Jet Lag: Tag Across Europe

  1. JetLag is great! My spouse and I love discussing challenges we would add and rules or game variations that we think would be fun.

  2. I just started watching Jetlag and its awesome! Can't wait to see what Season 4 brings! IK a couple youtubers do/did stuff like this but its just so fun!

  3. Apparently there was a tweet (that was deleted) that next season is "trains in US". If you know any other channels to recommend, would love to hear 😊

  4. I love Jet Lag! Really got hooked with season 1, Connect4, because the dynamic of having to make moves based on predicting where the other team was going was super interesting. There’s threads for each Jet Lag episode over at

  5. Agree. I liked that aspect in both seasons 1 and 3. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with season 4!

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