How do you think June Community Day lure bonus will work?

  1. They’re talking about the bonus for being at a lure with other people from April and May community days this year. April increased the catch XP from 3x to 4x, and May did the same with catch stardust. Since June will be 1/4 hatch distance, it is a good question on what the bonus will be.

  2. If they did do some extra bonus to eggs incubated within a distance of a boosted lure, I would assume it would only be 1/5 or 1/6 distance. 1/8 would be silly. If you put a 2km egg in a super incubator with 1/8 distance, you have to walk 0.16km. A 12km egg in a super incubator would be 1km. I don't think Niantic would be that generous.

  3. True but the limited radius doesn’t let you stray too far from the lure so it evens out. (I assume with two community days now that the radius has been figured out right?)

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