DRS P∞l Tracker πŸš€ 8/16/2022 πŸ’œ Free Float @ 52.31%, Full Float @ 28.23%

  1. Just submitted the transfer request to ComputerShare for the last of my GME shares from my Vanguard brokerage this morning. Tick tock.

  2. Waiting for my computer share letter for my first transfer of 360 shares. Will be followed by a 2nd transfer once they’ve settled.

  3. DRS Pool Tracker shows retail investors directly registering GameStop Corp. shares. The rockets show the free float and technical free float percentages that have been transferred and directly registered by GME holders. The first rocket shows the 'free float' which removes shares of insiders, institutions, mutual funds, and ETFs from all shares outstanding. This rocket shows our progress LOCKING the remaining shares of the company. The second rocket only removes insiders as the previously mentioned shares could be sold on the MOASS runup.

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