2x Catch Candy Challenge - Some of you guys play a ton!

  1. Good thing there is an infinite number of Pokémon. Otherwise we would have poached most species out of existence by 2018.

  2. Top of my list is in the 4000-6000 range now, while I'm at not even 600 yet. Some people just play all day long, especially if they're retried and don't need to drive to play.

  3. I had one with 4k and asked him to trade a shiny if he captures more than one. He told me perfect that he can "fly" whetever I am. I hate cheaters, deleted him from telegram and the app. I want to legitimate complete my pokedex, this really upsets me as I checked on youtube and it seems super easy to use this spoofing apps 🤬

  4. I have friends who drive busses in the city and they have their Got-Cha active while driving. So whenever there’s a red light or traffic jam they auto-catch lots of monsters.

  5. I’m a paramedic and I do the same. Every hour I’ll reconnect the device and when we drive around I get tons of stops spun and catches

  6. One of the most casual players I know is at 600k catches total because he's a taxi driver and just keeps his Gotcha on. Meanwhile I catch like 20 mon a day on workdays.

  7. That's me. 99% of my catches are via Go+, not via manually catching. I haven't pushed that hard, just walked and bike to various places this weekend and left it running. I'm at almost 1K now.

  8. Dewpider should be great for PvP, so I'm not surprised that GBL enjoyers on my friendlist are at 3000 water types caught, with Marill also being a spawn currently. I'm just wondering where they take the time. My weekly schedule is work, sleep, sometimes eat, sleep the entire saturday because I'm exhausted from work. My only day I can somehow invest into productive free time being Sunday, where I go crazy with 2000 catches as long there's something I want to grind.

  9. 2000 catches in a day? I legit don't even know how any of these numbers are possible without living in a major city, running an auto-catcher of some kind, and being in constant motion for 6-8 hours in a row.

  10. For me it only shows the discrepancy between casual players and hardcore players, which can also be interpreted as players in low density spawns area and high density spawns area.

  11. It’s all comes down to time spent, play style and location. The drivers/inefficient players can play for 8 hours and get 500 pokes in a day. I can walk in an efficient loop on Cd and get 2000-3000 pokes in 3 hours with a fast catch and plus going at the same time.

  12. The weekly limit is 7000 pokemon though. It’s not that I don’t thrust you but the event has only lasted 3-4 days so that’s impossible.

  13. Well, I’ve caught 219 and I haven’t even actually gone out to play. Just what I’ve caught here and there at work and home. And sitting for an hour waiting on an oil change today lol.

  14. I use a gotcha about once a week. It inflates your catches quite a bit. I'd use it more but I don't have enough time/stops to keep me stocked up. When manual catching I only throw great/ultra...furthermore I'm actually not catching much I'm just shiny checking...

  15. I never really understood shiny checking and not catching . It's literally 1 to 2 extra seconds. What's the reason for this ?

  16. I just cracked 800. But I run a lot with my phone and Poke Ball Plus where it's "rigged" to be like a Got-cha. So far km this week is 85.9km. (Legit distance btw). I also live in a big city. But yeah I can see where people are 1k plus. Especially for hardcore grinders, that are grinding in specific locations with a lot of spawn points and all lured up.

  17. I have almost 1000 because I had to go to two days of doctors appointments in my city this week and figured I may as well get a few hours of walking in while I was out.

  18. I usually do pretty well on these community challenges but unfortunately this time they happened to fall when I've been working in poor signal areas.

  19. I've mostly GO-ctha'd everything and I'm close to the 1000s. I just walk a lot, but I'm not even really playing.

  20. That challenge did gave me a lot of motivation to play and catch all the water pokemon. Hope they do this more often!

  21. It's a decent event, would love to have to see some more wild Dewpiter and Binacle instead of it being a Surskit community week.

  22. I caught 2 water types before the bonus triggered and announced it was complete. No doubt without my contribution it would have taken much longer.

  23. I went out for an hour long walk yesterday, caught over 200 in that time, with a Lapras raid in the middle. It's not that crazy difficult 😄

  24. A Lot of people in my community have a gotcha which they have in autocatch like most of the day, during work, during Sport and stuff like that. So they basicaly catching everything while doing other stuff

  25. To be honest i got shocked when watching how much i catch on a day, never new it was that many. I would love a feature like that permanently. Never knew i catch 500 pokemons a day lol and with these easy excelents its amazing.

  26. The top 3 (by quite a lot) in my list are all spoofers. It's much easier to play if you don't actually have to run around, plus, it apparantly skips a lot of animations and movements. PLUS plus, they aren't limited to whatever spawnrate their town has, they will always be in a hotspot.

  27. Niantic LOVES cheaters, probably because there are a lot of them, and they spend a decent amount of money on the game.

  28. I play daily, and run a gotcha when out and about. Fairly rural, sitting at 468. In a bigger city with an auto catcher, in the thousands isn’t too surprising to me.

  29. I have a friend who is over 2000! Another one close to 2000, others are between 500-800. I’m at 100~ :p. I feel I’ve been playing a lot, but I’m astounded when looking at my friends list. It makes sense to me the difference in dust, candy, XL, etc. Hardcore grinders are something else.

  30. I play for 1hour or 1:30 hour at the evening while doing my walking and it is possible to catch 200-250 mons within that timeframe

  31. I don't think I've even seen 800 Pokemon combined during this whole event. I thought I had ok spawns in my area but wow comments like this make me realize how bad off I am.

  32. I'm suspicious of some spoofers on my friends list now 👀 I know some whom I know well are using gotcha but some are unexplained

  33. to be honest, few in our community that were called out as Spoofers because of it, we live in a town that isn't that dense, so spawns aren't ridiculous. He had like 3k by day one, 300 in the first hour, he doesn't even play much in terms of others like me.

  34. How? Do you do nothing with your day besides play Pokemon Go? I legitimately don't understand how this can happen unless you're doing nothing but playing a game during all your waking hours.

  35. I have no idea how to keep these numbers up outside of CD and Go Fest, especially when there are other types spawning too, but that may be just my area as there simply isn't enough active spawnpoints, but with lures and incense that should work out

  36. I have a Go Plus (the ball) and I use it mostly only when I run. I've only run once since the challenge began (a little bit of a slower/ rest week) and I only ran 8.5 miles. I have over 200 catches just for that.

  37. A single daily long walk combined with a Go Plus put me at around 500 catches right now. And I would say that, at the moment, I play rather casually if compared to times when I'm highly motivated. In my friend list there are 5 people above 500 hatches of which two are over 700. But I have to add that I keep my friend list rather small.

  38. I click on everything but don't catch what I don't need. Who needs 500 Goldeen candies, really? Wailmer, yes. Magikarp, yes. Goldeen? No, sorry.

  39. I went from 8,500 total caught. To over 9500 since the water event started. Double candies too juicy to not catch everything.

  40. All of the players at the top of my list are known spoofers. I’ve never been so tempted to report them. This event really highlights what a problem spoofing is in Pokémon Go.

  41. I'm at 890 caught and I'm the top of my US friends list which I'm kind of proud of. My friends in Poland and Spain are +1000 and +3000 respectively

  42. I was staying at a hotel this weekend and was at a mall for a few hours and that got me most of the 870 I've caught so far.

  43. I hit 5300 before the event stopped counting. But i live and work in a city and keep my autocatcher and autospinner on just about 24/7. At my work we have 26 pokestops and 3 gyms I can hit while walking my surveillance route.

  44. I have gotcha and I played a lot on Saturday with constant Incense while walking a lot. Got a total of 1224... which is blown out by the monster [Redacted] by 4857 (currently). Germans, man. They go all out.

  45. Poke Go megaGotcha Balls. They aren't actively playing.... The ball does the catching automagically.

  46. I do like that they have left the counters continue while the bonus is active ,Im fairly sure in the past they disappeared once the bonus was activated.

  47. I don't know any fair player in my city that catch more than 100 pokemon daily.. so i would dare to say spoofers for sure... and they are the ones that are enjoying the most the candy bonus of this event as well.

  48. Calling anyone who catches over 100 a day a spoofer is pretty silly. I live in suburban hell, and I still catch at least 100 every time I walk the dog, which I do twice a day, plus whatever I catch from the couch or when I take the kids to school.

  49. I’m at 1500 catches, not really playing much these days but in the next days I’m trying hard for 4000/5000 at the end of the event. When you understand how to AR+ fast catch and you walk a lot in a dense spawns area catching hundreds of monsters is pretty easy. I have a pretty solid hardcore friend list, and at least 20 people sitting at 5000+.

  50. I got 600, pushed a bit harder for various reasons: need Magikarp for the fisher medal, Wailmer is such a good target for excellent throws, I do many trades those days for the level 49 progress (you have to catch something before trading). Also, weather was beautiful, so I spend a lot of time in the park with my daughter, good opportunity to catch some stuff.

  51. It sounds like your 184 would either be at or above average for your Friends list if only 30 have 500+ catches.

  52. Within 48 hours (for them), the person at the top of my list had almost 4000 caught. Most everyone else still had at least 2000. I swear some of these people must play like 50 hours a week.

  53. I would consider myself a fairly dedicated player and have literally never not used a free daily raid pass since T5s were released, and hit Legend every season in GBL, and am only at 165 despite my 2+ hours a day of playing in the park by my house. So I would say not less than the average player, but the gap between the extremely hardcore and the casuals is incredibly vast.

  54. I don't play this game much, but when I do, I go hard. This is the best GBL mon event I've been around for in a long time and I want to load up on Dewpider, Binacle and Alomomola until a premium IV one of each comes home. Fortunate enough to have good IVs of everything else including a r2 Azu which means I won't catch a ton of mons throughout the event, but I'll be moving around a lot to find what I do want.

  55. If every single pokemon that spawned right now was either one or more of just the following I'd be catching 800+ a day all manually: Mewtwo, beldum, dratini, gible, Meowth, Staryu, and/or Trubbish

  56. But on the serious side, my main limitation is storage space of Pokemon and not enough items. I just got to 1000 Pokemon storage and have to do the "catch one, storage full, delete one, repeat" My item storage is only 650 and it's a struggle 😖

  57. I work next to a Starbucks so I try to keep that stop lured and a gotcha going. I usually just do it to restock but I decided to do my part for the event.

  58. Gotchas kinda break the game too. I've had one for a few months and my stardust is just compounding interest all day.

  59. I'm stuck in quarantine so my numbers are trash, but there are at least 15 people on my friends list over 1000. One is, dare I say it, over 9000.

  60. I know the feeling + I've seen a few people on my friends list catching that many water types & here's me having only caught like 100 so far while they've caught 200/300. 😅

  61. My autocatcher gets me 100-150 in 90 minutes when I walk my dog with an incense on. Love the massive incense buff, especially as a player who quit from 2017 until Valentine's day this year. I'm a little over 800 water pokemon right now. I have a waterfall screen Android with gesture swiping, so I can quick catch in three seconds tops. A few hundred an hour is easy peasy

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