Hellraiser Orientation LVL 1

  1. Yeah they might get a few hours after they drive home for an hour and a half commute, shit, shower, do house chores, see the kids, make dinner (or get mcdonalds) and then sleep. 4 hours with the family?

  2. What is actually happening? What purpose do the chains being wrapped around the machinery serve?

  3. The chains are being used to screw two giant pieces of pipe together and apart. As they drill they keep adding more pipe to drill further down. When they get to the end of the pipe (casing) they are on, they have to screw another one on. Think of adding more and more straws end to end until you could reach the bottom of a very large bottle.

  4. the chain provides extra torsion on the pipe to screw it into place more securely, you don't want those pipes coming apart 200m down your bore hole.

  5. As dangerous as the oil field is, it’s actually pretty safe. These guys however have no idea about safety, these are the guys you hear about getting killed. I mean they don’t even wear coveralls, no gas detectors, and all in all just a shit show to be honest

  6. There is. This video is the equivalent of driving fast and not wearing a seat belt to show how macho you can be. No coveralls, no H2S monitor, just basic safety equipment ignored because someone wants to prove how cool they are. Typical oil filed. Hell, pull on boots stopped being allowed on rigs at least 5 years ago.

  7. This is a fairly antiquated way of going about this with most rough necking like this really beginning to wane in the 90’s. Today’s rig are much more automated and some are fully automated.

  8. Throwing chain is old-school method. Debatable on being faster and requires skill to not lose math prowess.(fingers)

  9. LMAO...100 hours a week maybe. Most of these guys make about $20 an hour. With overtime they probably make 70 or 80k a year.

  10. Everytime I see this video I think of John Oliver’s video how dudes die and nobody is being held responsible cause strictly speaking These people are employed by subcontractors.

  11. The oil industry has been valued at 2.1 trillion dollars. And there hasn't been an invention that negates the need for this?

  12. I for one is appalled by the lack of gender diversity at this place of employment. I demand equal opportunity for women! /s

  13. Screams “you misogynistic mofo”, bras on fire, such principle only applies to cushy, low risk and well paying jobs, you fool.

  14. That’s an old rig I don’t think they exist in Canada anymore. They’re all top drives and spinning chain is not a necessary thing anymore we got power tongs.

  15. Why is it when I watch this and similar videos it looks like these fuckers are doing some improv shit to make it look like they know what there doing?

  16. Just to note - this is a very old rig, using very old technology. They're still in use, but no major drilling company would use this. These guys are probably drilling a 5k foot vertical in a field looking for 5 barrel a day production.

  17. Actually the industry regulates itself pretty good, I haven’t worked for these smaller companies but the bigger companies probably exceed any OSHA standards out there. Or at least the ones I’ve worked for have

  18. I get severe anxiety watching these sorts of videos.... I've seen way too many of these where things go very wrong very quickly. :/

  19. Roughnecked & Motored for years and I’ll just say the most dangerous part of what they’re doing isn’t spinning chain, it’s not wearing steeltoed boots. You’d never step on a floor without them.

  20. Omg that’s amazing shit you really must have eyes in the back of your head and know what’s going on I’d just be happy ending a shift my all My limbs and head still attached

  21. I don't understand why people have to do this incredibly dangerous job at all. The machine could be programmed to do all this itself and people could be on site just to manage the machine.

  22. Is this really the best and most efficient way to do this in modern times? I honestly know fuck all ab drilling oil(? Another comment said it was mud but like i said i know fuck all) just curious if even now this is “modern” or if this is like 90s tech and we’ve never updated

  23. This video was floating around for a while with the tag "for those of you who want 15$/hr minimum wage, this is what 15$/hr work looks like." All kinds of wrong with that title.

  24. I've been in the construction trade, mostly carpentry and concrete, for over 25 years and have met and worked with some very tough dudes. But these roughnecks take the cake man. They are absolutely 100% tough as nails. I'm originally from Wyoming and have family who are in the oil business and they are tough sunzabitches. I always tell the loudest most cocksure dude on my crew that he may think he's tough until he pisses off a roughneck

  25. Now I remember this video from a while ago and apparently these oil rigs here are actually extremely old and pretty much like relics and next to no one uses them anymore. It's a lot safer now, still not completely safe, but safer and more automated

  26. Both true and not. These are from the 70’s but they are still used. When oil price goes up they come out. Kind of like how the national guard still uses m-16’s

  27. Wow so much going on here!!! One screw up someone is getting messed up. I’m just surprised that with technology they haven’t designed a safer system. I worked on a raise bore crew and our cutting cutting head was almost 12” in diameter and each section had a slot on the head where we would block it to trip the pipe in or out. Once we got to the bottom of bore we hooked up to a 10ft diameter reamer. Never did we have to worry about all of the chains and crap swinging around.

  28. Surely a better way of doing this could be devised. This seems unnecessarily physical and dangerous in this day and age.

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