Expensive sound.

  1. That’s what I was thinking. It doesn’t look like a security camera, the angles keep changing. So someone just watched thousands of damage being done that could be prevented by a plastic cone

  2. I know this is shitty and all and I totally feel for the people who had their vehicles damaged but I could seriously watch cars and trucks bounce through giant potholes all day.

  3. We have ones worse than these in saudi arabia, and the cause? Small budget, slow work and juuuust small amount of rain....

  4. I lived in Samara, Russia for a while, and if this isn't that city, it's a close relative. Sink holes would gobble cars, buckled rims, the works

  5. This is fucking torture my God I couldn’t watch and I don’t mean that really metaphorically because I know those fucking potholes ruin your car

  6. I was gonna guess Mexico City but I think I’m wrong after reading other comments. Heard van dyke was pretty bad on the east side

  7. No this is definitely west Virginia/s there's a reason I say fo76's roads have changed at all since the bombs fell

  8. Lesson for today: A quarter inch of rainwater on the road will fill a pothole and make it disappear. The road will look fine while begging you to speed up……

  9. I hope they sued the city and got every penny for the damages. There is one thing that the city should absolutely deal with, and that's keeping the roads safe to drive.

  10. How about instead of building up your camera there, call the police so they can Block this fucking lane?

  11. That's why my father say all the time "always drives slow whenever you see puddle, even if you think it's shallow "

  12. If you live in a tropical country, by sheer definition you are a moron if you drive into pothole full of water. Particularly one of that size. So yeah fuck them

  13. This is when you turn the radio down and drive the rest of the way in silence and wonder if these sounds were there before or not and just didn’t notice because you drive with music on all the time.

  14. Just set up a camera, don’t try to actually prevent any damage. Who is going to want to watch that?

  15. Should I put a cone up? Nah, let's video tape hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and do nothing to try to stop it

  16. I can't believe there was only one sensible driver that saw the pot holes and thought oh yeah maybe I won't speed over it

  17. I hit something like this when california flooded last year. Fortunatly I wasn't driving my little honda but was in a friend's 2020 Bolt. Those massive skid plates really hold the car together. Not a single issue.

  18. All those dumbasses I've seen only 1 or 2 driving sensibly in this video. Others just zooming into it and asking for it. Atleast put a warning sign to avoid this until it gets fixed.

  19. so someone or some departments or something must be responsible for the damages and has to pay for it right? idk i dont study laws

  20. Did you guys see the suspension on that black sedan?? Looked like the occupants probably felt like going over a normal sized pothole. 0:20

  21. What happened on the infrastructure bill, isn’t that suppose to fix our roads and bridges, oh that’s right biden and Pelosi are taking it and lining their pockets with it

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