Let the big dawg eat

  1. I think we are at the point where if this shit does happen, all the none believers should face a permanent tattooed consequence as well. I mean… I want no part in this but would love to watch.

  2. oooh i like this one. someone remember this one too. im just a dumb ape who cant remember whats tomorrow

  3. Yes! I’ve been looking for that post you that speak of. Can’t remember who did it but basically showed that T+69 was more reliable than the OPEX stuff.

  4. If you draw a line from the bottom Feb 2021 along the bottom of Mid-May, you could hypothesize that this it the point at which people start buying again and we bounce up to the hedge death line, which I'm guessing today would be around the $40 mark. We get up over $40 now, hedgies start to freak. The lines I've drawn show the bottom buy line and the hedgie death line converge March 1st-ish. But I think October is going to drop that mentos in the coke and blast off.

  5. TA is nonsense and shows what's happened not what's happening. People DO believe in TA so traders use it to time their trades. Since people believe it and trade on it "professionals" use it and write algorithms to use and manipulate it. TA becomes a self fulfilling prophesy so in effect TA is real.

  6. Oooooooh, this is spicy. We usually call fridays fuck you fridays over at work cause our boss tends to gives us a bigger workload, but I like ya cut g, this may not be a fuck you friday

  7. I'm guessing that the $24 is the bounce mark tomorrow. Its just the line from the $38($9ish) bottom in Feb of 2021 traced to the other bottoms.

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