Asked to remove pride flag.

  1. Apologies if this suggestion has been posted (I didn't see it scrolling through the comments), but what about adding a small plaque under it making it explicit that this is a memorial for the people lost in the nightclub attack?

  2. Take the flag and write a positive word like the ones in PBIS or SEL in each color. IE respect, mindfulness, perseverance etc. (Bonus points if you have the words match the first letter of the color)

  3. Our school values are actually CALLED “PRIDE” and each letter corresponds to a value: Perseverance Respect Integrity Diversity Equity

  4. It's Florida. My district in Florida banned all SEL and my previous district banned one SEL curriculum for even hinting that a character may be LGBT in the SEL stories. sigh

  5. I don’t love this actually. Pride shouldn’t have to apologize for being pride, or shift to accommodate bigots. Boot up for some good trouble and let the bigots be bigots.

  6. Fun fact: the original pride flag (with 8 colors) had virtuous meanings for every color. You can go check Wikipedia for the meaning of the 6 colors still present and use those ones!

  7. Put up a First Responder ("thin red line") or POW/MIA flag next to the rainbow flag. MAKE THEM display their bias out in the open when they ask you to take rainbow flag down. If they ask you to take down all of them ask why they are against supporting veterans and first responders.

  8. I actually think this the best answer. You don't even have to be petty. If they just don't allow ANY flags then it is what it is. If they make you take down a flag you have up in remeberence of the pulse shooting alone it speaks volumes.

  9. I agree. Make them explain to the students why that flag cannot be there. All too often administrators sit in their ivory towers and put teachers in the middle of their bad decisions. They’d like to gaslight you into believing they’re “delegating” but that’s a load of manure.

  10. Then when Ass. Principal Shitbag comes to take it down, "alright, class, AP Shitbag is here to talk to us about the difference between integrity and cowardice; he will be using the removal of this flag as a demonstration. AP Shitbag, you have the floor."

  11. Not a teacher but as someone who is bisexual (and personally is also a very petty person) there are a lot of variations of pride flags, so just put up a different pride flag each time they ask you to take it down out of malicious compliance. No this is not the 6 rainbow pride flag put up the Daniel Quasar pride flag. Put up the queer anarchy flag when that doesn't work. And when they request that down put up a poster of David Bowie. Just put something new up each time they ask you to take it down.

  12. For real. I'm tired of the obsession with having like three American flags in every class. I sure as hell don't feel all that proud looking at it as an American these days

  13. There’s me going from 0-100 and jumping right to taking down the American flag. Outside of a social studies classroom, I’m not sure why they’re in classrooms to begin with.

  14. This happened to us. We had to remove it because apparently we couldn't have students remove the Confederate flags from their apparel and promote the gay pride flag. Apparently they are equivalent to each other. I don't agree with it, but the school was worried about a lawsuit from a redneck who said the flag offended him. Actually he said we were trying to shove homosexuality down his throat.

  15. Friendly reminder that gay marriage has lasted longer than the Confederacy. (And also did not lead armed rebellion against the government of the US)

  16. I don't know why these anti-gay people spend so much time thinking about things being shoved down their throats.

  17. We were told yesterday in a faculty meeting that we can do nothing about kids wearing "Let's Go Brandon" shirts. So I guess that means I can keep my pride flag!

  18. Had a student from last year come into my room and tell me that it meant a lot to her because she had two moms. Even though she only ever saw the flag through Zoom during distance learning. It can mean so much to some students and I'm sorry you have to choose.

  19. Tell them you’ll take it down when Ron walks into your classroom and takes it down himself.

  20. Maybe you could put up a sign where the flag once was that lists the flag colors and say it’s a spelling reference chart if asked.

  21. I was thinking about doing individual flags for each of the colors and arrange them in the order of the rainbow. I'm not sure how petty I want to get just yet, I do have a mortgage to pay.

  22. Ask them, in email so it is written, what exactly is political about the flag and what they fear it represents.

  23. Any chance you can create a fictional student who needs a pride flag for their 504 accommodation?

  24. Hell, get real students to do it. When Ass Principal Shitbag shows up to take the flag and justify his shitbaggery, encourage the class to make appointments with the counselor to get a 504.

  25. How about painting a Pride Flag under your real Flag, if they take it down they, they are staring at another one, and will have to re-paint to get rid of it. Just a subtle FU.

  26. Ask them the reasons they want you to take it down in an email so that you have evidence generally if someone's being insulting or bigoted asking them to explain that can make them quite uncomfortable to the point where they back off. Not always but often.

  27. I'm also in Orlando. Tell them if they have a problem they can fire you- they're not going to and if they do we're hurting for people all over, you'll get a job.

  28. I would 100% have them fire me before I took it down. I know not everyone is in that position though.

  29. Omg, I have this dope ACLU flag I got at pride a few years ago. It is the Wisconsin state flag with a front and back side to the usual emblem. Behind the shield the two men are holding hands! 💜

  30. Our Board of Ed recently voted to ban pride flags in classrooms. I'm wearing a rainbow ribbon on my lanyard but it's hard times over here, too :/

  31. I know that they say teachers need to be apolitical, but I think that’s bullshit. I will not tell my kids who I support in general, but if a politician is saying that a group of people don’t deserve equal rights, I will absolutely tell call it out with my students. If a politician says something racist, homophobic, sexist, I will say I disagree with that. If a politician is caught lying or being corrupt, we’ll talk about that. My students are never going to hear me be silent when a politician is speaking hatred.

  32. Alternatively, Anybody that puts up any other flag, or American flag variant, tell them immediately it must be removed. No thin blue lines, no black and grey, no stars and bars...

  33. Without ruffling feathers ask for the reason in writing. If given one, consider what they wrote and calculate your own response. Follow through, make every decoration rainbow theme, wear rainbow when possible, wear the pin everyday??? Etc...

  34. Rainbow flag comes down. Black and white "shades of grey rainbow" flag goes up. Literally every thing else in the room becomes rainbows. Pass out rainbow pencils to students. Get a rainbow candy bowl and try to find rainbow candies that are individually wrapped for giving out. Hang crystals where they'll catch the sunlight and refract it into rainbows.

  35. School resource officer has a face mask with it on it, wonder what the policy on that is? Make it make sense.

  36. Funny story. I’m an art teacher, and I took down the flag because I was using the flag pole to start a clothes line for some fabric dying we were doing. I didn’t want to accidentally dye the American flag purple…. Well the superintendent came in that day. And made a point to tell the principal that the art teacher doesn’t have an American flag in her room…. OOPS 😬

  37. Just wait until they ban lessons on the visible light of the electro magnetic spectrum because it will trigger the homophobes.

  38. You could create rainbows elsewhere in your room. The cups of highlighters go in rainbow order - ditto colored pencils and markers. If each class gets folders, first period gets red, second gets orange, third gets yellow, etc. Naturally, the folders need to be stored in color-coordinated crates/holders.

  39. I teach kindergarten. Rainbows (not the flag I know) are hugely popular. Teacher supply stores and of course Amazon sell rainbow themed everything. I would buy something like SEL or something for your subject that just happens to have rainbows.

  40. Yea, this is terrible. Something similar happened at our school. We were told to political flags…which for some stupid reason included a pride flag.

  41. I’m really glad you asked this so I can see responses, I’m a first year teacher and I’m planning on getting a pride flag to put alongside all of my other decor/flags/posters etc, and I was wondering if I’d get pushback. I’m near new to the state, near Orlando but not Orange County so I’m not sure about the general vibe yet, though I’m aware of the political things that are making school pretty hostile. My “theme” is already rainbow/holographic/shiny stuff lol, so I’m honestly thinking of just saying “it goes with my theme” if questioned. I haven’t ordered it yet so it won’t be on display for open house, hopefully that quells most of the issues I may face, unless some kid has a problem and “snitches”

  42. Orlando can’t afford to lose any teachers over something this ridiculous. There are 12 pages worth of instructional jobs in Orange County. DO YOU and leave the flag up.

  43. Remember that desantis asked GOPOS would be happier without professional educated teachers. That's why their strategy is to maker teachers miserable then replace them with barely trained relatives of veterans or whatever. Rich donors want cheap uneducated workers, not happy informed citizens, and actual critical thinking it's an evidential threat. Deep down, we want to think they can't afford to lose teachers, but they would be just as happier with cheap parroting replacements.

  44. I love telling people they can come take it down. Any sign poster anything. You can and when the kids ask I tell the person I'm going to tell them who.

  45. Take the flag down but...coincidentally put up construction paper (y'all still use that?) randomly throughout the classroom, in straight lines, that may or may not mimic the colors of the pride flag. [wink wink].

  46. I slapped up a few flags in very visible places and don't take them down. If I get asked to take them down I just won't. What are they gonna do, lose a physics teacher over it? Plus, I can call it advertising for the school pride club, since other club sponsors have stuff up too

  47. Ok, so like…I’ve been talking to a few colleagues about this. I’m sticking to my budget classroom decor. Also Floridian here - but like…bordering on some of the hills have eyes junk.

  48. Well, if they do come and take it down have a cup of rainbow pencils on your desk. Rainbow erasers to handout. Rainbow stickers for assignments turned in or whatever. Just spitballing, but little insidious reminders can seep through the cracks as well.

  49. I have a few mini pride flags I display, but if I was told to remove them, I’d just replace them with a bunch of rainbows. “Rainbows make me happy, and I want to be happy when I teach.”

  50. Red state here... I opted for rainbow decor because the bigoted parents are a legitimate threat here. :[

  51. My last school made us take down Black Lives Matter stickers because a parent complained. At a school where the very few students of color are being called the N word by other students. Their argument was: “if we let you put this up, we have to let people put up Proud Boys stickers”. We’re told take down or face disciplinary action. The principal ended up coming to remove when staff was not in their rooms 🙃

  52. Grrrr. I'd be wearing BLM shirts, lanyards, and pins every day after my stickers were removed by admin. I'd hand out more stickers to the kids, and let them put them wherever they wanted to . . . .

  53. I was given a small Pride flag at the beginning of June this year by two of my queer students. You bet your ass it's going to be up all-year-round, just like my US flag...

  54. If you have shelves in your classroom you can use different color binders to make the flag on the shelf a la Brooklyn 99.

  55. The symbol is less important than your work, but you need to make sure that it is widely known how you were forced to take it down. Temperamentally, teachers are expected to be spineless before tenure. Most of your equity work should be underground and quiet, fascists in your state are looking for targets and would be happiest with you removed from your post.

  56. I have some vinyl “safe space” stickers I made for my office space after someone decided it was appropriate to remove paper copies (company sponsored) safe space posters and post Bible verses in their place. I would be willing to send you some if you’d like to sticker bomb the school!

  57. I don't have anything to add to the suggestions already given but I'm going to be starting at UCF later this month and I'm already looking at ways to get out of this state as soon as I graduate. I don't want to teach here for a single day if I can avoid it.

  58. I’m student teaching this semester in Orange County and I was shocked to see everyone show up to the first day of pre-planning with rainbow lanyards, pride shirts, and proudly show their pride stickers on their doors. I have gotten so lucky to be at this school. My supervising teacher said “this is [school name]. This is how we do it here. We support all of our students”

  59. I don’t have a pride flag up, but as our GSA advisors I have lots of other rainbow, trans, bi flag colored things. So far so good. I swear I’d get a tattoo on my forearm if they ever made me take stuff down.

  60. Keep it up til they physically remove you from the building. If they take it down with out your consent, put up another. Provide the space you and your kids feel safe in. Be who your kids need, the admin/board have no idea what you teach let alone what is on your walls.

  61. Don’t take it down. That’s what they’re counting on. And your queer kids will know you’re a safe place. It is your job to make the marginalized kiddos feel safe. If they want it down they can come take it down. I used to take my American flag down because the school I was at was predominantly Black and Brown kids. ICE would do raids all the time so many of my kids parents where held in detention centers and then deported. My kids were beat and handcuffed many times by ICE. The American flag was not a freedom symbol to my kids. Instead it was a symbol of who took their parents away. So I took the flag down. And many mornings I would come into my classroom to find it back up. So eventually I bought as many different counties flags as I could starting with Mexico and put them up all along the wall that way I had the flag up but also had like 20 different flags up. Including the pride flag/progress flag. The rest of the History department followed suit and between us all we had almost every countries flag represented in our hall.

  62. Or do what I did and turn it into a curtain for my door to block the glass for lockdown safety. And then I made a pillow out of another for my alternative seating. And made sure all my posters are done in rainbow colors "to make them easier to find information" and my table caddies are rainbow colors to differentiate teams easier. And ...

  63. You can come take it down. (If students are not present when it happens let admin know that you will tell the truth if asked why it’s gone.)

  64. Tell ‘em to get fucked, hang it anyways because you have ethics, and start job searching. It’s firmly against my ethics (and morals) to be told I can’t show support for marginalized groups.

  65. I don’t think it’s particularly appropriate to have in the classroom. It is, no matter how much you want to spin it any other way, a political statement.

  66. Not really. With that logic, so is the American Flag but yet it’s still in the room. The LGBTQ+ flag is an inclusion flag, meaning your teacher supports you if you’re LGBTQ+, and not every child has a supportive home in that sense.

  67. All of this is political. People have strong feelings on both sides. I don’t want any kind of sexual content or political taught to my impressionable young children. If I come in your room and see a pride flag or a BLM flag, I know that you are a liberal. Parents shouldn’t know that about you.

  68. This is just a very out of touch response. Everything about schools, school districts, and educational systems is political. Literally down to why some schools have no money for pencils and why some schools have enough money to provide every single student with 1:1 technology. So what do we do with that?

  69. Had this happen to me during virtual learning a couple years back. I had small BLM and Human Rights Campaign "posters" in my virtual classroom. Had an email forwarded to me by my principal where a parent had contacted them claiming I was alienating children of law enforcement and was providing links to a website with directions on how to get hormone replacement therapy. The principal was so confused and just asked me to remove the stuff.

  70. Right… unfortunately the rest of don’t live in lala fantasy land with you. We live in the real world. The real world is very homophobic by design, so therefore pride flags need to be displayed as a form inclusivity. Class dismissed.

  71. It doesn't really work anymore when a sitting Supreme Court judge has literally stated he thinks gay marriage and sexual relations should no longer be protected at the federal level...

  72. The rainbow God made - awesome ! Teachers stop with the political crap. It is not your place. No wonder people think you’re groomers. Listen to what you’re saying.

  73. Says who? I know plenty of religious people who support LGBTIQ rights (love thy neighbour, after all) and several gay practicing Christians. There are over 2billion Christians on this planet according to Google, they are not a homogenous mass with identical beliefs.

  74. Are you trying to leave? I’m a former orlando teacher who left the field in November and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I can help you if you need it - my job is hiring and it’s a huge upgrade in every way! If not I wish you all the best this year ❤️

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