Who has the best french fries in town?

  1. Za'atar fries with thoom or tatziki to dip it in.. if you're feeling extra jiggly, add a side of chicken schwarma and dump it over the top. Bulbul in liverpool

  2. Off topic, but how's the actual shawarma there? Do you know if it's authentic? There used to be a shop by the original Brooklyn Pickle that was decent but that closed, and as far as shawarma goes, the Baghdad place in Salt City Market is pretty terrible. I miss good shawarma lol

  3. For the record they stole their french fries from a place called Gino’s Steak and Onion in Fayetteville, good cheesesteaks. Also owner of Pressroom isnt a great guy. But Frank the chef is an awesome dude.

  4. Fish Cove in N Syracuse with their bang bang sauce for dipping. I go there even though I'm on Tipp Hill and near Fish Cove in Westvale.

  5. The Texas fries from alto cinco are amazing. They are thick cut and come with a spicy ketchup that is amazing

  6. Red Robin has sweet potato fries, zucchini fries, steak fries and garlic fries. Endless fries with meal. I have tried all but the garlic fries. The other ones are very delicious!

  7. Fish Cove in Shop City. No one ever remembers fish places. It's all takeout, and you won't have to pay the pretentiousness surcharge of an Instagrammable place, but they have great fries. And a head shop next door.

  8. Anywhere but blarney- seems more and more restaurants have been ordering those cheap battered ones where 90% of the fry is coating and zero potato. I don’t know how else to explain it but maybe someone else can help

  9. I really enjoy Blarneys fries I can't think of another place that does battered fries like them. If we are talking bottom tier fries Good Buddies takes the cake. Take your freezer burnt crinkle cut fries out of here.

  10. I can't attest to how authentic it is (I have very limited schwarma experience to be honest) but it usually comes out with good flavor and the edges are nice and crispy which is my favorite part. I have had the schwarma at the market and I was not a big fan of it there. It tasted bland and dry which I was surprised about.

  11. Peachtree sandwich company in dewitt. I dip them in the Alabama white sauce or the comeback sauce. So good.

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