Does anyone play Tetris Ultimate on PS4?

  1. I don’t play Tetris like that, but I got my girlfriend Tetris ultimate on PS4 awhile back and just recently got her Tetris Effect for PS4. She is blown away by Tetris Effect and prefers it heavily over Tetris Ultimate. She can play up to speed level 15 if that helps too.

  2. From every account I've heard, Tetris Effect is a significantly better game. But, I have been repeatedly dissuaded from getting Tetris Ultimate, so take that with a grain of salt.

  3. I got it because it was $5 on the PlayStation Store. I have read terrible reviews about it, unfortunately. It does feel like they've rushed the development and release of the game.

  4. Let's just say Tetris Effect, while coming at a higher price (might also be because it's new though), is a Tetris game that has a lot more interesting things in singleplayer, looks a ton better, and actually runs at a consistant framerate. Because yes, on PC/PS4/Xbox One, Tetris Ultimate lags. A Tetris game suffers from lag spikes in 2014.

  5. Tetris effect imo is better but with a higher price. However, I love games based around music, so I’m probably a bit biased. That being said, I think it’s worth it, at least for me.

  6. When I played Ultimate I noticed the time in which a Tetrimino is "set" (cannot be moved anymore) varied kinda randomly at high levels.

  7. I bought Ultimate as a holdover until I got Effect. It's a very barebones, but functional and generally enjoyable Tetris game. Effect is vastly superior in every way, and I recommend buying it as soon as you can.

  8. Yes I just got it a few days ago :) Does anyone want to add me as friends on PSN so I can get some of the trophies? (For one of the trophies you need to complete 'challenges' which apparently only show when you have a friend that plays the game). Message me if you don't mind me adding you! :)

  9. Can’t find it on the store anymore - what about you guys? Gladly I already bought it like a year ago but a friend of mine wanted to get it too.

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