Please end A/B testing for free daily boxes

  1. Just got my first good one today and don't understand why it's not more spread out. One of those items I got and three red balls would make a great box and you would have me happy for like 10 weeks

  2. Mine is literally four regular pokeballs. I throw balls away by the hundreds. I won't even collect that; it's almost insulting.

  3. Same.. it just frustrating to see my community keep getting premium item. Until now haven't see one..

  4. Keep checking, today I received my first good one (2 premium passes and a couple other things). Not that I don't already have a stockpile of premium passes, but I'm assuming some day I will use them

  5. Are you still claiming the crappy boxes? Mine has been the same few balls and potions for weeks and I haven’t bothered to claim it. Accidentally claimed it yesterday when I was claiming the weekly box and now this morning I have a decent daily box (2 ultra, 3 great, 4 max revives, and 5 nanabs). Nothing great, but definitely a step up.

  6. It feels like Niantic are convinced their best business strategy is to keep the player base disgruntled and dissatisfied at all times.

  7. Literally mobile gaming playbook. The sweet spot is minor annoyance that keeps you engaged. This is why we can't have nice things.

  8. I'd just like them to bring back the box rerolling at midnight. It doesn't do that any more since they made it reroll to good items for some people.

  9. This is the company that releases limited use coupons for free items like they’re going to run out..

  10. I don't understand why the daily free gift is so bad. It isn't even worth opening up the shop for. I get better rewards for spinning my stop at home.

  11. This is exactly why they are rerolling the gifts. It encourages people to open the store to check their gift, which can lead to a purchase.

  12. I didn't even realize until now you could get anything other than Poké Balls and Great Balls from the daily box, and I'm pretty sure I've claimed mine every day since they introduced them...

  13. I'm in the same boat, when a couple of friends sent screenshots of theirs I thought it was a bug and they got lucky. Out of 5 people playing regularly we've had 2 getting those high value boxes more than once, and 3 - including me - never seeing them. Weren't it for this post, I wouldn't have known it's more common and actually intentional.

  14. This, so much. Tonight they managed to make me annoyed at having the “good” box because I 100% knew other players got a bad one.

  15. Yeah, I understand they might be A/B testing in terms of engagement (which players spend money and which don't, is this connected to opening the store or experiencing premium items more often, etc) but it is strange they haven't finished testing yet. They've been doing this for a year compared to deciding to shorten CD hours because of data from one Community Day Classic (I know I'm bitter but also just curious).

  16. They just forgot about it, like the rest of the bugs in the game, and their community/players

  17. I'm pretty sure the A/B testing is just speculation on TSR. For all we know, the really good boxes could just be really lucky drops that Niantic chose to not announce as a feature

  18. Keep in mind that Niantic has stated that one reason for reducing Community Day hours was so that grinders don't gain an unfair advantage. Which is exactly what persistent A/B testing like this does. Make it make sense.

  19. The premium dailies are random, though. My girlfriend got them a couple times and hardly plays daily. I play hours a day and spend $200 a month didn't get anything for a while. Gotten the premium one 3x since they started doing it like 2 months ago

  20. This has been going on so long I am starting to wonder if it is a deliberate ploy. As in, the targeting of a few players being the end game for this.

  21. Plausible. I'm mostly f2p but made a few small purchases and I've received several boosted daily gifts. I wonder if they're targeting people who have purchased before, but don't do it regularly, to encourage more spending.

  22. This is my suspicion. I don't mind paying for some aspects of the game because its fun and it makes my runs more interesting. So I'm one of those people that does spend money. I've NEVER seen a "better box" ... but they don't need me to get one of those because I mostly spend my money on the Adventure Box (the incubators alone would cost more). So folks that do spend money regularly to play the game, I suspect, are the least likely to get the better box.

  23. I got the premium box for 4 days, on the 5th day when I went to claim it told me it was no longer available and I was back to 3 pokeballs and a potion. Been bugging me since.

  24. Lol y’all are getting great balls? My free box is ALWAYS 4 regular pokeballs. Twice I have gotten better items than that like basic potions that are essentially useless and a couple berries

  25. There is some thought process behind this, and some minor proof as well, that you can switch between the two A (say this is bad) and B (and this is good) pools and its "streak" dependent.

  26. First, there are 3 pools (normal box, better box, and best box). Second, Niantic does not reward the improved boxes every day. Seems to me that they are stopping during major events and restarting when between events. Possibly your perception that people are switching between pools is related to this.

  27. As someone who has never got the good box, now I ended up not checking the box anymore especially when they hid the box down in the shop instead of the very top.

  28. I had a 4-days streak of wonder-daily-boxes about a month ago, with premium passes, incubators, evolution items and rocket radars. It's a pity they didn't last longer... 😥

  29. I think I've been swapped from bad box group to good box group and back to bad box group. I had a week of back-to-back-to-back good boxes and never again.

  30. no... but it does mean that people like us, who never got a good box should finaly also get these :(

  31. Yea, I really don’t understand not wanting others to get something good just because you don’t. Complain that you don’t get it also, sure, but to want them to stop giving it to others? Nah. Be happy for your fellow trainers.

  32. I think for me its the fact they are singling out spenders aka players who typically are more invested in the game. They easily could just do it for everyone but don’t.

  33. May I share my experience. I haven't collected daily boxes in over a year. I played on and off during this time but got so put off by the crap in daily boxes I totally ignored them.

  34. I’ve only ever had one. Kind of sucks tbh. I know there’s people out there who have had none so I should be thankful, but it’s annoying seeing people get them frequently

  35. The same reason the boxes (at least used to) change throughout the day. They don’t care if you’re happy, they care that you click the box 4x/day. That’s how they monetize and if it’s a choice between a happy userbase interacting once every couple of days or miserable addicts clicking multiple times per day they’ll chose the latter every. single. time. because that’s where their incentives lay.

  36. As a person who spends thousands a year on this game, to not be in the category that gets the bonus items is extremely weird. I would think they would spoil their whales. Not that I'm really upset, the difference would be miniscule but its just odd. I think I have 300 super incubators just sitting because I buy the 18pack box of raid passes. But like... a free one here and there would make me smile. Lol

  37. They rotate. I didn't have one for the longest time, then I got the for 3 days, then nothing, then back again but right between midnight and 1am, then nothing for a while, and back today. Everyone will get them, don't worry. I don't think it's A/B testing, but random, and there are three tiers: normal BS stuff, mid-range items, and premium.

  38. I can't call some people getting premium items for free while others do not "the least important thing ever". I think that it's crazy that a company would do this on such a long term basis. I get luring inactive players back into the game with a one-time promo code or even the current referral program. For two players to do the same action (open a free daily box) and get such drastically different results (Regular Potions vs Star Pieces) multiple times is ludicrous to me.

  39. I only got 2 good boxes a while ago, with rocket radars and lucky eggs, but I wasn't part of the initial group of people who got them. I didn't get one for a long time after and just got one today with incense. I'm not sure which group I'm in.

  40. Mine ONLY comes before 4am, and then only seldom. I've never gotten one during the day, or even late at night. It sucks. My wife's account gets it early evening.

  41. For maybe 2 weeks I stopped getting them, and then a new thread popped up yesterday saying they finally got one. Sure enough my box this morning was a good one again. Not sure what happened between the two weeks but I definitely didn’t try going to claim it every day while it was “normal”.

  42. Yea i have a boosted box today. It's still a crap box though without any premium items. I refuse to take it.

  43. I just got one that has a super incubator, 4 poffins, and several special evolve items. It goes from nothing to amazing. Usually I have 3 red balls and a potion.

  44. What are they even testing? Seeing if people like free stuff? Trying to condition us to check the shop several times a day?

  45. Is that what is happening? I had a good box this morning and told my son not to forget to get it, but he got nothing good when he looked, just regular balls.

  46. Making people log into their game to check if they get premium items? I had gotten sick and tired of my 3 free red balls (especially since I live on 2 stops) and when I saw that others were getting premium items, it made me want to check the box again.

  47. You;re no doubt a new player - don't be stingy with the ones you've got, just keep playing and you'll end up with more than you ever needed. Either that, or you're L41 and need to use evo items for the challenge - in which case, don't feel there's any need to rush it, you'll just start L42 with a big XP headstart and just spend less time completing those challenges while you grind out the rest.

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