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  1. Am I going mad or isn’t a raid shiny legendary meant to be guaranteed catch? Dialga shiny is breaking out of my balls :/

  2. Is there a reliable map website to find stops? I am visiting family soon, and my nephew randomly asked my sister about pokemon go. I told her I would, but want a plan. I found one site that reported a gym a mile and a half away from her . I typed my address, it showed one stop.

  3. Is there an estimated stat product between a level 40 vs level 50 XL pokemon? Just trying to gage an analysis for a level 50 non shadow vs level 50 shadow? Level 50 mega vs level 50. I play both PVE and PVP

  4. I have a question regarding XP gain from evolving. When you evolve a pokemon that is new to your Dex, you get the evolution XP but also the 1000XP for a new DeX entry. When you evolve a shiny or shadow or purified pokemon of one you already have in the regular DeX, do you get another 1000XP since it's form is new? You don't get the "new Dex" animation, but it shows greyed out at the evolve button.

  5. Is there a way to trigger buddy souvenirs? Before, I remember just switching into one of my ultra/best buddies would cause them to bring me one, but now, none of them have brought me a gift. (Need a couple more for level 48 requirement)

  6. Since we're doing Dialga raids, I'm slowly upgrading my machamps. I evolved a hundo and 4 98IV during its community day, but payback seems to primarily be a PVP oriented move, right?

  7. I have 3 accounts suspended for over 90 days. Can they invite each other to return to the game? So: A invites B, B invites C and C invites A? (I safed all invitation codes before I closed them)

  8. It’s quite hard to finish the ultra unlock task when I have not seen one voltorb. Caught over 100 bulbasaur, 30 cranidos, 50 kabuto and 50 omanyte. Not one voltorb. Do they exist?

  9. I found them to be uncommon and then went to a different area and had two or three spawning at a time. Not sure whether time of day or location played a role

  10. I'm really confused about the idea of older pokemon and trade value. I understand I should probably keep my 2016/2017 pokemon for lucky chances (which I wish I knew earlier but have managed to keep a bit of them) but do I bother with ones that I caught in 2020 if I need to free up space? Is just the pure presence of the catch date banner on the right side of the name mean it has a higher chance of lucky trade?

  11. Each full calendar year of age seems to give a bit of an increase in the lucky odds for trading that pokemon. You won't get any bonus trading a 2020 pokemon caught in August, for example, until after its catch date.

  12. What do I have to do to get a legendary encounter in GBL???? These rates are crazy for me I’ve had at least 2 or 3 of every other possible encounter since I got to level 20 but 0 legendary encounters. This is super broken it makes me want to quit GBL again.

  13. Its pure RNG. All you can do is try to make sure you win 3 battles per set to get the most encounters you can.

  14. It's not currently available. There is always a chance that they put it back into field research next month, so check back in august for the latest tasks.

  15. Trying to figure out what i should transfer. Should I be aiming for any specific IV's/CP when evolving ultra unlock pokemon? I know shieldon/bastiodon is really good for great league pvp, do any of the other event pokemon have a specific use?

  16. Rampardos is the best in class glass cannon for rock types in raids. Excellent damage, though more frail than Rhyperior.

  17. i have a bunch of lapras, larvitars, and others from gofest. I need to make room in my inventory. I see that they have legacy moves. I even have a pair of swamperts I was able find, but are they useless without their com day moves?

  18. Elite TMs are a thing, so its possible to fix pokemon that need legacy moves if you really need them.

  19. No CD species has ever maintained the CD boosted shiny rate (1/24) after the event ended. I think the only CD species that has a non-standard 1/512 shiny rate is Gible, which already had a permanently boosted rate of 1/128 before the CD. Post-CD, it went back to that rate.

  20. You're just lucky for some of those shinies. Some of them are boosted though. I know Gible and Sneasel have been boosted for a while. I'm not sure what criteria makes Niantic decide to boost a certain species, but all the boosted species aren't among common spawns. I know Eevee, Ralts, Pikachu, Dratinia, and Magikarp aren't boosted though. Once community day ends, every spawn will retain their normal shiny rates, whether they were boosted to a degree or the normal full odds.

  21. This might be a dumb question - why do some Pokemon (mega-eligible) require different amounts of mega energy? I see some need 200, some need 100, 40, 20 etc. For reference, I've already registered all of them in the mega dex.

  22. For most of the Megas that have been released so far, there is an initial cost of 200 Energy to Mega Evolve for the first time - the exceptions being Beedrill and Pidgeot, which cost 100. After Mega Evolving a specific Mon for the first time, the energy cost will be reduced for that specific Mon, but not any other Mon of that species. The 40 cost is for the 200 first-time Mons, the 20 is for Beedrill and Pidgeot.

  23. I want to start preparing a good buddy pokemon for the upcoming ultra league. I found that a lot of the pokemon being used are XL pokemon. I'm currently level 35 so I don't have access, and I don't know how anyone levels up so quickly.. I play every day, but still only level 35. I'm debating on just skipping ultra really cause I feel like so many of the high tier pokemon are XL and I'll just get demolished if I try using anything other than that. Before the introduction of XL candy I had a decent team but now they can't really compete. Is it worth it to try with non XL pokemon?

  24. Is there a bug affecting trainers level 40+ with getting candy from feeding gym berries? Or does the rate drop or something?

  25. I need a Ditto for A Mythical Discovery and Meltan research. I know all its current disguises but I can’t find an actual Ditto to save my life. Is any particular lure better than the others for attracting one? I’ve struck out with incense so far and I really want to progress on Meltan before ultra unlock ends.

  26. Are there any important breakpoints I should be aware of before I pour a bunch of dust into an ultra league Giratina A? I picked up 3, best IV is 10/14/14. I could get 1 more reroll if I trade with my wife, but I’m not sure if that’s worthwhile

  27. Did not get a response on silpharena, hoping someone might be able to offer some suggestions on silphroad.

  28. Mewtwo isn't very good outside of Master League, and only really with Psystrike (elite tm). Don't invest in an ML Mewtwo unless you have two other ML mons that work well with Mewtwo.

  29. Looking to hear a few different opinions here. Is it better to max out (level 50) a shadow or a non-shadow? Here are some thoughts I've had as a PVE player:

  30. Incense in and of itself never increases shiny rates. The shiny rate is determined by the species, and is independent of encounter type.

  31. How good is the current Ultra Box? Should I get it or wait for better value? I need Premium Passes first and foremost, to hunt Kangaskhan during the next Ultra Unlock. 20 seems really good, but I never check these boxes, so I wouldn't know.

  32. This current box is quite a bit worse in total value than the last one we had, which you can see in this post here:

  33. Pretty sure that the speed limit soft lock applies to everything, even "guaranteed" catches like legendary shinies and shadows.

  34. On The Silph Road website, I've been having issues for a while with the Raid counters not showing up when I click on counters. Is this a known issue, and does anyone have a good way to check the recommended counters? Thanks

  35. I'd recommend looking at to find info on raid counters. They do pretty accurate simulations to come up with rankings, and are generally the source that most infographics reference.

  36. Hi, returning player here. If i use a remote raid pass to join a raid, can i also invite 5 people ? Or can i only invite if i am present physically at the raid ?

  37. The one caveat here is that you count against the total limit of 10 remote raiders when you start/join a local raid with a remote pass.

  38. As long as you haven't been invited to the raid yourself, you can invite others when using a remote pass.

  39. I've finished a pvp battleset yesterday to try an extra Dialga. Is it already on posible rewards or we are still with mewtwo?

  40. I've made the experience of nominating two wayspots which were accepted but did not show up in Pokemon Go because of the S17 cell rules. Another waypoint already existed in the respective cells.

  41. Niantic do not acknowledge cells. And in all likelihood, they do it to prevent overcrowding of the game map. I've been to places where Pokéstops exist that break the cell rules and even the 20 metre rules. It looks great until you get team rocket and lures involved. Then it just becomes a mess trying to interact with anything.

  42. With those rare fossil mons coming out I was hoping to knock out step 7 of wheres Meltan which requires catching a cubone. I checked research tasks and looks like hes been rotated out unfortunately. I suppose my only hope would be sitting on eggs and event research task encounters (for fossil mons) until I catch a cubone? Its not a big deal but these fossil mons dont seem to appear often.

  43. Looks like you’re outta luck atm. Keep an eye out for an Alola Marowak raid perhaps in the near future. I can’t be certain that this will work but would assume it does. We also should get a quest rotation on the 1st, so fingers crossed for a cubone then!

  44. If I started a GBL set and get my third win tomorrow, would it be eligible for Dialga or would it still be Mewtwo since I started the set today?

  45. If you click on the encounter grass icon it will show you whats available at the time, as long as you do it before you get your 3rd win. It should swap to Dialga at 10am local time

  46. No real utility, just a fun mon. For this style of question I've found poke gg really useful. You can see if any mon has a pve or pvp potential.

  47. As far as official announcements go, we only know as far into the future as Palkia being confirmed for Aug 6-20th, although there is speculation that the following boss (from Aug 20-31) may be Giratina, as it's part of a trio with Dialga and Palkia.

  48. Mega energy is initially earned by winning mega raids. You can earn more energy per raid by completing them faster.

  49. Hi! I'm a new player as an adult. Wasn't really allowed access to the pokemon world as a kid, a friend recently convinced me to try out PoGo. It's fun, it's cute, I enjoy it.

  50. The previous suggestions are all valuable, and yes, it is just something that you'll get better at with time. Hell, I played Pokemon as a kid and I still have to check the type chart occasionally, especially when dual-types are involved.

  51. How I started remembering different types and what's effective on what, was basically I just thought to myself what would make sense. Especially for the element types like fire,water, grass, electricity. Water beats fire, fire will burn grass, electricity would strike water etc etc. Over time it just made sense that those types would be effective. I'm just getting back into pogo so I think the other types would not be as straight forward but I think that's a good start

  52. Typing is something you'll gradually remember as you play more. Even long time players sometimes forget some of the more obscure ones and need to look it up, especially as dual typing comes into play.

  53. 10am local time, and the egg just needs to be received after that time - doesn't matter when the gift was generated or received, just when it gets opened.

  54. I have received a 7 day warning on my account after upgrading to a 64bit phone and I'm really confused as to why. I have used no third party software nor GPS altering software. It's my secondary phone that I hotspot to my main phone. Main phone is fine, no warning. It's a cheapie phone from Amazon, TCL brand. I have sent an email to Niantic through their contact form, but do not expect much insight. Has anyone experienced this before?

  55. Why can we still not forcibly remove Pokemon from gyms? Also why do we not get up to 50 coins at midnight if a Pokemon is left in the gym for more than one day?

  56. What are ivs needed for the ml breakpoints/bulkpoints for dialga? Also are these the same ivs needed for both ml and ml classic?

  57. I haven't played in awhile, and wanted to find out which park had which nest in it. But not only does every map seem to be down, but no one seems to be talking about the fact that all the maps are down. I expect there's a website where I can look around and see which pokemon are nesting where, so maybe I can find something I want that way. Is that not a thing any more? Why is every map either empty or just a blank void?

  58. Maps like the Silph Road nest atlas rely on user submitted reports. A lot of people nowadays don't bother reporting on the atlas though. Instead, most local nest reports are done in local discord/telegram/facebook/whatsapp groups.

  59. First off, don't power up anything until you actually need it. 550k dust might seem like a lot, but it can very easily be depleted by leveling up mons. Dumping rare candy into pokemon you plan to power up down the road as you need them is a perfectly viable strategy to free up inventory space while maintaining flexibility.

  60. Anyone knows what happened to feather dance pidgeot? Wanted to try it out for a few battles and thought it would be available, but its still banned from pvp? It has been almost two months and it hasn't been fixed or am i missing something? :/

  61. Is there a glitch that causes you to not earn 4 candies when catching Pokémon types you have the platinum type badge?

  62. Has anyone else noticed an increase in network errors and game freezes in the last day or 2 or is this just a problem for me?

  63. I got a 7 day warning on my level 50 account by raiding through the PokeGenie app. What should I do? I feel like this could be a problem since I’ve spent over $10,000 on the game.

  64. Boosted shiny rates are not an announced feature, so probably not. We won't really know unless/until the Silph team crunches the numbers.

  65. Is Silph Road team working on re-confirming shiny rates from legendary raids? The last one was quite a while ago and many hardcore raiders think Niantic have lowered the shiny rate on legendary raids.

  66. Hey y'all -- seems hard to build a team without big vulnerabilities & am having trouble beating more than 2/5 battles consistently in the higher ranks. Have been doing some reading and I have identified pokemon that I have that are competitive but would anyone help me build a decent loadout? These are all max CP below 1500.

  67. Mostly orthogonal to your actual question, but 4star and high-3 star IVs usually aren't optimal in Great League - you generally want a low attack stat relative to defence/stamina in order to get the highest stat product, though the actual optimisation process is far more complicated and takes into account things like stat granularity, CMP, breakpoints.

  68. One big piece of advice - for the most part, you don't want 3* or 4* Pokemon for Great/Ultra League, unless it's a Pokemon that maxes out below (or just barely above) the CP limit. With the way the Attack stat is weighted so much heavier in the CP formula, you can fit better overall stats within the limit by keeping Attack low and powering up to a higher level.

  69. It's not mentioned as a featured pokemon for Ultra Unlock Part 1, so I don't think there will be increased cubone spawns.

  70. I wouldn't call it safe by any means. Especially with how much they've been hyping Hoopa, they could very well release that.

  71. I don't think so. It's the third part of the group, sure, but in Pokemon Go it's more linked to Halloween.

  72. Adventure Sync issue: I have allowed pokemon go to access my location all the time in my iOS settings. I’ve checked the health app and it’s registered there with all permissions. Still it’s registering not a single step today. I have 15km walked today and nothing is going in, eggs are not progressing, my buddy isn’t clocking any distance.. nothing. It’s very frustrating. Even when I’m walking with the app open it doesn’t work. Anyone know what might fix this?

  73. Does Aron have any higher shiny chances than other pokemon? I got a random encounter one a couple of months back and thought nothing of it. Then I encountered another one a day or two ago and then a third one today. Outside of community days, never completed a set of 3 evos before. But this guy just keeps showing up!

  74. I've gotten around 7 shiny aron, which is more than average for me for a Pokemon type. My friend who plays almost as much as I do, and who has dozens of shinies I don't have, still hasn't seen a shiny aron. I think it's one of the shinies he's been looking for the most.

  75. Anyone else experiencing really bad lag and frame rate the last couple days? Playing on an S20 FE and really shouldn't be having issues, can't see an update on the Samsung store, it's gotten bad

  76. I found I used to have the same issue when I played it for hours at a time. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Also should not have had issues, but I've lately nit had as much of a problem. The lag is a known issue to Niantic though

  77. Since you're lvl 43 you should be able to get those wins at GL and UL especially at lower ranks. It may take some time for sure , but using few meta Pokemon you can grind them out.

  78. For my money I would 100% go with a shadow pokemon. You can use it an unlimited amount of times, given that you have revives and potions of course. With a mega, you're just renting it for a few hours, that mega evolve candy will run out fast, leaving you wishing you had powered up the shadow pokemon to begin with.

  79. I'd lean towards a Mega because the way megas operate synergises well with extra bulk and because it fits the "One pokemon powered up a ton" aspect. You could of course use Pokebattler to compare how level 50 Mega and level 40 Shadow compares to level 40 mega and level 50 Shadow

  80. Imo Shadows are long term investments and permanent. If you have a good shadow better to power it up than a mega eligible Pokemon.

  81. Hi guys, I have a special mission that requires me to win 3 pvp battle in great ball but I'm a pve player. Can someone give me some tips and advices to clear that mission without spending all my resources?

  82. Does it state to win in go battle league or just 3 battles? If it's just 3 battles you could consider asking a friend to do 3 battles and let you win.

  83. Winning 3 battles should be reasonably straight forward. You start at level one against other level one people. Do 5 minutes of research into which mons are good in Great League that you have in your group and get it down. Won’t take long to win 3 battles

  84. How rare is klefki? Been in france since saturday and none have popped up on the radar. Would really love to take one home. At this point it feels like it doesn't exist.

  85. Not too rare at the moment without an event going on. I was near the border in germany on tuesday and did manage to catch 5 in about 2 hours.

  86. I bought the GoFest shirt and entered the code from the TCG card. What did I receive? I feel like a fool asking this, but I just don't remember getting anything? Sorry.

  87. Silly question but just want to verify, Iron Head is definitely in Dialga's regular moveset right? If I didn't know better I'd say they turned it off or something, I've used every charged TM I've gotten from GBL since Sunday (plus a few left over from GO Fest) and it just goes between Thunder and Draco Meteor.

  88. If it's a Dialga you're planning on using for Master League, then unlock the second move on it if you have 100,000 dust and 100 Dialga candy. That way if neither of them are Iron Head, using a Charged TM on either move will guarantee it.

  89. Yes, it is in the regular move pool. This sort of back and forth on TMing moves happens sometimes due to unlucky RNG. Each time you use a TM, there's gonna be a 50/50 chance of getting each of the other 2 charge moves it knows, which can result in a cycle for a while.


  91. Are the "5 Great Throws in a Row" Spinda tasks really rare? I haven't seen one in a long time and those are always fun to get.

  92. Yes, that is among the rarer tasks for field research, but it does still exist. If you're part of an online PoGo community for your local area, you can always ask people to call out Spinda tasks they find so you can pick them up as well.

  93. I have 446 cp 82% iv shiny eevee and a 428cp 100% regular thinking of going perfect sylveon for master league since I don't have any mons for ML. and going umbreon shiny cause I love it the most. But I heard umbreon is best as perfect for UL cause of its limited cp. But I guess I don't need umbreon for UL. But I'm all ears to suggestions.if u guys recommend a diff eevee I'll hear it out

  94. Umbreon is very good in UL, while Sylveon is not particularly great in ML (losing to common opponents like Melmetal, Dialga, Groudon, and the fairy-mirror of Togekiss).

  95. Trying to use my 450k stardust and 100 rare candies + 230 Mewtwo candies. Don’t do much PVP, just like raids and gyms. Currently have a maxed 91IV Dragonite and two high lvl Garchomps that have been carrying. Everything else is 2500 CP max.

  96. I'm going to second the recommendation for Machamp and S. Tyranitar. The vast majority of my raid teams over the past two years or so have been either Rock or Fighting types; they're the two most common weather types here (YMMV) and they're often the best attacking types into raid bosses in neutral weather anyway.

  97. I have seen mamy different tools people use for catching pokemon without a phone such as the go plus and the go-tcha. Any recommendations for the best thing to use?

  98. Erm. You still need a phone to use an autocatcher. The difference being that you won’t need to actively look at your phone all the time. If there is no phone to tether the autocatcher to, then it doesn’t do anything!

  99. I've only tried the gotcha evolve and tbh it's been really good! obv it doesn't catch high cp ones nor use berries but its really easy to use and for me its been working really well

  100. I have a poke ball plus and had a go plus in the past. Besides being about 3 times bigger, I much prefer the poke ball. Both auto-spin, and neither auto catches without physical modification. The pokeball is the only one of those available right now.

  101. Peoples experiences may differ, but i haven't made positive experiences with go-tchas. They where a bit cheaper in the past, but they tend to break very often. I had two that just stopped working and one that literally broke in half after a week.

  102. For someone with teams of Mewtwo already powered up (let's say one team for SB, one for Psystrike, one for Ice Beam), is there any reason to power up another good Mewtwo? Or alternately if they get a slightly higher IV without a legacy move, is there any point to TMing?

  103. You may want a perfect mewtwo to mega evolve in the future. If you're asking whether there is a reason to hoard mewtwo candy; A team of six shadow mewtwos will probably be the best psychic attackers forever and we may eventually get more shadow mewtwos.

  104. I don't think you need anything more for raids, but if you're interested you can try to get Mewtwo with PvP iv. But without legacy moves it's pretty underwhelming.

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