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  1. Leaving up, because I don't want to stifle options discussion BUT. OP, you need to remove your strike. This is no different then showing positions. You can say OTM or ITM on 10/14 but the full position is not allowed. I'll give you a few hours to remove it before I remove this post.

  2. Guys, gamma ramp talk is for suckers. Anybody who believes we are gonna jump-start MOASS by playing options hasn't lost enough money trying. If that was going to work, it would have already! You can't sneak up on our designated market maker because they're going to process (and internalize, and FTD) your order.

  3. Not what I said. I said the gamma ramp would lead to more people buying options which can either lead GME up, where people can then exercise those options and DRS, or down, where even more people buy GME shares and continue to DRS them. This is literally the definition of a win win situation.

  4. That’s exactly why I prefaced that section specifically referring to that one gambling community. All of us can agree that even if options is a scam and the stock price continues to fall and they continue to give the SHFs more money on premiums, that means a bigger discount for us and a much faster rate of shares being DRSed. Downvote me all you want, but that’s a fact.

  5. Bro what. Been holding since February of 2021. 76 shares DRSed. I’m not suggesting you buy options. I’m telling you that other people definitely will.

  6. I get why, I’m not exactly advocating for them, but at this point in the story I think that the gambling sub can be our ally when it comes to either making the price cheaper or exercising options for the purpose of DRS. It’s a win win no matter which way you look at it.

  7. Or maybe GameStop has negative earnings every quarter and are burning through their cash reserves and investors are pulling out. Just saying

  8. I’m looking at today’s chart for 10/14 26c and I don’t see where your call value diverged from the stock. There was only 1 call bought or sold in the last 75 mins of trading, and it was up from the bottom. Other than that, it sank all day.

  9. I can send you a screenshot of my purchase at $161 and the stock price dropping as my call rose to $190. IV clearly rose.

  10. I am waiting to see how the Elliotwaves-guys "calculations" play out. He has been speaking about $22. His waves have been quite on spot!

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