Three seconds before his head explodes. Victoria Neumann IRL

  1. You know when Victoria first appeared on the show I was worried she would be a AOC stereotype like in Space Force but man did they do her character justice. She's honestly one of my favorite characters.

  2. The name was a hint from the comics, Vick the Veep, but she was a very very different character. Looking forward to next season!

  3. I was looking forward to a 15k electric motorcycle tax credit from BBB. Basically I'd get a decent one for free. Joe Manchin whyyyyyyyyy

  4. Bit strange they made the villain modeled off AOC when her original character was modeled on Bush of all people. Then again, the show is made by Amazon.

  5. I wish dude, if anyone was to have head exploding powers she would actually put them to good use.

  6. This picture honestly just reminded me of The Boys, a show a lot of us like. I’m not a bot, or shill, or whatever.

  7. That’s not the point here. I was just comparing this photo to season 2. Also, I’d rather have her in charge than this scumbag.

  8. Imagine liking the boys and being an authoritarian right. Do you side with stormfront? Or do you just watch for the violence?

  9. I never made the connection that victoria was based on her. Since shes a villain now, i wonder what that means

  10. Love seeing that salty bitch scowling. Keep putting on an act while selling overpriced “tax the rich” merch on your storefront. Love it.

  11. Funny how they choose to base an AOC type of a character who was completely brain dead in the comics. Victor Neumann was basically Vaught’s puppet for passing legislation. I wonder if here we’ll see a more competent political embodiment of vaught

  12. Listen, not advocating for violence or death, just saying- imagine if his coal mines shut down as fast as his no to the BBB plan... and no violence just his empty boat slowly sinking.

  13. Well, I wouldn't mind she being a baddy, she has the look of every seriously bad girl and she's cool, I'm cool with that, I like her!

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