Kyogre, Groudon and the evolution of the Aloan starters in raids for GO Fest

  1. And people will spend all of their time doing the raids then complain about how few shinies they caught and won't have the brainpower to connect the two. Oh wait, sorry, that was my community's Johto Day experience.

  2. It doesn’t matter because its community day will be very soon just like Gible. Gible the once rare and sought after Pokémon been milked and grinded to a pulp, now I scoff at the mere sight of Gible on the nearby radar.

  3. I don't know if it's just me, but this seems a little underwhelming compared to last year, where the ticket was cheaper and all the legendaries were released.

  4. i personally don't think it's that overpowered. i think in pvpoke its in the 30-40's? mine is level 47.5 (been walking it for legitimately a year, lol) and I barely use it, there's just better options most of the time

  5. As much as I would go nuts on Kyogre and Groudon to get those XLC, why not putting them in raids on Sunday instead?

  6. With Nihilego teased and Unown UB being featured, this seems too much of a coincidence not to think the Ultra Beasts will be the highlight of day 2.

  7. For reals. Having both Groudon and Kyogre compete for raid time in 1 day is cruel. At least separate them for Saturday and Sunday so Sunday isn’t a dead day as it looks now

  8. Or even after the event so we can focus on raiding them. Rather than the shambles of trying to catch shines, do battle tasks, line up short raid timers...

  9. This is what is shown on the official blog but I agree with you, there is something that is strange because there are any T5 raids on Sunday. Maybe we must wait until Niantic releases an official news.

  10. Yeah, I wish they swapped Nihilego and Kyogre/Groudon. I just need the dex entry for that jellyfish so a whole day focused on it is bleh.

  11. Apart from the second stage Alola starters that’s not a bad lineup for either day. Those XL Kyogre/Groudon candies will be nice.

  12. Since I started playing, Kyogre and Groudon have never been in raids and I've been waiting for them forever. The queue lines either in person or in the apps will be huge though so I'll only raid Axew since I never hatched one and I'd rather put all my eggs into one basket. I'm not willing to lose out on the spanws since a day's worth of candies won't be enough to build both Kyo and Groudon

  13. I think they'll just be the regular 5* bosses in the beginning of next month. Last year Mewtwo was same situation.

  14. You could do one of each if you're missing all three of them. No doubt the queues will look long, but I bet they will move quicker than you expect.

  15. I only care about Kyogre, Groudon, and Axew. I lived in a small town and never got to do raids for Kyogre and Groudon, and I have only managed to grab one Axew. The rest are odd choices for the biggest event on the year. I have a lot of candy for the rest of them, and evolved a hundo Litten to Incineroar sooo. Plus I see Rowlet and Litten quite often so I don’t know if they’re hard to find for everyone else?

  16. Those are only in it to dilute the raid spawn pool and piss us off, artificially making Kyogre and Groudon raids scarce and forcing us to either use the more expensive remote raid passes, or hunt them with IRL groups

  17. Looking at this chart, the only way I'd do groudon and kyogre raids is if they bring their signature moves of precipice blades and origin pulse with them. I'm mostly going to raid snorlax and axew simply because this is my 3rd gofest and I STILL don't have a dang shiny snorlax lol

  18. We still don't who what the raid boss(es) between Alola to Alola and Go Fest are going to be! It could be a week of Groudon/Kyogre. I hope so. I'd like to focus on catching spawns on the day with the increased shiny chance Niantic 🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. I doubt it. Not impossible, but that could easily be its own big event. They have no need to pack it in with this event. Plus, they normally have asterisks next to them for exclusive moves

  20. I really hope groudon and kyogre are in longer than just that day , I’d like to focus on axew during go fest tbh but I wanna grind those 2 as well

  21. Wish they would not make people choose between shiny checking and raiding. I honestly don't care for Ultra Beasts as I don't like their designs much so I would rather have one catch day and one raid day with popular species like Mewtwo, Kyogre, Giratina to play in peace. If I'd buy the ticket I'd like to play alone without having to wait for anyone. Many people will have free passes so queues in PokeGenie will be huge with thousands of open lobbies and noone willing to spend more expensive remote passes to help. Sigh.

  22. For the first time I don't feel at least like it's worth the fun and the small gains I get, but it's absolutely not interesting to me at all. That's not a complain, every event appeals different players and as I don't feel like I'm loosing out on anything, there would be no FOMO. And I think it's great that I'm at a point where I can say "I don't miss out by skipping the biggest event of the year". :) But why would the biggest event not interesting to me, some might ask?

  23. I will try to get as many XL candy as possible, max my hundo Kyogre to level 50 and years later when Origin Pulse comes I'll just use a Elite Charge TM

  24. I really appreciate you being able to express your dissatisfaction without sh*tting all over the experience for others, like newer players, or implying that Niantic is evilly out to screw every single player.

  25. I wonder if Poipole will be the mystery 5 star considering it is a popular ultra beast especially in contrast to Nihelgo. Although the fact that it evolves is another issue entirely.

  26. This is purely a me problem, but I dropped both mainline pokemon games and PoGo, coincidentally I dropped PoGo after getting Groudon, Kyogre and Latios/Latias. I also dropped the mainline games after Gen 5, so I've been really hoping to see new legendaries in raids.

  27. I'm probably the only one excited that this lets me get the Alola starters in Premier Balls, which has only been available in MSG as an event for one weekend ever and I missed it.

  28. Correct. Ticket holders just get a bunch of free raid passes for spinning stops, so if you wanted to beef up a Groudon or Kyogre, go for it.

  29. ...Finally! I caught my one and only kyogre and groudon during last years Go-Fest. Ive been wanting to raid for some decent ones since then.

  30. I don't get why people would do Axew raids. Axew will be available in the wild and also with the incense. Staying in a raid is already 90-120 seconds long just to wait. You'd probably have more chances to meet Axew many times in that 2 minutes time-slot.

  31. There's no mention of how common it will be in the wild. A lot of long time players who are packed with Kyogre/ Groudon (and most likely no Axew) will do at least one from the raids if the spawn rates are abysmal. Also depends on how active local raid communities are.

  32. Because some players have plenty of Kyogre and Groudon and very few (and no shiny) Axew.

  33. Axew raids will have an IV floor (much more likely to find a hundo), and if you've got a Go-tcha it will be throwing balls in the background while you lobby anyways. And sometimes you just want to sit down and stay still for 5-10 minutes. Might as well do a raid during that time.

  34. I don't plan to raid Axew personally, however both Gible and Deino spawns we're pretty rare spawns in the habitats they could spawn from at Go Fest 2020 and 2021 in my experience.

  35. As a newer player who just started this year the chance to get a Groudon and Kyogre is absolutely thrilling.

  36. Okay, NOW we're talking! Working on maxing a shundo Kyogre for when Primals drop, it's my favorite legendary. I wasn't gonna buy a Go Fest ticket this year but now I'm in 😂

  37. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. Only whales who want to grind XLs will care the 5th? time we have seen Groudon.

  38. As someone who started playing 4 months ago, I'm excited to get Kyogre and Groudon buuuut I'm salty that day 2 won't be like last year's(?) when they had so many more legendaries in raids. That would have been awesome to experience! It's hard catching up :/

  39. Are you asking about Primal forms? If so, then yeah the most prevalent guess is we won't be seeing those until Hoenn Tour 2023.

  40. Axew will be like corsola , I did about 75 raids between my main and alt and got zero shinies. But Go Fest has been good to me ,I got a 98 Kyogre on my 1st raid and a 98 Dialga a few years back. And only did a few of each raid. I started Jan 2020 and in almost at 47 and 42 on my alt. Groudon XL candy and Kyogre XL candy is what pvp players will be looking for all day. Shiny axew is nice but it's a showpiece like my shiny mine Jr shiny , or klefki even tho it's not shiny available still exclusive but just a show piece. But the unowns always suck me in but I got 3 letters shiny so let's go !!!

  41. do we have to pay for the go fest ticket to have access to kyogre or groudon? also, does it affect our shiny rates ?

  42. No you don't, and i... Don't think it does for raids ? I think it only affects shiny odds for the pokemon in the wild

  43. I hope this can’t be all the legendary raids. Last year had every legendary so this is just a gigantic downgrade

  44. Never played GO Fest. Can I only raid Kyo and Groudon if I get the pass? Will there be remote raids?

  45. So everyone was excited about the chance of raiding Kyogre and Groudon then it turns out they are getting their own weeks. Wouldn't it have made more sense to have something else for Go Fest that you hadn't just spent a week grinding or were about to spend a week grinding? That seems about as dumb as putting Alolan starters in when you have just spent the last 3 months catching them. For this kind of event that we actually pay money for shouldn't we be expecting something more? I mean, the costumed pikachu will probably spawn a lot in the wild so the only unusual thing out of the whole 2 days of raids is Axew.

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  47. they have literally not been here for more than 12 hours since guarunteed 3 XL candy, and that 1 time was in the pool of all possible legendary raids during 1 day of go fest last year

  48. Darkrai and Cresselia will be featured during the Berlin Go Fest. These two will be for the world wide Go Fest.

  49. Both have “mega” primal forms. They probably are just there in preparation for that when they debut as T6 Primal Groudon/Kyogre raids.

  50. I won’t mind going for the 100 Torracat, but obviously Axew is the main prize. Who knows if I’ll be able to get in on the Legendary Raids though

  51. Not a fan of having to buy a ticket to get special access research and certain Pokemon. Its not good, Tropius is regional to Africa, they shouldn't be charging people when they special release it to another region, they didn't do this during the Johoto day with Heracross and Corsola. Also Shaymin will be released eventually to everyone via a normal special research.

  52. I'm confused. So is Shaymin for ticket holders only? Not seeing anything for non ticketed. Otherwise it really does feel like they nerfed the event for non ticket holders much like last year. On one hand, I don't want to drop 15$ and my main goal is getting at least one Groudon (and maybe Axew assuming I can find one locally).

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