bulletproof jacket

  1. Soft body armor like that is normally only level IIIA, which is rated to stop handgun rounds up to .44 Magnum. That dumb SOB let his buddy shoot him with a full-on rifle.

  2. To be fair, that jacket could have actually been bullet proof, but most soft armor is only rated for handgun cartridges which are less powerful.

  3. Russian. Ask him to shoot in the middle, but does quite hit the spot. Lots of cursing. Ask him to continue filming and a little later to call for help. True Darwin Awards contestants.

  4. Probably hundreds of people do that every day and we don't know about them, we know about these ones.

  5. I really appreciate their faith in the labeling / advertising of said jacket. Or they are just stupid fucks. Either way, at least he didn’t cry like a little Russian cyka.

  6. "Now, I know what you're thinking. How do I stop some mean motherhubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind?"

  7. A bulletproof vest prevents bullets that are less powerful than it is rated for from penetrating into your body. It does not prevent serious injury. Its still like getting hit by a sledgehammer or worse. Plenty of people have died when shot in a bulletproof vest even when the bullet was stopped by the vest

  8. Yeah, 9mm has about 400 ft-lbs of energy behind that compressed into a space that’s only, well, 9mm, so I believe it

  9. Probably fine. High blood pressure, a good wound, and a little alcohol to thin the blood will make spurts like that. It'll slow down and clot with a little pressure. Still should get medical attention, but he's not gonna bleed out on the spot. Also definitely should've shot the cheek not the crack.

  10. Even a good vest would not stop these. They are designed for handgun rounds not long guns. There would need to be ceramic/steel plate inserts to have a chance here.

  11. I remember some YouTube channel (I think demo ranch) bought a bunch from wish and most of them were just a thin piece of foam in a nylon vest. I don’t even think they were being sold as costume vests either, just a straight up scam, but ig if you believe you can get a decent vest from wish you kinda deserve it lol

  12. My first rifle was a pump action 30-30. Weirdest gun but it did the trick. Got my first deer with it. My dad won it at a Duck's Unlimited event. That's about as American a story as I can think of.

  13. https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/shotguns/rock-island-vrpa40-black-anodized-12-gauge-3in-pump-action-shotgun-20in/p/1621481

  14. In all honesty, as dumb as they were, at least he didn't actually wear it as a jacket and chose to be shot in the ass

  15. Rifle rounds are pointy and move extremely fast. Handgun rounds are flat or curved and move slower. Which is why most vests are at most rated for handguns. This guy received a Darwin Award for that shit.

  16. That looked like an aramid jacket. I couldn’t tell what the rifle was, but most rifles would go straight through aramid. It looks like it stopped it though. What an idiot, what if it shattered his spine

  17. https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/shotguns/rock-island-vrpa40-black-anodized-12-gauge-3in-pump-action-shotgun-20in/p/1621481

  18. Blood like a fountain… yep, there is a severe internal bleeding. Maybe that man is dead. I saw another video of an idiot shooting himself for a bullet proof, and the bullet was hold inside his body. He ded.

  19. “I got the flow, I'm tryin' to see the roof Didn't wear a bulletproof So I got shot and you can see the proof” -Weezy F Baby

  20. I really want to tempt Demitry by showing him my ass....but I don't want it to be too gay...hmm I know yessss this might just work..hahahaha

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