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  1. an! the word is an! when you put an indefinite article you have to look at the letter after it, if it's a vowel you put an instead of a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He thought the cycle of death and rebirth was for one lifetime only ! He MAD!!

  2. Honestly, that’s kind of a mood (not the trans fetishization nor the incest, but the “you did [insert trait that’s associated with one of the two binary genders], you are officially [the gender associated with that action]” creating that internal conflict). One time an associate of mine said, as a joke, “since you’re the big man of the house, you can mow the lawn”. I did mow the lawn, and while I had that little tingle of gender confirmation, I was pissed cause A) sexism, B) I’m five foot and I know it was a crack about my height (wasn’t the first time that guy made jokes about people’s heights or weights). Don’t work with the guy anymore, thankfully.

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