Do you think Philip would have gone to meet Martha in post finale world, if so, would have stayed in touch, started/maintained a relationship?

  1. I don't think he would make contact but he would have checked up on her. Ask KGB how she is doing, maybe observe from distance. I think he felt certain level of responsibility toward her and felt bad and guilty over what he did to her and how her life went because of it and would need to reassure himself she is doing at least OKish.

  2. I agree. He had real feelings for her once. He made them save her. It’s a beautiful uncertainty. My sense is he’ll try like hell w Elizabeth, but also be sure — from a distance — that Martha’s ok.

  3. It’s an interesting question to ponder isn’t it? I don’t believe Philip would have sought out Martha in anyway. Certainly he wouldn’t have wanted to initiate a relationship with her. But what if they ran into each other?? Now that would be something! Especially with an undisguised Elizabeth at his side ;)

  4. No. Phillip does not love Martha. Martha hates Phillip and would not want to see him anyway; she knows he used her and ruined her life. She is stuck in Russia and can’t even tell her parents what happened.

  5. Is it? I felt that overtime Philip developed emotions and respect for Martha. And In Martha's head Russia is the cost of Love she has to pay. I believe they shared a genuine relationship irrespective of its dishonest nature.

  6. Just finished it last night and ending was ok but I wanted more. I wanted him to see Martha. I wanted him to see his son. I wanted to know if the anti-gorbachev factions would come after them. I wanted to see Henry's reaction. I want to know how Paige makes out. I wanted Oleg to come home.

  7. Ya I was disappointed that he never got to see his son. I was really hoping when he made it to the states it would have worked out. But to leave that storyline open ended like that kind of sucks as a fan.

  8. I felt EXACTLY the same way. The beauty of the last episode will sink in slowly but it was hard to not feel cheated of all these directions!!!!

  9. Philip might have tried to go see Martha, but I doubt Martha would've wanted anything to do with him. When she spoke to Gabriel, she told him that she knew Philip didn't really have feelings for her and then said, "Don't come back." If she talked to Philip (and I think that's a big if), she'd probably cuss him out and then slam the door in his face.

  10. I wouldn't have thought so, he would probably realize that it would probably have been pretty painful for her to see him and be reminded of the way that she was used and all that she had lost.

  11. She didn’t really lose all that much. Sure her parents but I bet she could have called them once things died down. A secretarial job. She didn’t have much else in her life. At least she got a child she was so desperate for.

  12. I've often thought about that. Since the USSR broke up only a few years after the ending, I wondered if Philip would have admitted to the US authorities that she was duped by him, and that she was cultivated as an asset without her knowledge. Stan could have corroborated pretty much all of it, but then he'd have to explain how his best friend for over five years was a KGB operative.

  13. She did act on their behalf later, when she knew what she was doing. And then fled to the Soviet Union! Some prison and a record were inevitable. When she was so unhappy in Russia, I wondered if she might be better off slipping into the US embassy and turning herself in.

  14. I don’t think he would - he had some guilt about the whole way played out, but the training never allowed him to establish real feelings for her.

  15. I like to think eventually he would go to her and apologize, but it might be many many years later when they were much older. Philip had a conscience and he royally screwed her over. The Martha storyline was my favorite. She's awesome.

  16. Philip came home to a Russia where the anti-gorbachev center is still alive and well. Would he have survived long enough to see Margaret?

  17. Anti-Gorbachev factions had their hands full. Going after respected senior KGB officers out of spite would be a huge waste of scarce resources and a huge risk.

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