What’s the weirdest/most uncomfortable place you’ve bumped into a colleague, student, parent or ex-student?

  1. I had this, tho I encountered him on the way in. He went, 'alright miss?' with a huge grin. He was a naughty one at school, but cheeky rather than malicious, and I'd enjoyed teaching him. Nevertheless, did not detract from how mortified I felt as I was definitely drunk as me and my girl friends had been giggle-screeching in the queue prior to me noticing him. He delighted in asking me for ID. I was 33 at the time. Cringe.

  2. Throwing my ass in a circle at a nightclub. I was just dancing away when I heard “Miss… did you used to teach at [insert school name]?”

  3. A students mum had to change my dressing daily for two months (well nearly daily, she had some days off) when I had a perianal abscess drained and stuffed with sorbsan to stop it healing over and leaving a recess. Yeah. We just pretended it never happened at parents evening

  4. Staff went out drinking and the barman turned out to be a former pupil of mine. He was actually really excited about it and insisted on giving us rounds of free shots which, at the time, made him an absolute legend. Sadly I ended up utterly ruined and was cringing so, so hard the next day - especially since he'd told me how he was still in touch with loads of the class. Thankfully I left him a hefty tip.

  5. The friend of a student of mine thought it would be HILARIOUS to trip me over when I ran into them in McDonalds. My student went white as a sheet because he knew he could get it in the neck the next day... which he did!

  6. I bumped into a former student about 2 years after I'd taught him. He was working on the checkouts at B&Q. He recognised me first and was very polite. I'm sorry to say I'd forgotten his name - but in my defense I'd only taught him for 6 months before Covid struck.

  7. When I was a foreign language assistant I bumped into my lead teacher at the cinema the day I pulled a sicky.

  8. Bra shopping in Debenhams… plus she was in my current class at the time. Mortifying, luckily I was fully clothed at the time!

  9. i was buying kitchen knives from TK Maxx and a student served me AND asked for ID even after she clarified she recognised me and told me she hated me because during a cover lesson i had moved her away from her friends lmao

  10. I've had 2 - a students parent wanted to have a chat about their child was I was buying a bottle of whiskey (as a gift, I swear) in Asda. Cue me just standing there holding the bottle for 10 minutes as they wouldn't let me escape.

  11. A student's mum did my C-section. As I was going into the operating theatre (after 17 hours of labour), she was asking all about our headteacher ( who had been made to leave under strange secretive circumstances) and trying to get all the gossip.

  12. It was only after I’d gone into chapter and verse about all the gross gory bits of pregnancy to the midwife at the early pregnancy unit, that she said “I thought I recognised you, you were Cameron’s favourite teacher!” 😳

  13. I was buying some cream for a ‘feminine itch’ at a pharmacy. Turned around and one of my current sixth form students was waiting behind me with her mum..!🙈

  14. The nudist beach - luckily it was a work colleague about a week before I started my PGCE, but it drove home the fact that I wouldn't be able to go there anymore.

  15. A teacher friend was in adult establishment involving dancing. A dancer came up to him and said, hello Mr (surname). He was mortified.

  16. Outside my front door, getting out of my car. I was off sick for pregnancy related issues, so wasn’t in school. My husband (also getting out of the car) went “there’s a kid over there that’s just called your name”, sure enough one of the kids from my form had spotted me and came over for a little chat (and to grass on how badly behaved the form were being in my absence). I have no idea what he was doing on my street - he lives nowhere near me!

  17. I left a school in February this year, and in August one of my old Year 7s saw me at a family party (I had no idea his dad is one of my cousins friends) and I was a state. I’d been there literally all day, it was about 11pm, and I’d had multiple cocktails and baby Guinnesses, and just came out of the toilet after throwing up to a very cheery “Hi, Sir!” from him and my cousins kid (also in year 7 at that school 😂)

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