Should I feel guilty for using automatically graded Google forms as assessments?

  1. Once you have 150 students the state and county is forcing you to cut corners and deliver worse instruction in order to preserve your personal time. I only use auto-graded multiple choice tests for this very reason. It's just not realistic to pay me 44,000 and expect me to work more than 40 hrs a week. You have to cut somewhere. Also, it's what the voters chose. If they want better instruction they need to go to the poles and choose leaders that will create an environment that is conducive to that.

  2. Yes this. I use zipgrade and do a bunch of multiple choice. Do I make them as critical thinking as I can? Yes. But in the end I teach 6 preps for a total of 7 classes. I dont have time to grade and make plans and teach.

  3. Every kid at my school knows how to go into the html coding and see all the answers on google form quizzes. The only way around this is to not do the answer key until every kid has taken the quiz.

  4. Lol based on my kids grades I don’t think they’re doing that 😅😅 lucky we use go guardian too so I would see if they were doing anything weird

  5. You could set it up as a normal Google Form and then use Google Sheets to grade it. They wouldn't be able to see that.

  6. I've used Google's autograding for YEARS. I was writing and grading multiple choice questions by hand anyway, Scantron's been around for years and years, where do your colleagues get off?

  7. Automated grading is the only reason I'm on top of my grading. Do NOT feel guilty. If they wanted you to provide quality, extensive feedback, they would give you a reasonable work load.

  8. For real? Is making one of those old school master keys where you fold the paper hotdog style and put it up against the tests to make easy grading cheating? The goal is to provide quick feedback of assessment. If you can use technology to give kids feedback on how they do in a timely, nay instant fashion, you deserve props, not guilt.

  9. Fellow language teacher here. Autograded tests and quizzes can absolutely fit into the spectrum of acquisition-driven instruction. It all depends on what and how you're assessing. Many of my colleagues rely on GoFormative or Peardeck to do automated grading while being acquisition-driven instructors.

  10. You can put paragraph style questions in google forms but assign 0 points. Then dont show the point value to students. They will do the work but you dont have to grade the paragraph questions.

  11. Why would you ever feel bad about being efficient? Literally every other job praises efficiency…so should ours

  12. I teach high school math and use Schoology (and sometimes Google forms) auto graded assessments to prep and grade 1 assignment every single day for 3 completely different courses. I carefully choose and word my own questions. It's a win-win: students get instant feedback, and I get to spend time helping them and teaching rather than grading.

  13. Your colleague can fuck right off. Using Google Forms for grading can give students instant feedback. It’s a tool. I’m sure it’s not the only way you assess.

  14. So they want you to feel bad about automating your test to get the grading done sooner in the final weeks of school when you’re packed with events and need to have grades in before summer kicks off?

  15. I'm in a similar boat and this is something I have struggled with my entire career. There's what is best for my students, and what I have time for. The fact is, your class sizes are too large for you to do your job properly and teach those kids. You can't do it.

  16. Why would you feel guilty. This is a terrific way to get a quick daily (or weekly) type of grade. It is also fairly easy to cheat on unless you are watching all the screens but for a small daily grade that isn't a big deal.

  17. Auto grading is perfectly fine. For a huge amount of the work we do, it will give your students equivalent feedback. It's not like you can do personalised feedback on a hundred assessments each week.

  18. I have almost 200 students and I do everything possible to limit my grading. We grade quizzes in class (pass quiz to your neighbour), and I have written my tests so that about half of the problems can be instantly graded by our content delivery system. I can't get out of hand grading lab reports, so I take every opportunity to reduce my workload. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing.

  19. No ... personally I love teacher made for this because I can take my word documents and pdfs, up load them, and then it self grades too.

  20. I love teacher made too! But unfortunately a lot of my kids have limited access chrome books and can only access Google sites

  21. Oh no no no! Prep means a section. So I teach French 1-5, as in 5 different courses, but 7 classes all together. I only have 1 40 minute prep period a day.

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