Deleted scene

  1. In this VCU (vought cinematic universe) movie, sadly, homelander could not be in because he was so busy with saving the world, so homelander in this scene is not played by homelander.

  2. Yeah you can usually tell that when they don't show the face. Just like in some scenes from A-Train to Africa you can tell it's just some actor wearing his outfit.

  3. Billy is naive enough, due to his age, that he would initially buy into Homelander's propaganda. It would be after a couple 'accidents' that he'd see through the propaganda and hero worshipping.

  4. That scene was so peak Homelander. Specially his lack of concern after Ryan lay there. He just looked disappointed.

  5. Homelander is actually pretty damn weak for comic standards. Most comic characters would wipe the floor with him pretty easily if he ever had to fight them, Shazam would absolutely turbostomp him.

  6. Shazam and it's not close, that's like asking who would win in a fight between a toddler with polio and a silverback gorilla trained by Mike Tyson.

  7. Homelander is practically a god in his own universe but he's a joke outside of that. If they wanted to, both shazam and superman can both kill him in quite literally not even 1 full second. Even if they let him live for longer I would be shocked if he can even remotely hurt them

  8. I haven’t read many comics and the only comic I’ve read that Shazam in is Kingdom Come. I won’t spoil it because it’s really great but the dude beats the shit out of Superman for awhile.

  9. I-I-I got this feeling, yeah, you know Where I'm losing all control 'Cause there's magic in my bones I-I-I got this feeling in my soul Go ahead and throw your stones 'Cause there's magic in my bones

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