if this was discussed im sorry i didnt see it. why the tank at the end?!

  1. It pretty much followed the overall market trend the last hour. This was all right after the rate hike was announced an hour before close

  2. That’s because all the companies suddenly have bad fundamental, then good fundamental, then suddenly decided they all have bad fundamental at the same time.

  3. When your collateral tanks you have no other option but tank the idiosyncratic risk stock at any cost even by committing crime

  4. On FOMC days, there are frequently a legged pattern based on the news. If the news is considered "bad" you get a 3 legged movement of down, up & back down. If the news is "good" you get a 3 legged movement of up, down & back up. That has repeated throughout history on FOMC days and like today, can be pretty dramatic.

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