The SEC charged by the Inspector General

  1. I am pleasantly surprised that that any form of government is holding the SEC accountable. I would like to kindly remind apes to keep their complaints as professional and detailed as possible.

  2. What are the chances of the SEC and former employee (Tracey L. McNeil) being subpoenaed and tried? It's (been) time to hold people accountable for their actions/inactions.

  3. Senator chuck grassley and the whistleblower protection act is who we should call honestly They will take our calls

  4. Unfortunately this looks like abit of a nothingburger where they potentially? go after just one person and blame everything on this ombudsman. Then say the SEC is now purged and clean and they were solid after everything crashes.

  5. IMO and as usual, this will go nowhere. GG will just come out and say that SEC is aware and looking into the allegations. In the end, if they have throw someone under the bus, no biggy... but the GGs won't be affected.

  6. Superstonk is modern day effective journalism. Is it perfect? No but it’s better than 99.9% of the journalism/investigations put forth in the modern day.

  7. The report doesn’t name the former ombudsman but it points directly to portions of annual reports between 2017 and 2021 that were prepared by Tracey L. McNeil, the agency’s first ombudsman. McNeil was appointed in 2014 and left the SEC in April.

  8. It's also mostly faceless. How do you threaten, smear and corrupt individuals that are anonymous? It's an enemy they've never faced.

  9. I rarely upvote comments but you are an upstanding citizen and I'm very glad you're on our side. Take my upvote, they're golden lol

  10. Well well well, looks like we can get some exposure on the injustice short term till mainstream media comes out in full force to say..SEC is doing what it always has, a pillar of our society and safeguarding the system.

  11. Wait, that weird veiled threat Friday, about snuffing out crime and holding actual people accountable, does that apply to the SEC??

  12. I surely hope so, those fuckers got to pay like the rest of the gang they're actively providing cover for

  13. End of the year seems like a very short timeframe for something like this. End of the decade is likely, i’ll hope for end of next year, and be happily surprised if proven wrong!

  14. More like in the ballpark of 75 weeks for good ol Gensler. It’s ok, they’re probably too busy making another video shitting all over retail investors. Give him some more time.

  15. So essentially all us apes that called and reported crimes/tips/fraud to the SEC were not reported properly and logged in as required by law. Falsifying information and federal documents

  16. Read the story.. It's appalling and yet no one is held accountable. I'm telling you, until muther fudgers land in jail nothing will change.

  17. Agreed, “charged” is right in OP’s title and it has a specific meaning when you’re talking about crime/the legal system.

  18. How can someone who is charged be allowed to make rules that oversees the markets… how is this not considered a conflict of interest….

  19. Nothing burger. GG must be putting pressure on powerful players for you to be slandering him here for something that happened before his time. Nice.

  20. The more anti GG crap I see the more I think he’s doing something for us. How the FUCK does Hester the retail molester have a job at the SEC? If anyone should resign it’s her first. Her MO is crystal clear

  21. Love how the short text in this post leaves almost the entire article out, but has to mention that "GG knew" when it actually happened before his time. The fact that he knew could either be irrelevant because he wasn't in charge when it happened or could mean that he has been helping provide the evidence about it.

  22. I'm still disappointed by that bullshit. Less about the Mods trying to control the narrative and deeming themselves an authority over thousands of people by deciding 'what is and isnt relevant' -More towards the true retards who can't see how fucking problematic that is.

  23. August 29, 2022 Investigative Summary Findings Related to the Former SEC Ombudsman The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigated anonymous allegations that the former SEC Ombudsman provided false statements to OIG auditors regarding the SEC’s Tips, Complaints, and Referral (TCR) program, and that the former Ombudsman violated SEC Regulation (SECR) 3-2 (TCR Intake Policy) by failing to enter TCRs in accordance with SEC policy. We found that the former Ombudsman misrepresented facts in a written response to an OIG draft management letter related to TCR practices by the Office of the Ombudsman. The former Ombudsman’s written response to the OIG letter was in direct contravention to what the former Ombudsman conveyed to the OIG during its engagement with the former Ombudsman on the TCR program, what we confirmed through TCR records, and what we learned from the Office of the Ombudsman’s staff. Additionally, the former Ombudsman approved a spreadsheet provided to the OIG containing fourteen TCR entries that were purportedly entered by staff within the Office of the Ombudsman, which was inaccurate and misleading. We found that ten of the fourteen TCRs presented in the spreadsheet did not originate within the Office of the Ombudsman, were not related to Ombudsman matters, nor were they entered into the TCR system by Office of the Ombudsman staff. We also found that the former Ombudsman violated SECR 3-2 by failing to enter TCRs on investor matters received by the Office of the Ombudsman that warranted entry. Moreover, the former Ombudsman directed staff within the Office of the Ombudsman to refer investors to enter their own TCRs on matters related to alleged securities law violations or fraud, rather than entering the matters into the TCR system or forwarding the matters to a TCR point of contact, as SECR 3-2 requires. Finally, we found that the former Ombudsman presented vignettes in the Ombudsman’s Annual Reports to the Congress that were potentially misleading. In the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 – 2020 Annual Reports to Congress, the Ombudsman presented the vignettes as individual Ombudsman matters and activities. However, the former Ombudsman told us that the vignettes were in fact hypothetical or composite descriptions of Office of the Ombudsman matters. After the OIG pointed out this discrepancy to the former Ombudsman in 2021, the former Ombudsman added language to the Ombudsman’s Annual Report for FY 2021 clarifying that the vignettes presented were simplified or composite descriptions of investor complaints.

  24. Wow. It’s really cool to see that one person in the government does their job. Even if their job is to charge a single person with lying and/or falsified documents and such. Most probably with the hope that we will all be satisfied and go home er offline. Now if we could just get the one guy that likes to WORK to put an end to the blatant stealing of the wealth of this nation, or rather the few crumbs we have left then yea that would be great.

  25. It's been said the entire government and wall Street will die hand in hand lying through their teeth. Glad to see a new sheriff

  26. GG has 150 million in the bank. Why would we ever think he was on our side? He is part of the .05% and will always side with his masters. Corruption is a part of human nature, as is greed.

  27. Tracey McNeil used to work for the MetLife group, so I’m sure she has strong ties to Wall Street. We should all be digging into her past to understand why she failed our country. Was she just inept or was there criminal negligence

  28. Inspector general being forced to investigate something eh? don't worry, he'll sweep it under the carpet soon enough. There is no justice for us with the SEC, inspector general, DOJ, Congress, et all. We are the justice now. Fuck these criminals.

  29. This is definitely an avenue we should pursue but I wouldn’t expect much from these agencies. I’ve been reporting a serial embezzler that heads the HR department at my job to the OIG and FBI for a few years now and they ain’t done shit.

  30. Peter Strozk's wife is the head of SEC's "Enforcement Division", one of the top spots on the SEC. Just think about that for a little bit and come to your own conclusions.

  31. why does your post insinuate GG is complicit, when the article explicitly states that it was the former Ombudsmen

  32. Personally I still think GG is on our side, but it's not easy to fix this shit show. With those resign hit pieces by WSJ few weeks back and now this, just after SEC proposed rule changess on swaps among other things, etc seems sketchy.

  33. Pepperidge Farm remembers the hype when we found out GG was joining the SEC. We thought he was going to be on our side but it makes me wonder if when he got there, even maybe for the right reasons, he got “backstage” access to privy information and is stuck on the ugly side of things. They’re not locked in there with him, he’s locked in there with them.

  34. Not surprised, but will be surprised if anything is done. Of course, the former SEC Ombudsman no longer works there, so they can't fired her.

  35. So instead of complaints "falling through the cracks", they're being "flushed down the toilet" instead. Is that really eco-friendly?

  36. Not surprised because the SEC is the DTCC's scapegoat and anytime they are in the spotlight the SEC is in the papers...the SEC covers for the DTCC ..let me know when the DTCC is finally charged for something I have seen the incompetence of the SEC on blast for years I want the DTCC charged

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