The best part of the movie

  1. I’m sure he use the film as an excuse to go to his dream filming location not realizing that it will cost more.

  2. Yeah Jame blew most of the budget on filming permits. Could have filmed elsewhere for cheap and use that money elsewhere

  3. To be fair that was the glitch goblin guy's fault. Probably fed James a bunch of bullshit about how you could only make it in LA. James had been making mini-movies himself up until that point, it's weird he didn't just think to expand that same kind of production to a feature. All it would have taken was a decent script. He could have done the miniature stuff in his basement like he ended up doing anyway.

  4. it just shows you how godawful this movie was that this throwaway one second green screen clip done purely for fan service is the absolute highlight of the two hour ordeal

  5. It's that face of needing so desperately to look normal because if anyone confronts how fucking weird you're being in any way you will crumble like a milk-saturated Oreo

  6. Who remembers that interview between James and Joe Bob Riggs? The face James makes when Joe completely shits on his rose-tinted view of Hollywood was fucking priceless.

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