PSA: Evolve yungoos to gumshoos during daytime for Alola to Alola collection challenge

  1. As far as I know, they use the exact times for Sunrise and Sunset (possibly the ones listed on AccuWeather) to switch between day and night.

  2. The cutoff for "daytime" is sundown. If it's still light out in game, it's still daytime. Your game daylight hours are based on sunrise and sunset in your local area

  3. Thanks for letting us know, I personally have already done this and are only need the Trumbeak and Tocannon Evos (waiting for spotlight hour) but I remember during Johto Tour, everyone forgot to evolve their eevees into Espeons and when it came near the end, welp they couldn't finish the challenge

  4. That very nearly happened to me, but it turned out I had never used the name trick for Espeon. I tried it not expecting it to work, but I figured I had nothing to lose because the event was going to be over by the time I could get the missing evolution anyway. Saved my collection challenge!

  5. Yeah I got hosed at the beginning of the season when evolving a Yungoos was part of a collection challenge. By the time I had enough candy it was dusk in game, so it wouldn't let me evolve him.

  6. As if we dont already have 5,000 candies of this rat. Hope I never see another one of these again after this event.

  7. I’m not sure this collection challenge is worth it. 15,000 XP is 15 excellent throws, or fewer with bonuses. During community day it was 3 excellent throws. And Rockruff raids are everywhere.

  8. Most of the collection are really easy to find atm though. Like I got all of mine in the space of an afternoon just walking around. Only one third evolution and it's probably the most common spawn atm, all high spawn rate mons, should have lots of candy for those lines. Plus none of the evolutions are going to be meta any time soon anyway.

  9. There’s a Collection Challenge in the Today tab that requires a few evolutions and catches including Yungoos. You’ll still be able to evolve it after Yungoos, but that’s when the challenge expires.

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