Who’s your main and who do you struggle against most?

  1. Main: Chloe. And I struggle most vs Kazuya. Because his kick animation triggers me, his flying kick animation, it tilts me, it doesn't make sense to me that you're pretty much lying on the floor, his fly kick has his leg POINTING DIAGONALLY UPWARDS and he STILL HITS YOU WITH IT!!

  2. Main lee and play nina and jin on the side. Im just plain bad vs akuma and still struggle against lei. Just dont have too much experience against those characters so i get washed when i get matched up against good ones.

  3. I just got back into the game after a 4 year hiatus and main Asuka since I like playing defensively.

  4. Kuni is a bit harder because she has a lot of mixups. But for Noctis, you can sidestep a lot of his gimmicks, and he crumbles under pressure and close-range. If you just started playing, you probably have low rank Noctis players spamming weapons so just sidestep that shit; only his ff1+2 scissors tracks well iirc

  5. I've only been playing for two weeks, so for me it's more or less every character I haven't played against, but generally rushdown characters as I play King and Marduk

  6. down forward 1 is ur bread and butter if u want to surprise them and sweep them. its reach is sneakingly far and a great launcher

  7. Yoshi and I struggle versus Zafina and Feng because their key moves go under all the moves I want to throw out lol.

  8. I main Miguel and I generally struggle against any character I meet less than once a month. Even if I spend a moment to lab bears, yoshi, maven, katarina and the like, everything evaporates by the next time I meet one of them.

  9. Main Steve and I always fucked up against low spamming characters like Dragunov and Feng. Those two are absolute nightmares for me to face.

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