Vape shop employee loses it over customer's pro-Trump attire

  1. Yeah this moment and this moment only in the entire video is why I saved this video. That was like sitcom level shit right there

  2. As someone who worked at a smoke shop around Jan 6th and had to deal with trump supporters yelling at me for wearing a mask so I wouldn't lose my job, and trying to remain as calm as possible while selling them their crap, I feel this moment.

  3. TDS is a gift that keeps on giving. Last time this was posted without the music, and it was funny, but this takes the cake.

  4. Typically I can't stand music in the background. This one just makes it so much better haha!

  5. This is why I hate Political arguments because it always ends in someone from either side screaming like a child.

  6. I have civil political arguments and conversations. If someone screams like a child in a debate then they are a child regardless of age.

  7. I worked nights at a Subway for a while, very much a customer-facing position, and can tell you that the only people who ever tried to start political conversations with me were the ones in MAGA gear. I never engaged with them, which I still think is the proper response. I mean, just pay for your sandwich and get out, y'know? I've got stuff to do.

  8. This is exactly what Republicans have been fighting for for years, they always say businesses should be able to refuse service from anyone. Obviously they didnt think they would be on the receiving end of refusals because they think they are better than everybody else, we should be laughing at them for playing themselves.

  9. The original post when this guy put it on his own social media was much better.. At the end he goes into a vape shop right up the street with a black liberal girl at the counter With both of them discussing how it doesn't matter what side you're on we should all be able to get along and be civilized..

  10. Why is he screeching? Just sell the damn “naked strawberry” vape and he’ll leave. Still gets paid at the end of the day.

  11. As a small business owner, I don’t care what you’re voting for. I want your business because I like money. I don’t have to like you

  12. It’s not even his business though. He’s an employee. The extent to which an employee can refuse to serve an individual on the grounds outside of company policy are entirely up to the business owner sure, but I’m going to lean in favor of the dude rocking the Cheeto mans attire frankly. I mean I’m all for refusing to serve somebody, but unless they are directly violating the policy of the company for which you are employed, then provide them the service you are paid to provide and don’t throw a fit. I doubt the boss would be please to have this kind of publicity towards his business, especially in Tucker GA of all places. Just my perspective as somebody who has lived in GA for ~24 years and knows what kinda folk make up the majority of people in that area…..

  13. Conservatives wanted businesses to be able to pick and choose who they serve. Now that they have it, they piss and moan when it doesn't work out for them.

  14. To me it would be the same as some white dude professing his love for Nickelback through a T-shirt.

  15. It’s really the most caricatured versions of what each side imagines the other side is like. The unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Just cringe from both sides where both sides are being their douchiest forms. Like get a life. Fight for causes you believe are good for this country and humanity instead of blindly rejecting anything because other person is on the other side of the aisle.

  16. I'm a liberal. I loathe trump. I feel sorry for all those people who have been swooned by him. But this man has every right to enter a shop wearing that shirt and the actions of the counter person far exceed what is normal or appropriate. The better move is to be kind, compassionate and in control.

  17. Those of us on the left are tired of being tolerant, now we're just pissed and we're done dealing with idiots that follow trump the cunt

  18. I despise Trump, and I think shirts like that are cringe and gaudy. I'm not gonna throw a temper tantrum like a child over a shirt I think looks dumb.

  19. Lmao why treat someone like this over a political affiliation? Get over yourself and realize your way of thinking isn’t the only one.

  20. What? He does not have the right to refuse service unless he owns the place or that has been previously discussed with the owner. It is not a judgment call from the employee to pick and choose.

  21. Only when every single one of us 99% realize that red or blue matters none will we be able to come together and make changes that will benefit us.

  22. You know you’re a racist when you be talking to an innocent bystander that’s black about healthcare and that he has no problem with him. If you subscribe to a racist ur enabling racism. U a racist.

  23. Well of you wear fascist clothing, you get treated like a damn fascist. Nobody dresses like that unless they are trying to stir up some shit.

  24. Before right wing reddit jumps down my throat, I just wanna point out I voted for Trump twice... And this man could've taken his business anywhere else. Instead he choose to antagonize this store owner and record him in his place of business bc he knew the shop owner couldn't physically make him leave. And for what? A bottle of vape juice. If you can condone this behavior, you're part of the problem. I'm so sick of these fuckin betas thinking that they're Chads. This video proved absolutely nothing, and accomplished little aside from furthering infighting.

  25. These extreme liberals really do have mental problems. How about if you see someone with a shirt or a cap that you don't like, just ignore it. People have to start learning self control and stop resorting to behaving like children. This might get down voted but ah well.

  26. Remember when Conservatives burned down Nikes because of Kaepernick? Or buri d the Dixie Chicks for speaking out against the Iraq war? Remember when they used to torture people for blasphemy?

  27. Dick move for sure, but I don’t think political groups are a protected class when it comes to discrimination, legally speaking. IANAL.

  28. What healthcare, his party is gutting it. He kept promising it but nothing ever manifested. I sincerely hope you forgot the /s

  29. As long as someone is not doing indecent exposure, I see no problem people wearing whatever logos or slogans on their clothes. If I own a store, the customer is more important and the money that the customer is going to spend to buy what I'm selling. I don't care if my customer supports any politician or whatever else.

  30. All that over a shirt and a hat? Most you’ll probably get on a bad day from me is an eye roll. Long as they’re not screaming his rhetoric then just deal with it 😂

  31. Fuck this whole video is vomit inducing. Imagine waking up and throwing on that trump outfit. The neck beard rage lord is equally cringey. Poor black dude caught in the middle or white people doing things.

  32. I assure you there was so much more that occured before this douchenugget started filming. You can tell by his smug shit eating grin.

  33. All of that was just nonsense….but I’ve also seen convenience store owners refuse service to people because of their skin color or because they are wearing a hoody so this is nothing new. Not sure why this guy thinks the world is gonna change because he faced the same rejection people have been dealing with for far too long. If you are going to wear politicized apparel then you should be prepared for reactions good or bad. It’s not right but it is the reality we find ourselves in.

  34. Honestly I don't see why he's so insistent at being there. He's doing nothing more than causing a scene for clout on the internet.

  35. Imagine this was a Guy with rainbow Biden shirt and the shopkeeper was a Trump supporter. You know how reddit would've been then

  36. Last I checked if someone tells you to leave their store you have to leave. As long as it doesn’t violate any civil laws he had the right to kick him out over the trump shirt.

  37. If I had an employee kicking people out based on their political beliefs I would want to know. And you better believe that employee is fired.

  38. You willingly work at a vape shop. You're practically the last person who should be criticizing anyone.

  39. Weird way to generalize, but okay lol. I’ve definitely videos of the “right” acting similarly childish. This video is also old as shit

  40. He's a person. He's not the "left." If you're a conservative, you wouldn't have an issue with this. What happened to the freedom to refuse service to anyone? Was the principle conveniently abandoned?

  41. Because our political system is actively trying to make politics into a sports game where people support teams instead of people, thus keeping the players in power longer.

  42. I love how both sides hate each other even though they're identical. I'm an independent and hate the idea of political parties, but both sides are absolutely incredibly stupid.

  43. Yep the hypocrisy is crazy and both sides try to act like they're superior humans or something, when really they're all just being fooled into the same dumbass game just different teams

  44. The customer wants that stupid liar, criminal and traitor back in power. That's his right. The store clerk shouldn't have freaked out.

  45. Screaming like a little girl must be a liberal thing because I’ve never seen somebody do it in a maga hat…

  46. Do you not believe in private property rights? Are you a communist? Get the fuck out of the store he owns if he doesn't want you there.

  47. The manbaby doesn't own the store. That's why he got fired for his public freakout. Do you honestly think that neckbeard owns anything more than the clothes he's wearing?

  48. They are both Children. Trump guy knows hes being a dick and vape guy is just a lil bitch. Trump guy isn't racist though. Vape guy = lil bitch.

  49. They can literally turn anyone for any reason at their private business….. the party of law and order is really bad at recognizing law and order

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