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  1. That's 3 Saturdays in a row right? I much preferred it when they alternated Saturday/Sunday. At least then I could play 50% of the properly.

  2. I’m gonna make a guess and assume deino for June and gen 6 grass starter for July based on what they done in the past , august no clue . Though I could also be wrong with these

  3. I really appreciate the advance notice, but if they're going with 3 hour CDs it would be really helpful to know which time slot too.

  4. Yeah totally agree, especially when they pulled a fast one on us twice with the times. Stufful CD fine. Not good, but it's the baseline, so if they did keep 3 hours CDs, one would've assumed May would've been 2-5 also, right? Wrong, 11-2.

  5. I'm crossing my fingers for 11-2. I'm from Florida and we get thunderstorms every day in the mid to late afternoons during the summer. 2-5 would be right in the middle of the rains and so almost impossible to play with that slot

  6. I keep seeing people guessing Dieno is June to mimic Gible last year, but I would punt for July, to give it some space from Go Fest which is a month earlier this year.

  7. That's true, although I think they already are doing a decent job at spacing out Go Fest and June CD, with it being the last weekend in June (which is pretty much what I expected). I mean 3 weeks difference is pretty good still.

  8. Wish they would announce hours too if they really stick to the 3 hours format. I find it hard to be excited for possible Deino CD if I can't go hardcore on it playing for 6 hours and then trading hundreds of them with friends to hunt for hundo. Gible CD was the best.

  9. If we're getting the Kalos starters CD's this year, and assuming the December CD is a mix of everything like previous years, Chespin has to be June or July. That way we get Fenneken in August/September)and Froakie in October or November.

  10. They haven't cared about that before though. Turtwig was Sept 2019, Chimchar Nov 2019, Piplup Jan 2020. Chikorita, Cyndquil, Totodile exact same months just in 2018/19.

  11. the johto and sinnoh starters were not grouped within a single year, with the last of each trio happening in january.

  12. June 25th? The Pokemon International Championships are in Columbus, Ohio that weekend and there’s supposed to be a PvP tournament. I don’t know if they’ve released the official schedule of events but contestants might want to plan ahead once the CD Pokemon is announced and save some good IVs to evolve.

  13. As always, I appreciate these. I keep hearing rumblings that Starly is June's CD. Did some content creator leak it to someone lol?

  14. I think it's because it was supposed to be part of a 3rd vote for a community day back in 2020 but the vote was scrapped, however most of the pokemon that weren't voted actually became community day (Like Sandshrew, Porygon, magikarp, etc...) and the only pokemon out of the 3 votes that aren't community days yet are Caterpie, Exeggcute, Grimmer and Starly

  15. I'm willing to bet Deino will be one of the 3, seeing Brutal Swing being added to the APK recently.

  16. Yes it already happened multiple times in this sub lol. I dont know where the source but they got it right. Shiny reshiram and zekrom in december, shiny espurr in february, and this month event too.

  17. I wouldn’t wish Starly community day on my worst enemy. That being said if it HAS to happen I’m crossing my fingers it’s in July when I know I won’t be able to play already on that date.

  18. I know it’s boring, but Staraptor is one of my favorite pokemon of all time. I’ve got a few of them already, but no Shiny or Hundo yet. Pokedex says over 400 seen, and just under 300 caught. I know those are pretty baby numbers, but if it was a Starly CD, I’d love to play to get those ones.

  19. I've heard several people in the influencer program say they don't know what the June CD will be yet. In general for events they only have a few days notice before an announcement.

  20. Starly is a super boring Pokémon but I hope it’s that just so I can finally evolve the ones I’ve been sitting on in preparation for a starly CD.

  21. We need Community DAYS... or half days! 09am to 09 pm for evolve and trades. 09am to 06pm for everything else. Maybe a 1pm to 2pm for smthing very extra,... Stop the 3hour windows ...

  22. I work weekends in hospitality. The 3 hour window completely screws me over. I don’t even bother trying to play anymore.

  23. Curious to see if they're planning on changing anything on CDs. I believe the previous 2 3 hour CDs were set in stone to collect feedback.

  24. Same here. I keep hearing some people say it's gonna be Starly with confidence, so who knows. I'm guessing we will certainly see Deino sometime this year, summer or October (in which case, rip litwick lol)

  25. I don't think they're going to put deino CD on a Saturday, unless another pseudo CD happened on Saturday before.

  26. If they know the dates, then they also know what Pokémon they plan to feature for each date. Why not be transparent on the Pokémon so we can better prepare?

  27. I’ll never save a date for community day. If it’s convenient I’ll play. Also, three hour windows are inconvenient.

  28. They better explain if the community day is going to stay for 3 hours or revert to 6 hours. Stuffl day (or Mudkip) was supposed to be a test. They never announced that it would stay to my knowledge.

  29. Two consecutive Saturdays? Guys at Niantic don't know there are people who work even at Saturdays, and specifically during the exact schedule CD's are set in.

  30. I’m not super excited for Deino as it’s pretty useless (double Fairy weakness makes it non-viable for GBL), and it’s not that rare (somehow I already have 500 candies without going out of my way to collect them)

  31. I expected June comm day to be the weekend before that which would put it right between Go Fest global and Berlin, but the 25th is the day of my best friend's wedding. I wouldn't get much of a chance to play even if it were 11-5, but if they keep the 3-hour timeframe I think I'll be lucky to get half an hour in :(

  32. June 25th is the date of our wedding we postponed by a year. On a farm with no PokéStops...or service. So many PokéPals will be in attendance. Praying for a crummy 'mon! 🤣

  33. I guess Niantic saw that one post on here and decided to get the dates out now and the details out later.

  34. Now, the real question is how long will the play windows be? Will we still get 3-hour CDs, or are longer windows returning?

  35. Why would you think CD will be anything other than 3 hours? You might want it, but there is nothing in Niantic's pattern of action that makes that even a somewhat remote possibility.

  36. Many are predicting Deino for June as it's followed in much of the same footsteps as Gible who it's CD in June last year (and it would stand to reason that Axew could be next June if we do get Deino next month). But, I've also heard rumblings that Starly is next month. Not sure how legit those sources are, but there seem to be a fair amount of them.

  37. Given that CDs can now be tied to seasons, I would hope for a Unovan season to make it more likely that Deino is one of the three dates.

  38. i was hoping we get the gen 6 starters this year, but i feel like we will just get a bunch of random filler pokemon + maybe one highlight like deino

  39. With all the recent/upcomin nerfs + summer being prime playing time, I can see "hype" mons being the next (few) comm days (would definitely help support their "data driven decisions")

  40. Hey what happened to the throwback CDs? Those were great. I missed some of the earlier CDs and would love a chance to evolve some starters I've been saving.

  41. Those are suggested to be once a season and without much notice. So we'll probably have one.

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