Found shot 17 times, ear cut off, blind and living on the streets. Now she's a therapy dog, not to mention a certified survivor.

  1. Not to mention that if you were to aim center-mass at a dog, and fire 17 times with anything more than a BB gun, then you would almost certainly kill the dog.

  2. She has a page on Instagram called Maggie the Wunder Dog, her owner fosters many dogs like her and gives them good lives. They all seem very spoiled and happy 😊

  3. Whoever did that to that dog…well let’s just say the animal is not the creature with four legs in this scenario!

  4. It really is amazing. Suffering such abuse, and now blind you would expect this dog to have serious social issues, but instead it's a certified teddy bear that just gives out love.

  5. She has become quite a cheerful dog. Also I believe that she was turned into a therapy dog to not only help people but to express awareness on animal abuse.

  6. Dogs bred to pull sleds, will get extremely stressed and depressed, if you never give them something heavy to pull around the yard.

  7. Usually as a therapy dog you just get to be loved on by lots of people! My dog was a therapy dog and he absolutely loved all the attention. Sure, there are anxious or crying people, but typically it's just sick people very happy to see a cute dog.

  8. When I've seen similar posts before, they visit people in hospitals who also have similar injuries, so it's not a general therapy dog, it helps people especially children who have recent injuries.

  9. Answers to the name Lucky. A horrible story with a fantastic ending. I hope who ever did that dies a slow painful death.

  10. A Very slow . And very painful. Death. I rescue- the last pup was so tormented and abused that he stayed under the bed for 3 months when he came to me- how can anyone think that doing this to a loving animal is ok-how do you get that twisted,?

  11. Any info on who did this? I have a special set of skills I learned in the military. I would like to speak to this person for as long as they can speak, which is not very long.🤬

  12. What a beautiful baby. There are some horribly sick, evil people in this world. Thank you to whoever it was that rescued this fur baby

  13. After the third time you'd think someone would take care of her. But seriously, good doggie deserves a good life. Such beautiful, kind and loving creatures. Someone who'd hurt an innocent dog is objectively a cunt

  14. The people or person's who did that to this sweet girl deserve to have the same and more done to them. I HATE people who abuse dogs or other animals and I can't say what I would do (don't want to get banned) to a person if I caught them abusing an animal

  15. When it comes to dogs, I'm last in line when it comes to liking them. BUT, as much as I don't like them, how anyone could do this to an innocent creature is beyond me

  16. I just really don't like them, same way some people don't like spiders, snakes etc. I wouldn't want any harm to come to them, but if you brought a dog into the same room as me, one of us would be leaving

  17. I just want to give her all the pets, all the treats, all the butt scratches, and all the "good girls" in the whole world.

  18. funny, i saw the top comment about this bringing someone’s blood boiling and instead i see this and felt contentment and happy for this dog.

  19. I would give that sweet girl all the belly scratches, liver snacks, bouncy balls, and walks she desires for the rest of her days. She deserves them.

  20. Humans really don’t deserve the love of precious doggos. Thank god you found them and are giving them such a wonderful life ☺️

  21. It never fails to amaze me how animals in general, 99% of the time forgive and forget the horrors humans do to them. I just wish it were legal to do to the human what it did to the innocent animal. And you know that this dog in particular wasn’t a mean dog to start with by the way she has turned out. Big kiss 💋 and hug to this beauty and the people who are helping her recover and a very merry Christmas and happy new year👍👍😘 Bravo!!!!!

  22. To be honest, i'd have a lot of problems to keep myself under control and not to really injure people that do crimes like this to an innoncent dog.

  23. Sometimes I feel like it's okay to not treat human beings like human beings when they're willing to do something like this to an animal who's only defends his teeth!

  24. Give me 10 minutes with the scum that did this to the poor dog. I'll make the prick wish he was never born.

  25. Insane but that dog does not need to be a therapy dog. Let that poor boy relax and have a therapy human given him massages all day with all the attention it wants. Wet food everyday with the finest grass to pop a squat.

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