Today Russia launched a mass missile attack against most major cities of Ukraine. Numerous people are killed and injured. Russia is a terrorist state.

  1. I hate all the music people are putting to the footage come from this war... This isn't a fucking movie! These video clips don't need a musical score.

  2. Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No! But I do it anyway because it’s sterile and I like the taste.

  3. Adding the music was a mistake. The footage would be more impactful with natural or no sound. Adding the score is sensationalistic.

  4. That one dude on the bridge took only 1 second to realise that he is way too cool to look at explosions before turning around and casually walking the other way like it was just another inconvenient missile.

  5. Did anyone else yesterday watch the video of the guy with the horses in the background warning about how this was going to happen? He was saying, "Ukrainians leave your cities because we are going to attack them with missiles behind this forest" abs in the comments everyone was making fun of the guy because they thought he was just being a bully. So weird seeing it actually happen though.

  6. Jesus fucking christ, you had to add music to make it look like the trailer for phase 36 of the MCU where Glibo the 5th World Ender fights the Gigantonoid in yet another flashback movie? You could just let this have a genuine impact?

  7. Putin has been murdering all of his adult life. He's always been dangerous. I'm surprised that there's been little retaliation against him personally; destroying the things he loves; like that precious palace of his

  8. He mostly stuck to killing Russians and people of varying shades of brown. I think he was surprised how far east the consideration of 'whiteness' has moved in the past 20 years - time was nobody with global clout would give a fuck about anything east of Germany.

  9. Keep in mind that war is incredibly profitable for larger countries. Unfortunately, many humans see this as an opportunity to make more money.

  10. I think people don’t understand that if Russia realizes that all their efforts are useless and they can’t capture Ukraine, Putin will make sure no one is going to have Ukraine and bomb the living hell out of it.

  11. This won't even destroy Ukraine, and it won't slow down the counter-offensive. Imagine if they instead sent 75 rockets towards Ukrainian ammo dumps. No, this isn't even trying to win the war, he is just trying to make everybody mad and scared. Wonder why. He wants the nuclear war, he wants to get attacked, so that he can push the button.

  12. Realistically, how soon before some Russian billionaires get together and stage a coup? They have to be losing their fortunes because of this conflict. It just doesn’t seem like anyone but Putin wants this.

  13. This shit doesn't exactly endear them to the world, every time they lash out they just get sanctioned more and more into economic oblivion that they're pretending isn't happening. I pray we get the footage when someone finally gets their hands on that wretched little bastard.

  14. Pretending things aren't really happening seems to be a common theme in Russia/Soviet Union, look at how Chernobyl turned out because they kept lying due to the fact it would compromise the glory of Soviet infrastructure or something

  15. Like a lot of authoritarians, you can see exactly what they are by the names they call others, and what they accuse others of doing. It's like they can only project onto others what they know themselves to be.

  16. Just like they said before when they were rounding up troops near the border of Ukraine in the beginning lying to everyone that they are not going to invade Ukraine? Puddin do be like that.

  17. Let’s hope there’s enough goodness left in humanity, enough hope and faith in that goodness, that we find a solution to this mess that doesn’t incur murdering half of humanity and ending any cosmic significance to the human story.

  18. They can, they have. They can't shoot western supplied weapons into Russia. That'd be a fuckin colossal escalation we could all do without.

  19. any war happens Apologists: "bUt aMeRiCa DiD sOmEtHiNg tOo" Does anything bad the US has done have to be imitated and sold as "good because america bad"?

  20. The problem is that people in Russia do not react to this. This is a pretty good indication that they are not against the conflict in general, which is sad.

  21. You're not going to see anything but Russian propaganda on any public/official channel. In order to see other viewpoints, you have to know where to find it. The average person has no means to get to anything but public television.

  22. Oh shut up, it’s easy to type it on reddit, ain’t easy to go out on the street knowing you’re either going to jail for years or getting mobilized to fight in the war you’re against.

  23. I think this is an uneducated statement and one that isn't fair to be made. I doubt many Russians even see whats happening for real, or if they do its spun differently.

  24. It’s interesting that they targeted a pedestrian bridge from below. Sounds familiar… except this one stayed standing, almost as if to rub it in!

  25. The same civilian infrastructure that provides water and electricity to homes, also provides water and electricity to businesses providing arms and munitions for soldiers.

  26. Atrocities in Ukraine is like a Tuesday in Palestine. No one will condemn Israel while they suckle on America's teats.

  27. Damn but people supported america doing this same shit to the Middle East.. pretty weird how propaganda works.

  28. How is this an argument for Russia moron? America sucks when doing this and so does Russia! Get your brain unwashed

  29. Not even close to true. The iraq war was attacked extremely hard by the vast majority of US citizens. Didn’t support the iraq war, nor do I support this war, but this war won’t end because putin won’t allow it to until he gets what he wants or is dead

  30. Lol we still do it by supplying arms to Saudi Arabia as so they could spend the last several years murdering civilians in Yemen and causing one of the worst humanitarian crisis in recent memory.

  31. It sucks but there was never the risk of global nuclear war during those conflicts. It seems like people are using whataboutism as a way to ignore the fact that we are speed running the cold war here.

  32. The "but someone else does it too" argument isn't particularly strong in general, but specifically US intervention in the middle east is something a lot of people are also critical of.

  33. Let’s hope Europe and the US provide Ukraine with long range missiles and an adequate air defense system now.

  34. I have only heard about this being in Kiev not "most" cities. Coupled with the music, it feels like OP isn't trying to inform, they're trying to stir the pot. What Russia has done is undeniably awful but let's not be dishonest or sensationalist.

  35. Or you know, we could just intervene at an international level… civilian targets being hit is a huge war crime.

  36. Putin is a piece of shit but that right there is bullshit propaganda. I've seen some of those same images before and it wasn't that recently. The last thing we need to do is give the Ukrainians "stronger weapons" to fight the Russians with. Fuck that.

  37. USA : bombs every muslim country thousands of miles away for its protection (Good guys) Russia: bombs one country to protect its own mainland (terrorists)

  38. I consider this being 2 countries at war, and I wouldnt say at that point its terrorism. Ofcourse what russia is doing is wrong, people just like to milk the people getting killed during a war, while ofcourse people are going to die during a war.

  39. Who was the Terorrist when bombs raining on ıraq people or never mind ıraq , Who was the terorrist when atmom bomb Hiroşima Nagasaki in Japon and killing millions of people , ı am not war supporter ı am against any type of war , but people talks like how they want it to be t and when u speak about facts they go crazy

  40. You fucks that are saying America is as bad… guys this is deliberate targeting of civilians. The US did not specifically target playgrounds… cmon now don’t be such a Putin dick sucker

  41. The US did target civilians directly and on purpose where I live. Not saying Russia is better or whataboutism, no, fuck Russia but don't be so quick to forget.

  42. Both can be bad, but there's nuance in the real world. I know I'm taking the bait by discussing the US in a thread like this, but saying the US did not and does not deliberately target civilians is laughable.

  43. Oh please. USA is still number 1 in terms of soeing sheer human misery around the world. Do yourself a favor and read Wikipedia.

  44. Reading the comments in this section.....folks, it doesn't matter if you think America should be involved or not at this point. If this situation wasn't past the point of no return before it started raining missiles without discrimination, it probably is now. Turn off the TV and get your affairs in order. We all know where this is heading.

  45. You're a moron. No nuclear war is happening. No world war 3 is happening. Don't pointlessly spread fear. If you want to freak out, do it alone. Fuck off.

  46. The US has been involved, just not directly. If we weren't, then Russia would have Ukraine months ago, even with their terrible troops.

  47. I think people don’t understand that if Russia realizes that all their efforts are useless and they can’t capture Ukraine, Putin will make sure no one is going to have Ukraine and bomb the living hell out of it until nothing is left. Do people really expect for Putin and Russia to apologize to everyone and act like this never happened?

  48. Kind of, but what solution would you suggest? I would love to see how Ukraine is supplied with heavy weapon. The only way to stop russia is to beat the hell out of it. There is no other way, unfortunately. Giving up for Ukraine is not an option. Russia will continue terrorizing Ukrainians and the rest of its neighbors.

  49. Fuck reddit, seriously. A few days ago everyone celebrating because ukraine destroyed some bridge in crimea, now that russia fights back everyone is mad and throwing a fit. This is fucking war, and you are in your mom basement commenting like if its some fucking football match. There is no justice and people get killed IN REAL LIFE, also the west doesnt fucking care of they would have already intervened, i must remind everyone that the people fighting on both sides are the low class. The millionaires, politicians, and the elite from both sides are safe in europe and the US. Fuck war.

  50. You don’t extinguish a fire by pouring more fuel onto it. Unfortunately this is a proxy war for the US / EU, with the aim to weaken Putins position. Unfortunately, they will happily use Ukrainian lives to achieve this.

  51. The alternative seems to be Ukraine simply capitulating to the demands of an unjustified invasion and relinquishing sovereignty, which they don't seem very eager to do and no one has any right to ask.

  52. For the Americans completely disconnected from reality; imagine if 9/11 happened but across the entire US and for about 6 months.

  53. Disconnected from reality? How many fucking wars have we fought trying to save people over in Europe and the surrounding area. Your arrogance makes me wanna take every dollar and weapon sent away. Thank God the world isn't full of people like you.

  54. After the midterms when republicans control both houses and they cut support for Ukraine, the Russians will be free to do whatever the fuck they want.

  55. Everyone on Reddit is like “Ukraine should strike Moscow and kill Putin!” then is shocked emoji when Russia strikes Kiev. It’s a war.

  56. Didnt ukraine just bomb a bridge with innocent people on it like 3 days ago? No one wins in this war. What russia is doing is bad and so is Ukraine. If this doesnt end with a treaty. We are looking at nuclear war with fucking Nato and the second biggest nuclear arms holder in the world. That will be bad for everyone.

  57. When America does it, it's combating terrorism, and the innocents getting killed were terrorists. Dumb Russians.

  58. When America does it, it's combating terrorism, and the innocents getting killed were terrorists. Dumb Russians.

  59. Man if this is terrorist behavior, might I direct your attention to the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Far, far more civilian deaths and casualties. Lets not pretend America isn't a terrorist state...

  60. Incorrect. That's early war Russian propaganda that has been disproved repeatedly. Some of Russia's best tank divisions were demolished in the recent counter-offensive in the Northeast of Ukraine, as one example.

  61. Lmao russia is literally pulling troops from all the corners of russia, using soviet era equipment and is arming their new draftees with rusty AKs and no medical or food supplies.

  62. I thought Reddit was all for escalation. This is what it looks like. Reddit listening to the same people that lied us into the last 20 years of war. Cheering for more.

  63. Yes I would still support the war because, even if you believe it's okay to leave Ukraine to the wolves, Putin wouldn't have been satisfied with only Ukraine. Also, we both know Trump wouldn't have opposed Putin anyway so the hypothetical is kinda unnecessary.

  64. We should have listened to Patton. Instead, it was Marshall and containment, and just look at the wonders they've done since.

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