Thanks, I hate snake

  1. I thought the snake was holding a screw or plug or something. Ended up sending to friend asking if they understood it.

  2. You could not pay me a million dollars to stick my dick in a horny snakes mouth. Purely because what if the fangs just go. Uh oh now my dick is poisoned. No fuck that. If it gets too bad they'll gave to amputated it and then. Uh oh no dick.

  3. Help. My pet snake actually bit me. My penis has swollen a bit and turned black. I tried to suck out the venom but my pp is too small. I got my dad to try and suck the venom out, but he slipped and dropped his pants and accidentally landed on it ass first. My grandma saw what happened, and being the sensible grandma she is, she cut off my black cock because it was the natural thing a racist grandma would do. What should I do now?

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