New social features, as well as updates for in-person raids

  1. Honest question though- how hard would it have been to mention the increase in prices to remote raid passes being effective ~immediately. I bought them when it still said 250 in the shop but was charged 300 and while there are plenty of bigger problems in the world- it's still pretty annoying.

  2. So this is in a new app? The only way I would use most of these social features would be if it was built into the PoGo app. Discord already handles the raid coordination well enough for what I need.

  3. Yeah, considering that switching to another app for more than two seconds crashes Go, I wish all the best to everyone with a better experience.

  4. It's a mix of both. They've been testing niantic social for awhile now, it started off as an ingame feature in the now defunct Catan & Wizards Unite games, then got added to ingress, and just recently they made a standalone app for it. Assuming they keep up the current trend, it'll be accessible directly via PoGo, and in a separate app as well.

  5. Don't forget Discord has better moderation features as well. If their "official app" is anything like their abuse policy - expect a lot of salt, insults and potentially worse in the chat before support pull their finger out. In Discord - mods usually gag or ban quite quickly when it starts.

  6. I fail to see the point on trying to make the game back to "normal". Also reversing the QoL improvements has proven to be a bad move given the community backlash, why so they keep pushing them, enraging the community constantly?

  7. It’s definitely for data collection/selling purposes, though I still don’t really get how like 6 people standing awkwardly around a bench in a park for 4 minutes is that much more of a boon for data collection than any other way this game is played

  8. There are a lot of people that only started playing during the pandemic. So for them it is not going back to “normal”. It is just a straight up nerf.

  9. Do we know if monthly active users are increasing, or are fans just spending more money? I know they're making more and more each year, but it'd be interesting to know from what.

  10. Believe it or not there are people that don't like discord. My local group started out on Whatsapp. Our Whatsapp moderator team set up a discord, promoted the discord, encouraged everyone to use discord, etc. 4 or so years later there is still more traffic on the original Whatsapp chat.

  11. I am once again asking to be able to add people to my friends list from them placing lures on stops or pokemon in gyms. I am rural. There are like 15 players in my area. Never seen em. But they put pokemon in gyms. I'd like to be able to add them off that.

  12. This! I know the names of the locals in my 2 gyms, but for all I know they belong to 1 person with 8 accounts. Please let me find a way to communicate with people that I don’t already know in my local area.

  13. Screenshot your "add a friend" QR code, print stickers/posters with a Pokeball, that QR code and a line of text saying "add me as a friend" someplace visible at a gym and see what happens?

  14. "With people able to do raids in person we'll take away your ability to do another raid a week" - The wanks at Niantic

  15. Instead of making in-person raids more attractive, they're making remote raids less attractive.

  16. Speculation: That might be the first step. Second step might be making in person raids more attractive. Possible incoming mega Mewtwo or Rey. They could also boost in person damage or some other buff

  17. I've had a total of 5 RC XL from 27 in-person raids. I also got a hell of a lot less normal RC. Half the raids I did, I got none. It looks like this price hike won't affect me so much. The rewards are not worth the trouble.

  18. I'm probably mistaken, but I think 3* and 6* has the highest drop rate, and I'm not positive if they're even in 5* atm. Definitely worth verifying which raids can and can't drop them.

  19. Seriously, that was the whole point of the 1 coin event box. With what are they going to replace the remote raid pass with…a premium battle pass? smh.

  20. NIANTIC INCORPARTED we need to talk! NOT everyone lives in San Francisco! This kills rural players. Thank you for listening!

  21. I hate the no raid pass in gift boxes update. That's how I get them I'm not going to wait weeks for my pokemon to squat 50 coins and possibly nothing. And not to mention they're all PASSED OUT. I can't ever get healing stuff bc of the amount of fainted pokemon I have.

  22. Fastest way to get healing items is to just hit a heap of pokestops, I’m lucky enough to have an area with 15 stops almost all in a loop with 1 being just out of the way enough I don’t always go for it in my walks there, or when I’m at work there’s one right out the front my Pogo Gotcha Evolve manages to get most of the time. I usually have to empty my bag of all the lower end healing items and berries it gives me for more stuff.

  23. I don’t understand why they continue to have the mindset that the best way to motivate active is to nerf things rather than buff things. I use remote pssses mostly to raid with my wife when I’m on break at lunch. Making remote passes harder to get won’t make me raid in person more, I’ll just raid less

  24. Wouldn't be surprised if this was conjured up by the bean counters thinking "more in person raids = more people hanging around awkwardly at sponsored stops! Think of the advertising potential!"

  25. Niantic is clearly trying to get the game back to the "normal days" (aka pre pandemic) Thing is, these changes made the game way better, specially for those in areas with practically no players. I remember back then when I never bothered to raid legendaries because no one would join the raid, and inviting people to raid was HUGE for me Sad to see these changes Geographically, this game isn't fair, and Niantic took a step back into making it more equal for players. Sucks

  26. I doubt that was intentional and more some guy's moving stuff around which they really should not have been

  27. All of the quality of life updates got me back into the game. Now it seems like they're trying to get me to quit....

  28. No more remote raid passes in 1 coin pack. It's not like they are removing them from game completely - that's money machine for them ;)

  29. Faster approval for new gyms lol that's a good one. The people voting in my Wayfarer community are absolute jokes. Denying plaques, murals, sporting courts, playgrounds, decorated boxes blah blah blah. I can't imagine how uptight these people are who do Niantic's job for free.

  30. They not only need faster approval, but a better system. Things get approved & denied that shouldn’t because of people trying to get the Wayfarer medal.

  31. Ingress players perhaps? I know they like to deny interest points if it'll favor one team over another. Especially if the players there are petty.

  32. Creating a social app is pointless, why would most people change from their discords, messenger groups, WhatsApp groups or anything else that’s already in place.

  33. Well, in my area there ARE some players, but even if my city have million citizens status, i never found that type of groups. Maybe will help, maybe will not, who knows

  34. Dunno about other people, but IMO the social features are like 4 years late. They would work if implemented when raids started, now like 90% of my community is dead because people got bored of dripfeeding content, so I had to change FB group chat like 3 times to find some active group and it's just a mix of players from like 10 towns around here who definitely won't travel 10kms to another town just to help somebody raid dex filler in person. As always, city players won't feel the difference much, except the increased cost and rural or small town players are punished.

  35. They’re not features. It’s an entirely separate app which makes no sense. We all already use separate apps. We want it IN GAME.

  36. Didnt they announce we would get a remote pass every Monday in May in the 1 PokeCoin box? I cant find it anymore in the official blog (maybe they deleted it) but on lots of other websites from content creators:

  37. I would welcome the mega energy if it’s all of the available megas and not just the same you can get at a poke stop. I prefer a carrot to a stick. Extra bennies for in person raiders, but no punishments for remote ones.

  38. What is the point of an external app to use to communicate? We already have those - it’s how we’ve managed raiding since it was added…

  39. So how long until damage from remote players gets nerfed during raids? It has to be the next thing coming.

  40. Ugh. I have enough trouble managing the social media apps I already have. I don't really want to download another one...

  41. So it seems like remote raid passes are being phased out. A 3 pack is now 300 instead of 250 and now the free one is going away.

  42. So let me get this straight. They want to prevent players from having accessibility to content by removing free remote passes and increase their price. Then they want them to download another buggy pos app to use to try to communicate with people who are also getting screwed over? This is a new low for this company.

  43. just moved somewhere without a single gym in sight (I literally can’t find one anywhere lmao) and only 1 poke stop in a 20 minute walking radius, this sucks. I rely on remote invites completely now. I know they’re just taking passes out of event boxes but that’s the beginning of them rolling things back, with faster gym approval as the excuse for not needing remote anymore

  44. Niantic devs live in San Francisco. They literally can't imagine not being able to see 20 gyms from your home and your office.

  45. I'm interested in the tools for community leaders. We had a Niantic backed event in my community a few years ago which effectively just gave us some new sponsored Pokéstops for a charity and that was it. I would absolutely love to be able to host something, maybe a local raid day

  46. They made a separate app? What a waste of time and energy. Should've just slapped the functions in the friends list and been done with it.

  47. Why does Niantic continue to punish players who don't play in the way they like? I have lots of friends across the country, and making it harder to raid with them is a net negative!

  48. Dang I sure can’t wait to not play more than I already haven’t been…. This game just needs to die already, they’re doing everything they can to put it in the ground.

  49. Now I'm worried about TSR's involvement in all this. I don't trust Niantic with a social app, as they already are willing to

  50. Is this change immediate? And is it guaranteed xl candy? Remote passes price has changed. I’m glad they didn’t nerf remote damage however, hopefully that doesn’t change

  51. My one concern is is Community Leaders, what dictates this? Would it be similar to Settlers of Cattan for their Mayor system (who does the most gets mayor) or will it be some broken system that will elect youtubers and "haha since you have no youtubers in your country you default under America" kinda bs

  52. Just another awful decision for the players from niantic in a long line of awful decisions for players from niantic

  53. so…can all pokemon on pogo be transferred from home to bd/sp or only up to gen4? because i’m very much over this game, i just wanna keep my mons.

  54. wait so does that mean if i go do a raid rn i can get rare xl candy? cuz i’ve done 4-5 raids today 2 mega one 5* an 2 alolan raichu an i didn’t get any?? it says this month on there website thing so i’m confused

  55. No more free remote raid pass, I knew this was coming. If they are really serious about making PoGO like before, they will make rrp harder to get. Don't get me wrong, I am not happy about this and I will sure miss the weekly RRP.

  56. Stuff like this makes me happy that I basically play this game only for GBL anymore. All the T5 raids are recycled Pokémon, or garbage legendaries so I usually can get one before it leaves raids. I also don’t really care about megas so I guess I keep playing until they take away enough to make me stop.

  57. Am I the only one that is concerned about random people being able to connect to other players, many of whom are children, to encourage them to meet up in parks and rest stops? So some creep could see us out doing a raid with the kids or taking down a gym and then connect to them via the app and invite them for a raid on their way home from school? Am I the only one seeing this? Hey little girl want to see my Pikachu? I have XL Candy.

  58. Opinion: removing the remote pass every week, is is alright, but keep it in rotation, so maybe every like 3rd or 4th week at least

  59. I agree I mean ideally I’d like them to keep the weekly bundles, but at least keeping it in rotation to show up every few weeks would’ve been a good compromise.

  60. If they really cared about their community they would be testing these social features before removing the QoL improvments (raids, incenses, etc...). That said, I have been hoping for such features for a while and hope to see it works but I am kinda tired about Niantic BS

  61. I don't care about there being no remote passes for free weekly but the cost in passes will add up and I just don't like their general approach of tinkering with things that work and don't need fixed. First it's this, then it's limiting remote raid capability, and making it harder.

  62. You don’t care that it won’t be free but you care that the cost will add up? That doesn’t add up.

  63. The remote raiding system was always announced as a temporary measure, not to mention they arent removing it, but only promoting the normal raiding system over remote raiding (thats why theyve gone from 250 to 300 coins). Also, if its a big deal getting your weekly remote raid pass removed, you trully dont belong in this game. Niantic wont miss you and most of the player base also wont.

  64. If their goal was to encourage local raids over remote raids then they could easily have reduced the cost of premium raid passes (for local raids) or increased the amount of free raid passes you can get per day by spinning gyms. They went about this in the worst way possible

  65. OMG! People are acting like they are removing remote raid passes from the game. They are 100 coins each, ftp that’s 2 days of gym time.

  66. Depending on the week I might not earn that a week. Rural areas creates a completely different experience, it was nice to be guaranteed to be able to participate in a big part of the game each week.

  67. I lived in a town where the closest gym was 25 miles away, and no one else played. I’m not going to create a new account and drive an extra hour per day to get 50 coins a day.

  68. I feel you man. I'm scrolling through this and I'm just so lost. I legit can't comprehend some of these comments....Sorry about the down votes.

  69. Direct messaging? You mean I can finally try to coordinate trades with all these lucky friends that I can't seem to find on Discord/Facebook?

  70. Sounds like they dropped the whole Discord being worked with Niantic apps than? Which was discovered .. what? almost 2 years ago?

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