Guys god bad I’m hilarious

  1. This post got removed almost immediately on other subreddits for inciting violence so at least they're enforcing their own bloody rules for once.

  2. Hey now, everyone hates Jehovah's witnesses, but this might be a little much. They come in pairs, a rifle allows faster followup shots.

  3. To be fair, I think this is referring to those Jehovahs Witnesses that show up at your door. If so, that makes this meme slightly less unfunny.

  4. I previously disliked the Singaporean goverment for its authoritarianism, but when I learned they banned Jehovah's witnesses I started to support them

  5. To be fair, the Mississippi Queen memes aren't remotely serious and the kind of people who just randomly walk up to talk about religion are annoying.

  6. sometimes i just go on the internet, and just feel like telling some people, "its ok if the joke makes fun of something you like its actually kinda funny"

  7. NAH BRO BUT I WAS IN NYC TODAY AND THERE WAS A WHOLE FUGGIN GOSPEL PROTEST AND I'M OVER HERE LIKE "Yeah, yeah... Jesus is epic... Whatever... I'm Jewish..." (-_-)

  8. God I hate Jehovahs Witnesses, and I was raised one. My childhood was ruined. My weekends were taken away so I could walk around in the freezing cold or extreme heat asking strangers about their opinion on god. For you and your childrens sake, stay away.

  9. Couldn't care less what religion you are, nobody likes Jehovah's witnesses going door to door to make people pretend to care about what they're saying.

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